Freight transport


Eurosender offers access to freight transport and pallet shipping, as well as standard courier services. We are specialized in different types of services, ranging from Less than truckload (LTL), groupage and Full truckload (FTL) to containers. You can book the service and schedule to send shipments from 2 kg to 4.000 kg. Based on your needs, we may be able to arrange the shipping for even bigger loads. You can check the possibility by contacting us directly.

Services - Freight Shipping

Ship Freight and Cargo

Whether you’re an individual sending bulky goods or a business sending bigger shipments or needing a freight transport, Eurosender will calculate a unique offer just for you. We provide you with an instant quote on most of the European routes. Our developed technology enables us to calculate rates faster than anyone else, significantly reducing the wait time.

Choosing Freight and Cargo Service

At Eurosender, we’ve developed an advanced technology which gives you access to instant quotes for pallet shipping on certain European routes.

As a private customer, you can automatically select the engine on our main page, to ship a Euro-pallet. In case you have a bigger shipment, with different measurements, you can enter the specific dimensions in the ordering process.

As a business customer, you can create an account for your company and from your profile, you will be able to check the available instant rates for freight shipping. The final price is at few clicks away. No waiting time so you could quickly and easily take actionable decisions.

Checking if your shipment qualifies as freight

Shipping industrial equipment, pallets, goods which are large, bulky and oddly shaped items from one country in Europe to another, requires a lot of coordination.

Whether you are a company or an individual looking to send multiple pieces of luggage, we will work with you and based on your requirements and needs, we’ll decide what freight method is right for you.

We maintain a network of renowned courier companies and freight forwarders and we ensure that you receive the best quality of the service for the best price.

Not sure what type of shipping service is suitable for you?

In order to check if your shipment can be sent using the standard courier services or using freight services, please check the dimensions of your shipment in our online calculator.

If the shipment qualifies as freight, click on Request Individual Offer and fill out the appropriate details on the blank form. Then a final price will be calculated by our sales department after liaising with our trusted couriers and will be sent straight to you on the email. Upon receiving the final price, our freight department will organize the shipping together with the logistics service provider, should you decide to accept the offer.

Filling out the offer form

The offer form is split into three sections:

Of the Cargo you’ll need the exact dimensions of the shipment including the pallet – these are length, width, and height in cm.
You’ll also need the shipment’s weight in kg, this is the gross weight, not the net weight.
You’ll need to describe its contents and give its value.

Pick Up you’ll need an accurate pick-up address with the correct post code, a name of the person in charge of handing over the package to the courier and their local phone number.

Delivery you’ll need an accurate delivery address again with the relevant post code, and the name of the person receiving the shipment with their local phone number.

Freight shipment

You don’t have a pallet for your freight shipment? We put at your disposal the option to purchase a pallet once you book the freight shipping service.
For now, the offer is available only for orders with a pick-up in Slovenia and Croatia.

If you wish to purchase a pallet, first submit your request for freight shipping and then send us an email at Our shipping experts will instruct you further and give you the price for purchasing a pallet.

Preparing the cargo

To qualify for freight transport in Europe, the pallet must be properly chosen, packaged and secured.

Stack in clean and equal columns -Stacking the packages in this way will ensure maximum stability.

No protruding packages - packages that exceed the dimensions of the pallet make it unroadworthy. The packages should lie flat without exceeding the length of the pallet.

Leave no gaps packing tightly will keep the pallet strong enough to sustain the jolts, shocks and irregular movements it’ll experience on its journey.

Avoid being too heavy - Heavy packages should be left for the bottom. Lighter packages belong on top.

Wrap it up - Using stretch-wrapping will minimize the risk of damage to the packages on the pallet.

Labelling the cargo

For all cargo transport in Europe through Eurosender, the courier in charge of transportation will bring the appropriate labels or they will collect your shipment and label it in the terminal. Therefore, there is no need to print your own, unless instructed by Eurosender or the logistics service provider. Still, it’s important to:

Remove old labels - Any old labels should be removed from the pallet as not to confuse its delivery.

Ensure they’re readable - After wrapping and strapping the pallet, make sure the shipment has a flat surface where the label can be affixed.

We also recommend that you pack a copy of the order confirmation with all of the relevant details on top of your pallet, thus making the locating and delivering of the pallet much easier in the unlikely event of damage or loss of label.

Confirming the order

Upon submission of the offer form, you will receive an email asking to confirm the order and make the payment through any of our payment methods (credit card, PayPal or bank transfer). You have until 10 a.m. on the day before the pickup to make the payment, the date of the pickup can, of course, be agreed with the freight department.

Pick Up

Under the conditions of freight shipping in Europe through Eurosender, it is required that a forklift or equivalent mode of transport be made available by the customer/company using the courier services organised by Eurosender. This is to ensure the handover of the pallet runs like clockwork. If this can’t be done, you should contact Eurosender or the courier company directly before the courier arrives at the address.

You should also ensure that access to the pick-up and delivery address is made easy for the courier and be aware that assistance loading and unloading may be required.

Storing your cargo

If you’re on the move and require some storage space for your items before their delivery, then this is possible too.

Perhaps you’re relocating and need to store half of the things in your house while the logistical details for your new move materialise. In this case, your shipment will be picked up and stored in the logistics company’s facilities for as long as is needed before being delivered to a new address on a date of your choosing.

The storage service can be organised by us in partnership with our trusted logistics companies and their boast of modern warehouses and excellent storage conditions. The service is bookable through, just tell us when you need the cargo picked up, for how long the storage services are required and on which date the shipment needs to be delivered. We will tell you how much it is to send and store your pallet.

Everything will be arranged and a price calculated depending on the weight (kg) and dimensions (cm) of your shipment, and the number of days for which the storage services will be required.


Heavy cargo is already automatically insured according to the CMR Convention and additional insurance can be purchased up to 5,000 EUR at a generated price which can be purchased in the second part of the order process.

For the insurance of freight transport greater than 200 EUR, a request can be made by writing in the comments section on the Request Individual Offer form or by contacting

For shipment of high value, we strongly recommend the purchase of additional insurance.

Available for Business Customers

For our B2B customers, it’s now possible to get immediate quotes for special routes in Europe.

All you need to do is:

Log in/Sign up to Eurosender with your business account or create an account here.

Fill out the form with the requested details.

Explore the possible routes for freight transport in Europe. Immediate quotes can now be generated for certain routes.