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Mobility is a lifestyle, ESN Bulgaria and Eurosender truly support this by helping the Erasmus students with their social and cultural integration. For even greater success, ESN Bulgaria joined forces with Eurosender, the leading EU booking engine for door-to-door shipping services.

The strategic partnership between ESN Bulgaria and Eurosender is resulting in an extra discount (exclusive code ESNBG10) for all Eurosender shipping services that are in demand especially among exchange students with too much luggage and a tight budget.

Eurosender is also an active sponsor of ESN’s events and is helping create unforgettable Erasmus experiences year after year.
All students in Bulgaria are now exclusively entitled to a special 10% discount by entering the promo code ESNBG10 when booking their Eurosender order.

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Eurosender gathers shipping orders from all over EU. By negotiating lower prices with courier partners (DHL, DPD, GLS…), Eurosender is able to transfer the up to 70 % lower rates than their standard prices to their customers.

too much luggage send to ESN Bulgaria
can I send a bike to Europe

Too big for airlines, not for Eurosender!

We also transport bikes, skis, surfs and other sport equipment without any surcharge!.

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Don’t compromise when packing!

Just 4 T-Shirts, 2 pair of Jeans and 1 pair of shoes – sounds familiar? Avoid airline baggage fees and travel light at the same time. Simply book your extra luggage shipping and let Eurosender take care of the rest!

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