Our Commitment to Sustainability

Helping to reduce the carbon emissions in logistics since 2014

We are leveraging technology to make a positive impact on the environment

We are creating change in the industry, one truck at a time

The transportation sector is responsible for 32% of GHG emissions – but it doesn’t have to be like that. As a fully digital freight forwarder, we are directly tackling this issue.

Our logistics operations are centred around one core mission: eliminating empty trucks from the equation.

Through strong investments in technology and in our network, we are maximising capacity to make sure every truck travels full, optimising the supply chain and reducing CO2 targets for our clients.

We reduce the carbon emissions per shipment delivered:

Rigorous partner selection

Carriers with EURO 6 engines
LPG-fuelled trucks or with active investment in EV transportation
Couriers with green initiatives for last-mile delivery

Actions speak louder than words

This is why we are continuously putting effort to be an active participant in tackling important environmental issues

Creating opportunities within our community

Being at the forefront of the logistics field also means pushing our industry forward. Through collaboration with various stakeholders, we are able to address complex challenges across the supply chain.

For example, with a partnership with the University of Luxembourg, we are developing an even better understanding of digital logistics with the use of artificial intelligence and automation. Our goal is to improve efficiency while reducing the environmental impact.

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