Royal Caribbean luggage allowance and restrictions

Royal Caribbean is the world second-largest cruise line company. Renamed Royal Caribbean International, the company offers routes all around the globe and has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Royal Caribbean is one of the favourite cruise lines for first-time travellers, and it is ideal for families and fans of entertainment and activities on board.

What’s the baggage allowance on Royal Caribbean cruise? As happens with many other cruise lines, the Royal Caribbean luggage allowance policy is not particularly restrictive when it comes to the amount of luggage one can bring. However, there are many restrictions and rules to follow, as security on board is a priority. Furthermore, if your cruise includes a flight to the starting stop, what it’s called a fly-cruise, your luggage will have to follow the airlines’ luggage policy. This policy will probably be way more restricting than the Royal Caribbean luggage allowance. Also, certain items of luggage allowed onboard Royal Caribbean may not be allowed on a plane. You can ship your luggage through Eurosender and have your suitcases moved directly to the embarking port.

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Royal Caribbean luggage allowance

What is the Royal Caribbean luggage allowance policy? Although there may be special packages or extra services, the main policy can be summarised as follows:

  • A maximum of 90 kg (200lbs). The cruise line recommends limiting the luggage to a reasonable amount, which many experienced cruisers consider two pieces of luggage.
  • Hand luggage: a small bag or suitcase you can carry yourself to the cabin. Please note hand luggage allowed onboard Royal Caribbean must fit through thx-ray screening machines at the port. They are similar to those in airports, so a standard carry-on bag should be adequate.
  • During the embarkment, the crew will take your luggage and bring it directly to your stateroom. However, the rooms may not be ready until noon. You should bring all the important documents with you, your ID, tickets, medications, jewellery, watches and other expensive electronic devices, such as cameras and other personal items. Please note that if violate the Royal Caribbean luggage restrictions, your items will be confiscated and not given back.


Taking extra luggage

Despite the baggage allowance on a Royal Caribbean cruise being generous, remember that If you have booked a fly-cruise, where you take a flight to reach the embarking port, you will have to consider the airlines’ luggage policy. Usually, these are far more restricting than the Royal Caribbean luggage allowance policies. If you are planning a longer trip, it is a good idea to have your luggage shipped to and from the port.

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If you are travelling with restricted items or too much luggage and will like to ship your luggage home before getting to the last destination port you can book with our platform and have your luggage delivered directly to your door. For example, you can send your tuxedo or cocktail dress back if you don’t need them anymore. Check with our tool below what kind of service would be best for your particular needs.

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Cruisers’ advice:

  • Bring a change of clothes in your carry-on or hand luggage just in case your luggage does not reach your cabin before dinner.
  • Bring a bathing suit on your carry on so you can enjoy the pool.
  • If you are disembarking, remember the crew will remove your luggage from the stateroom the night before you get to your destination. Make sure you have enough space in your carry-on bags for all the items left in your cabin, such as toiletries.
  • If you take daily medicine, bring a few extra just in case there are any delays or problems during the journey.

*Please note all suitcases and bags go under inspection and X rays before they are loaded into the ship. If you are travelling with forbidden luggage items on Celebrity Cruises they will be seized and will not go on the ship.

Forbidden luggage items Royal Caribbean

Although there are not many Royal Caribbean luggage restrictions when it comes to weight and size of the held luggage, there are many items that guests are not allowed to bring on board. Health and safety are crucial onboard, and the crew will enforce their standards to make sure everything is correct and safe onboard.

Royal Caribbean luggage restrictions and forbidden items:
  • Alcohol and other beverages: alcohol Is not permitted on board, all alcohol bottles will be seized and not returned, the crew may open any bottle, flask or container containing liquid to check whether the passenger is bringing alcohol on board. The alcohol bought on ports or excursions or the duty-free shops will be retained until the end of the cruise.

* On boarding day, guests may bring onboard 2 750 ml bottles of personal wine or champagne. The corkage fee for consuming these outside the stateroom is 15 USD.

  • Food: guests are allowed to board with non-perishable food, pre-packaged and in limited quantities.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: the guests are allowed to bring small quantities of non-alcoholic beverages. Please note they will have to be packed on the hand luggage.
  • Firearms and ammunition: including realistic replicas or antiques.
  • Sharp objects: razor blades and small grooming scissors are allowed.
  • CBD Oil: CBD and other CBD products are forbidden and will not be returned.
  • Objects or appliances that generate heat or an open flame: items such as candles, incense, coffee makers, clothes irons, travel steamers or kettles. Curling irons and hair straighteners, together with regular matches and lighters, are the only exceptions to the rule.
  • Hoverboards
  • Electrical extension cords
  • Pet policy. No pets are allowed on board. The only exception is assistance dogs, that must travel with the proper documents, such an Assistance Dogs ID book (for the UK). If you are interested in bringing assistance or guide dog with you, the Royal Caribbean policy requires you to contact their Access Department at least 30 days prior to the departure. The guests are allowed to bring a reasonable amount of food for the assistance dogs. For more information about travelling with guide or assistance dog from the UK please contact the Pet Travel Scheme Helpline: Telephone: +44 (0) 370 241 1710 or via e-mail: – Please include your postal address and a day time telephone number

Shipping luggage with Eurosender

Now you are familiar with the baggage allowance on a Royal Caribbean ship and can start planning your trip. Although the baggage allowance on Royal Caribbean Cruise is wide enough to accommodate most travellers, there are many forbidden luggage items Royal Caribbean. If you want to buy local fresh produce or quality wines overseas, you can send wine, olive oil, honey and many more through Eurosender. You can have those foods and beverages reach your loved ones while you keep on sailing, or send them back to a resort, hotel or home address to keep on sailing. Furthermore, if you are travelling with children, are bringing many clothing items, a bike or a surfboard, or plan a longer trip, the Royal Caribbean luggage allowance policy may not be flexible enough for you.

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What can Eurosender do? Alternatives to the Royal Caribbean luggage restrictions & policy

Do you want to save the high airline fees for extra luggage included on a fly cruise? Are you planning on travelling with luggage items not allowed on board and want to enjoy them while on location? Have you bought some local produce or antiques that are not allowed back on board? You can send food, beverages, souvenirs or extra items of clothing to and from the excursion spots and dodge the Royal Caribbean luggage restrictions.

Ship your luggage through Eurosender and pick up your luggage directly at the port, hotel or resort and have it embarked to the ship without having to worry about it. Shipping with us is easy: all we need is a complete postal address and a contact person who will be there to collect and deliver your packages.

When you reach the port after your holidays you may want to catch an early flight or coach to your home. Travelling with heavy suitcases is not the perfect end to your holiday, and many cruise lines recommend shipping luggage back from the port. Why not choose Eurosender? Our potent search engine will compare hundred s of routes and find the most suitable option for your shipment. Our logistics experts will work hard to ensure your luggage reaches its destination safely and on time. You can send your suitcases or boxes as a standard shipment or request an individual offer, if you are sending a multiple packages or a heavy parcel.

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Are you still not sure about your options for shipping luggage overseas with Eurosender? If you want shipping tips for your suitcases and bags if you still a have a question about how to safely pack and ship luggage through Eurosender or want to know more about the different transport and logistic services that we offer you can contact us. Our logistics experts will gladly help you.


All the information provided on this page comes from online sources. To check up-to-date regulations, prices of extra luggage and list of forbidden and restricted items always check the official website of Royal Caribbean.