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Sustainable Logistics Solutions and Parcel Delivery

Meeting the sustainability requirements of shippers is easy when choosing the right carrier. At Eurosender, we are in the vanguard of low emission, environmentally friendly logistics and parcel delivery solutions to make each shipment as sustainable as possible.

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Why we provide green logistics solutions

Transportation alone is responsible for 20% of the carbon emissions worldwide and our users know it. Some shippers and online shoppers are even willing to pay more to ensure their parcels are delivered in a sustainable way.

  • 57% of online shoppers worry about the threat to the environment online shopping poses
  • 38% of online shoppers are willing to pay more for low emission deliveries
  • 36% is the expected increase of e-commerce deliveries by 2030
*Numbers taken from World Economic Forum
Luckily, many couriers and carriers are also aware of the climate challenges ahead and are adjusting their services to offer more sustainable shipping methods. By partnering up with them, we take these sustainable logistics solutions and eco-friendly parcel delivery services to both companies and individuals at already negotiated prices.


Logistics made simpler and greener

We combine sustainable logistics solutions from several providers to make sure you always have access to the latest innovations in green logistics. Join Eurosender to optimise your operations and start reducing your company’s carbon footprint.
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How we offer sustainable parcel delivery services

At Eurosender, we connect shippers with logistics companies in a way that is faster, most affordable, and sustainable for both sides.

We lower the carbon emissions per parcel delivered

Since we partner up with over 100 transportation companies and we offer a free booking system to all types of shippers, we are able to consolidate orders and take space in transport vans and trucks that would otherwise travel empty, making each delivery more sustainable.

We constantly look for new green shipping methods

Our partners care about the environment and we are always so happy when together, we can offer more eco-friendly parcel delivery options by electric vehicles, bicycle and even on foot.

We are digital

Stay off paper-based logistics processes and embrace the new digital solutions that not only keep every shipment organised but also contribute to a greener future.

We encourage shippers to pack and ship more eco friendly

We strongly support reusing and recycling when packing items to ship. Follow our guide on eco-friendly and reusable packaging materials that can be used by both online shops and individual shippers.


What green shipping methods can you book?

We offer sustainable delivery services that cover everything from parcel delivery to palletised transport. Choose which logistics service fits your needs and start reducing the carbon emissions by letting us consolidate shipments and reduce the number of vehicles circulating on the road!

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Eco-friendly packing and shipping for individuals and businesses

Going green in logistics is not something just for big companies. Individual shippers and e-commerce can also take small measures to ensure they send parcels in the most sustainable way possible. Here is how:

  • Choose recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging materials;
  • Don’t over-pack: choose shipping boxes big enough but not too big;
  • Go for standard services and consolidated shipping: booking shipping in advance allows you to choose less polluting shipping methods such as parcel delivery by vans and trucks that would be anyways circulating;
  • Choose environmentally-friendly logistics companies;
  • When shipping in long distances, opt for rail freight,
  • Adopt reverse logistics strategies by reselling, reusing, and recycling returned goods.


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FAQs on Sustainable logistics solutions and green shipping

Which shipping company is the most environmentally friendly?
The run for green logistics has started and most logistics companies worldwide are searching for ways to fight climate changes.
  1. UPS announced an investment in 200 hybrid electric trucks, decided to start using smaller less polluting vehicles and increase its network of drop-off points.
  2. DHL has launched GoGreen, an environmental protection programme aimed to decrease the carbon footprint in logistics.
  3. DPD keeps increasing its electric vehicles fleet, while stretching its network to stay closer to customers.
  4. Hermes is looking to coordinate parcel delivery by van and pedestrian couriers so that last mile deliveries can be completed on foot and be as sustainable as deliveries can possibly be.
  5. Kuehne+Nagel has a strict waste management policy, invests every year in renewable energy sources usage and keeps optimising its routes to offer services with the least carbon emissions possible.
  6. GLS ThinkGreen targets measures to use resources more efficiently and offer more sustainable shipping methods such as electric scooters, inline skates and other environmentally-friendly vehicles.
What is the most environmentally friendly shipping method?
City and local deliveries of small parcels can easily be accomplished using bikes, scooters, or small electric vehicles. As for freight deliveries or transport in long distances, rail freight proves to be the most sustainable method: not only does it have lower CO2 emissions, but it also allows a more efficient use of space and reduces noise levels.
Is sea freight more sustainable than air freight?
Yes, sea freight has lower carbon emissions than airfreight making it one of the most sustainable cargo transport methods. The International Maritime Organisation has also promised to reduce sea freight emissions by 40% until 2030.
What is meant by green logistics?
Green logistics includes all the measures taken to make freight transport and parcel delivery more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Measuring how green are the logistics operations of a company means assessing how much energy they use and what type, what are their collection and distribution strategies across their supply chain and how they treat and manage the waste that is generated by these operations.
Is rail freight greener than road freight?
Rail freight is more environmentally friendly than road freight by spending 4 times less fuel and producing 76% less CO2 emissions than trucks. When combined properly, the usage of trucks and trains can make a big difference in cargo transport across long distances when it comes to sustainable shipping.