Pallet delivery to Greece

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Eurosender has pioneered the solution of offering immediate prices for pallet transport so that you can instantly book the shipping.

Pallet delivery services with instant pricing to Greece from:

The final price is calculated depending on the size and weight of the loaded pallet. You can use any pallet to prepare your shipment. In order to get an accurate price, please submit your dimensions while placing the order.

The price of pallet delivery to Greece is calculated based on the volumetric weight. In order to get a final quote, please insert your shipment details and the price will be instantly displayed.

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The standard pallet dimensions and weight

The starting price is calculated based on the dimensions and weights given in the examples above. The price depends also on the postal code. Our system will return the final prices based on all the parameters inserted.

Make sure that your shipment won’t exceed the dimensions and weight provided during the ordering process.

Preparing a pallet for shipping

Not sure how to stack a pallet and secure it for transport? We have prepared detailed guidelines

Please note that the goods must be placed on a pallet and the shipment has to be ready for collection before the courier’s arrival.

The displayed prices are available for business users. If you are a private customer shipping your personal belongings, please check the final price directly on our website.