Door-to-door shipping service wherever and whatever your need be

Today, when we rush through our lives more and more, we also tend to move more often, travel to different parts of the world much more as we used to in the past, we shop online directly from our cozy sofa, … And somewhere between all this, we also send gifts, sports equipment, music instruments, vehicles and all sorts of different objects to our friends, family members or even unknown people just to another town or even around the world. Why would you spend way too much time and energy searching for the right door-to-door luggage service if Eurosender provides it all in one place? Place your door-to-door delivery service order now and save your time, energy, money.


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Why door-to-door service?

Whether you would like to send a small parcel containing forgotten belongings or a gift to your friend living in a dormitory in another country, order a delivery of a certain product from an online or regular shop abroad, arrange freight transport of a car and much more, door-to-door shipping service arranged via Eurosender is the best option. All you have to do is to place your order online on our platform and then the selected courier company or transportation provider takes over; all from arranging the door-to-door pick-up at the given address, sorting and consolidating shipments in their hubs, transporting them from place A to place B and then delivering at the selected location.

Are you interested in the door-to-door delivery service of musical instruments?
What are the advantages of a door-to-door courier service?

There are many advantages of door-to-door courier services. You save time, energy, money, … Why and how? When you place your order online on our platform, you don’t have to make comparisons between the prices of various courier companies as Eurosender provides the best prices for door-to-door shipping services. You save yourself time. As door-to-door delivery means that the courier driver will pick up your shipment on the pick-up address and then deliver it to the delivery address, you save time again, and energy of course, as you don’t have to go to any location to send your shipment neither to pick it up when delivered. On rare occasions, it may happen that the courier driver won’t come to a higher floor, but will collect or deliver your packages from/to the ground floor of the building. Most courier companies and transport providers pick-up and deliver to remote areas to make is as most convenient and easy for you as their customer. And in addition, you also save money, as you will pay up to 70% less if you arrange door-to-door shipping service via Eurosender.

Do you already need some help? Or do you have some questions perhaps? Don’t hesitate! Contact our customer support team and our experts will gladly help you whether finalizing your order, selecting the right type of service or whatever your need may be.


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Door-to-door luggage service around Europe usually takes up to five working days. Use our estimated delivery time tool below and see what is an average delivery time on the selected route of your choice.

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Door-to-door shipping services offered by Eurosender

At Eurosender, we offer a great variety of door-to-door delivery services. Depending on what you would like to send or arrange delivery for, we have a solution for you.


Standard door-to-door courier services

Standard door-to-door courier service is certainly among the most popular door-to-door services people use to send small or medium-sized parcels.

Check if your shipment qualifies for standard door-to-door service

What can you send using standard door-to-door courier service?

If you are new in the shipping world or just don’t know how to ship, check out our dedicated pages about what and how to ship different items such as a baby stroller, books, clothes, a coffee or tea machine, furniture, toys, lamps, and many more.

Door-to-door cargo service

Door-to-door cargo service or more commonly called door-to-door freight service is aimed at those who ship larger shipments heavier than 40kg or exceeding the dimensions for standard door-to-door delivery service. Very often such shipments are placed on pallets, but you can also ship bulky and/or oddly shaped items, cars, furniture (also from Ikea and Voga), and many other objects as well. We will prepare an individual offer tailored to your needs. Fill in the form with all necessary details and our logistics experts will be with you in the shortest possible time with a competitive price offer.

If you would like to arrange door-to-door Euro-pallet shipment, you may be interested in our instant quotes for pallet shipping on certain European routes.

Door-to-door same day courier service

Are you in a rush and you need to send your parcel as soon as possible? If you are a business user and your pick-up location is in Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Romania or Slovenia, you can use our door-to-door same day courier service. But make sure you are logged into your business account while placing the order.

Door-to-door removals and relocation service

Whether you are moving out of your house, leaving for studying or volunteering, heading for, and Erasmus exchange or an internship, have been appointed a job relocation or you are starting a new family life elsewhere and you have to move many items, among which several are larger pieces of furniture, then our door-to-door removals and relocation service is your best choice. Do it all at once and pay less!


Door-to-door dedicated van delivery service

In case you are in need of a faster solution, opt for our door-to-door dedicated van delivery service. This is the fastest way to move your belongings as there is no stop-over in any hub and the dedicated van will transport your belongings only- no space sharing with another customer.

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Door-to-door car transportation

Door-to-door car transportation is becoming more and more popular and therefore we have specialized in the field in order to help you arrange your car transportation from the location of your choice to where you need it to be delivered.

What are other door-to-door freight services?

Door-to-door delivery cannot be done only by vans or trucks around the globe. Depending on where you ship your packages or cargo, it may have to be transported by different transportation means. Read more about:

Whom is door-to-door delivery service aimed to?

Door-to-door shipping service is meant for everyone. Literary. Our largest groups are:

  • students, many of whom study abroad or do different kinds of internships;
  • regular travelers around the globe;
  • business travelers, all from managers of large companies to sole owners;
  • expatriates moving to a foreign country for work or simply to start a new life somewhere else;
  • NGOs, many of whom arrange humanitarian shipping.

If you don’t belong to any of these groups, don’t worry. Eurosender will arrange door-to-door delivery for you as well. And we will be glad to assist you.