Celebrity Cruise luggage allowance: rules and restrictions

Celebrity Cruises is probably the most well-known and popular luxury cruise line in the world. The cruise line offers not only routes through America, Asia, and Australia, but exclusive services such as spa treatments, luxury restaurants and high-end brand shopping. Celebrity Cruises is the preferred cruise line for those seeking a personalised and special travel experience. Similar to other cruise lines, the Celebrity Cruise luggage allowance policy is not very restrictive when it comes to weight and size. However, there are some forbidden luggage items on board Celebrity Cruises and other restrictions that passengers must consider before preparing the journey. Do you want to know more about Celebrity Cruise luggage restrictions and rules? Keep on reading!
If you are embarking on a long journey or if your cruise trip includes a flight, you may find the airlines’ luggage policy too restricting. Shipping your luggage through Eurosender is the perfect solution if you do not want to drag your suitcases and bags to and from the airport. Just indicate the weight and size of your luggage and we will find the best offer for you.

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Celebrity cruise luggage allowance

Although the Celebrity Cruise allowance policy is not very restricting when it comes to weight and size, there are some rules and regulations that passengers must consider before packing. There are different options and packages onboard, however, we can summarise the Celebrity Cruise luggage allowance policy as follows:

  • Recommended: 2 pieces of luggage plus a carry-on item to bring on board.
  • Maximum luggage allowance per guest: 90kg per guest, with the exception of Celebrity Xpedition® Class.
  • Celebrity Xpedition Class to the Galapagos: 20 kg and one small carry-on (airline policy).
  • Fly cruise package: one bag under 20 kg or following the airlines’ luggage policy.

The crew will load your luggage on the ship when boarding. As for the permitted hand luggage on Celebrity Cruises, please note that your carry on will go through an x-ray screening machine, and must fit there. Although they vary from port to port, they are usually the same size as airport screening machines. You should carry all your important documents, tickets, money, jewellery, medicines and a change of clothes for the evening, because your stateroom may not be ready for you before dinner.


Extra luggage: solutions

  • If you are planning a longer trip and will likely surpass the Celebrity Cruise luggage limit, you can book a more expensive ticket. Please note they probably will not weight the luggage, but you must keep the size within a reasonable limit.
  • If you have booked a fly-cruise, that requires a plane trip to get to the embarking port, you will have to consider the airlines’ luggage policy. Usually, these policies are far more restricting than the celebrity Cruise Luggage allowance policy. Furthermore, you will have to take items such as liquids or medicines from your carry-on. If you want to avoid the extra fees and the steep prices of adding a piece of luggage to your plane ticket, you can ship your bag directly to the departure city or town with our platform.

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If you are travelling with restricted items and will like to ship your luggage home before getting to the last destination port you can book with our platform and have your luggage delivered directly to your door. Use our tool below and check what kind of service would be best for your particular needs.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team and they will gladly assist you with your shipment. If you are shipping items that need special transport conditions or want to send multiple packages you can also ask for an individual offer tailored to your particular needs.

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Cruisers’ advice:

  • Bring a change of clothes in your carry-on or hand luggage just in case your luggage does not reach your cabin before dinner.
  • If you are disembarking, remember the crew will remove your luggage from the cabin the night before you get to your destination. Make sure you have enough space in your bags for all the items left in your cabin.
  • If you take daily medicine, bring a few extra just in case there are any delays or problems during the journey.

*Please note all suitcases and bags go under inspection and X rays before they are loaded into the ship. If you are travelling with forbidden luggage items on Celebrity Cruises they will be seized and will not go on the ship.

Forbidden luggage items Celebrity Cruises

Travelers must remember that, although the Celebrity Cruise luggage allowance policy is generous, there are many restricted and forbidden items on board. Security and health on board are a priority, and the crew will seize any forbidden items to ensure everybody is safe.

Celebrity Cruises luggage restrictions:
  • Any kind of appliance or device that produces an open flame o is a heat source: such as candles, incense, kettles, baby bottle warmers, steamers or irons. Curling wands and straighteners are allowed. Extension cords are also not allowed.
  • Drones: guests can bring drones to be used on land, never while on board.
  • Firearms & Ammunition: including realistic replicas or antiques
  • Sharp objects: razor blades and scissors with less than 4’ blades are allowed.
  • Alcohol: alcohol is on the forbidden items list. However, there are some exceptions:
    • Alcohol onboard at embarkation: up to 2 bottles of wine at embarkation, plus a corkage fee of $25 per bottle. (all prices on board are in USD).
    • Purchasing alcohol in the port: alcohol purchased ashore will be taken at reembarking and held until the end of the cruise.
    • Duty-free alcohol: alcohol purchased onboard will be held until the last day of the cruise.
  • No animals are allowed on board. The only exception is assistance dogs, that must travel with the proper documents, such an Assistance Dogs ID book (for the UK). If you are interested in bringing an assistance or guide dog with you, we recommend you contact the cruise line before boarding to make sure all is in order.
  • Although it varies from port to port, you may not be allowed to bring food or non-alcoholic beverages, due to health and safety reasons. They can be taken and placed into custody until the end of the cruise, or simply taken away. You will not be allowed to disembark with certain foods or products, such as fresh flowers.
  • Wheelchairs and baby carriages and strollers are allowed on board. They must stay inside the cabin when not used and never block escape routes.

Shipping luggage with Eurosender

As you have seen, the Celebrity Cruise luggage allowance policy is generous, and with a maximum of 90 kg per stateroom, the permitted weight and size may be more than enough for even the more tech-loving, fashion forwards guests. However, one must always consider the Celebrity Cruise luggage restrictions and regulations, that may hinder the experience, especially if you want to buy food specialities or local antiques, such as weapon reproductions. You can send wine, olive oil, honey and many more though Eurosender, and have those presents reach your loved ones while you keep on sailing.

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All the information provided on this page is the result of online research. To get the accurate information about regulations, restricted and prohibited items and the updated Celebrity Cruises luggage allowance please check the official website.