ERASMUS at first sight

Have you found the real FRIENDSHIP during your Erasmus?

People who become dear to you always remain in your heart, no matter where they are.

If you haven’t given up on your friendship after Erasmus, don’t let it go now.
We give you a return flight ticket to help you travel
to your dearest Erasmus companion.


Erasmus friendship recipe


3-12 months abroad with Erasmus student exchange programme

1 new country with different cities to discover

About 100 new people to meet throughout your stay: both schoolmates and “partymates”

Blend them together. That’s it! It’s what it takes (or sometimes even less than that) to create lifelong memories and beautiful friendships.


To be kept in a warm place in order to flourish even more. This creates the perfect and extraordinary friendship.


Eurosender offers a return flight ticket to visit that one person who has filled the spot extremely close to your heart.

Erasmus means being constantly surrounded by those who were complete strangers not so long ago, yet the bonds you form are closer than ever before. And as friendships grow stronger, you are bound to fall head over heels in love at least once. That’s the beauty of it!


Erasmus is not only a chance to study abroad but also a once in a lifetime opportunity to find someone who will accompany you in the experience that life brings.

We value those courageous people who didn’t let things go and give up their Erasmus friendships. We understand perfectly what it takes to maintain a true friendship.

Most probably, you have an end game plan, that you are going to make it work and visit each other more often. While you are working on your plan to make it happen, we want to help you meet your Erasmus partner much faster.

We give away a FLIGHT TICKET (round trip) with the following destination: your Erasmus friend’s home country. How amazing is that?