Freight forwarding solutions from top cargo companies in France

Find the best freight forwarders and 3PL agents in France and abroad through Eurosender. Whether you need to hire a trucking company in France or you are interested in finding reliable air, sea or rail freight forwarding services in France or abroad, our team of experts will provide you with the best logistics solutions. Trust your freight transportation, warehousing and import/export needs to the most trusted freight companies and agents in France or overseas.

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3PL and freight forwarding solutions in France for businesses

Increase your business efficiency and start benefiting from Eurosender’s expertise. We collaborate with the most reliable freight forwarding companies to offer multiple types of logistics services, including rail, air, road and sea transportation, warehousing and distribution solutions as well as customs brokerage. Start using your free dashboard and control all your shipments along your supply chain from one single place.


How to book the best freight forwarders in France?

Get access to the best cargo transport companies in France from one single place. We offer a complete range of freight forwarding services in France for your business needs:


Book the entire truck or pay only for space occupied
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Van service

A van secured only for your loads. No stops
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Shared or Full charter flight

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Transport cargo by sea freight through long distances
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Unimodal cargo transport solutions in France

Eurosender provides different cargo transporting services, including van, LTL and FTL freight forwarding services in France and internationally. Compare prices with our booking tool and book freight transportation in France in just a few clicks. Whether you need to send a single package or organise a Van, FTL or LTL delivery within France or Europe, you can rest assured your goods are in safe hands with the most reliable French freight forwarding companies. Choose your preferred route and get instant freight rates for your cargo transport in France.

Multimodal freight transport solutions in France

Are you in need of solutions for more complex freight shipping requirements along your supply chain? Our experienced agents will organise a multimodal logistics solution for you by combining the best road, rail, air and sea freight forwarders, customs brokers and storage providers in France and worldwide. Send us a request, and we will match you with the right freight shipping solutions to fulfil any type of shipping need, in France or abroad. No more complicated negotiations or price comparison on several platforms – access already negotiated quotes. We take care of any complications that may arise and offer assistance from start to finish.

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Get in touch with our logistics experts and get all the information you need to get your cargo moving by sea, air, rail or road.

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The freight forwarding process in France

Pick up at the shipper’s premises

Export customs clearance at the carrier’s warehouse

Transit to the destination by road, sea, air or rail freight

Import customs clearance & transit to the final address

Freight forwarding documents when shipping within France or the EU

Cargo transportation within France or the EU may require less freight forwarding documentation if compared to importing or exporting goods abroad. However, when looking for freight forwarding companies and solutions in France, the following documents will still have to accompany your cargo:

  1. Shipping Label or Waybill– These two documents specify all the details about the sender and the receiver. They also contain the barcode that will allow your cargo shipment to be traced and tracked during the whole transit to, from or within France.
  2. Commercial Invoice – Contains all the details of the transaction, serving as proof of the legality of the transaction and hence the freight transportation.
  3. Bill of Lading – Not obligatory for domestic freight shipping, this document is useful to designate the responsibilities of the shipper, the carrier and the receiver of cargo.
  4. Packing List – Even if not required, this document makes sure all the details concerning your cargo and its packaging is properly registered, hence serving as proof in case any unfortunate situation occurs.

Freight forwarding documents for the import or export of goods to or from France

When importing or exporting goods to or from France, many different freight forwarding documents may be required. Depending to the type of cargo and freight transportation you requested, your cargo transport may also require the following documentation: a Shipper’s letter of instructions, Ocean Bill of Lading (for sea freight forwarding); Dangerous Goods Forms, Certificates of Origin and Conformity, Material Safety Datasheet, etc.

For more information, read our dedicated page on shipping and freight forwarding documents.

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Warehousing, distribution and fulfilment solutions in France

When looking for warehousing or distribution services in France, you can be sure to get the best international freight forwarders to fulfil your needs along your supply chain. We can organise long-term or temporary storage for your cargo in France or abroad. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Short- or long-term storage of cargo: It doesn’t matter where your cargo is moving to, we can provide you with competitive and safe warehousing solutions in France for any type of shipment size.
  • Distribution services: When looking for a freight solution in France that includes distribution of cargo by various warehouses or other addresses in France, we offer flexible solutions to attend to all your requirements.
  • Fulfilment solutions: Simplify your logistics – ship cargo to a warehouse in France and have the items repacked and shipped to final customers. Our experts will provide you with already negotiated freight rates and solutions for any fulfilment requirement in France.

Import/export agents and customs brokers in France

If you are importing or exporting goods from or to France, we can help you simplify your logistics and optimise your cargo transportation. We cooperate with leading freight brokers and import/export agents in France and abroad to provide you with all the necessary information and support about importing or exporting procedures in France. Have complete guidance through the entire process, when arranging the international transport of goods to or from France.

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Some of the top French and international freight forwarders

We work with a vast network of companies to offer air, sea, rail and road transport services, warehousing and import/export solutions in France. We are able to provide a full range of shipping and warehousing services at the lowest freight rates on the market with the best French freight forwarders. Check some of the top French and global freight forwarding companies we work with:

Are you a 3PL agent or a freight forwarder in France looking to fill your trucks, vans and containers? At Eurosender we continue to grow our network of trusted logistics providers and look forward to meeting and welcoming new partners in our team.

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The benefits of booking freight forwarding solutions in France with Eurosender

We are committed never to stop optimising our freight forwarding models and solutions to meet our clients’ demands. Let Eurosender become your trusted freight forwarding partner in France while you get:

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Ship cargo with the lowest freight rates in France.

Simplify your logistics

Single or multimodal solutions from a single source.

Export and import solutions

Customs brokerage and warehousing options in France.

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