Shipping to Slovakia

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Some of the cheapest prices for international shipping services to Slovakia from:

Pick-up countryParcel up toParcel up toParcel up toParcel up toParcel up to
Croatia11.96 +VAT16.23 +VAT18.79 +VAT21.36 +VATAvailable soon
Denmark31.62 +VAT34.18 +VAT38.45 +VAT41.02 +VATAvailable soon
France32.47 +VAT35.89 +VAT39.31 +VAT41.87 +VATAvailable soon
Germany24.78 +VAT26.49 +VAT29.05 +VAT30.76 +VATAvailable soon
Italy33.32 +VAT35.03 +VAT37.6 +VAT40.16 +VATAvailable soon
Netherlands25.63 +VAT32.47 +VAT37.6 +VAT43.58 +VATAvailable soon
Poland10.25 +VAT13.67 +VAT18.79 +VAT20.5 +VATAvailable soon
Portugal (Mainland)29.05 +VAT40.16 +VAT43.58 +VAT47 +VATAvailable soon
Slovenia9.39 +VAT12.81 +VAT15.38 +VAT17.94 +VATAvailable soon
United KingdomAvailable soonAvailable soonAvailable soonAvailable soonAvailable soon
*€200 shipping insurance included

The cost of domestic parcel shipping in Slovakia

Parcel weight
Up to 2 kg package
7.93 +VAT
Up to 10 kg package
8 +VAT
Up to 20 kg package
8.07 +VAT
Up to 30 kg package
8.14 +VAT
*€200 shipping insurance included
Standard shipping service from any country

Parcels may not exceed the following dimensions:

Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm; Length – max. 175 cm

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