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Of packages and suitcases

Eurosender offers an insurance coverage of up to 200 € per package/suitcase in the unlikely event of damage or loss. For extra protection, you can purchase extra insurance during the ordering process. Additional insurance for the value of up to 2.000 € per package is available on our site at reduced rates.

You can purchase extra insurance for your packages or suitcases in the second step of the ordering process. Before finalizing your order, you can select the desired coverage: up to 1.000 € or up to 2.000 € per package. The price will be added to the total amount of your order.

Extra insurance is provided by ERGO Versicherung AG, our insurance partner and one of the largest insurance companies in the EU. ERGO is part of Munich Re, a reinsurance company with over 50 billion EUR in yearly revenues.



Of freight

Freight shipments are insured according to the provisions of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR Convention). Extra insurance is also available for purchase and the price is determined based on the value of your shipment. If you want to receive a price quotation for additional insurance, please send us an e-mail at sales@eurosender.com.

For freight shipments, the price for additional insurance is automatically determined based on the value of the shipment. In the second step of the ordering process, by entering the value of your shipment, the final price for extra insurance will be instantly shown and you will have the option to add it to your order total.


Claim procedure

In case of damage, please send us your claim no later than 48 hours after you have received your item. This will enable us to begin the claim procedure with the insurance company. You will be compensated according to the actual costs of repair / replacement, but limited to:

  • 200 € for packages or suitcases if you didn’t purchase any additional insurance;
  • the additional insurance coverage purchased for packages or suitcases;
  • the value established by the CMR Convention for freight if you didn’t purchase additional insurance; or,
  • to the value of your shipment, in case that you purchased additional insurance for freight.

If you are sending items of higher value, you are strongly advised to purchase additional insurance.

We strongly advise against sending any item of sentimental value.

In the unlikely event that your item is lost, you will be asked to provide us with the content and estimated value of your item.  
After receiving all the necessary information from you, we will proceed with placing the claim to the courier company. In cases of loss or damage, Eurosender offers customer support for submitting complaints to the courier service provider and by guiding you along the claims procedure, free of charge.

The refunds are made based on the evaluation of the insurance company or the courier company, as deemed appropriate.

Insurance is only valid if the items have been properly packed in accordance with our guidelines. Proper packaging for shipments includes an undamaged and strong cardboard box or a hard shell suitcase, covered with stretch wrap. For freight shipments, the use of a pallet and other special packaging materials are recommended in order to fix the shipment and allow for an easier handling by the courier service provider.

For more information about how to properly prepare your shipment, please visit our dedicated section for packages and for freight.

Insurance will not apply if your package or freight shipment contains prohibited items. For a complete list of prohibited items, please read the section 10.3 of our Terms and Conditions.