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Full truckload transport

Full truckload shipping in Europe

Full truckload shipping (FTL) refers to shipments that take up the entire space inside a truck by themselves. Usually, ten or more pallets are enough to fill an entire vehicle. The shipments are delivered on the same trail that picks them up.

FTL is also used for smaller shipments that have a higher risk of damage. FTL transport requires less handling on route, so there are fewer chances of mishandling and damages of the consignments.

This is also the reason why some shippers are willing to pay the price for FTL even though they don’t have enough volume to fill a trail.

When to choose FTL services

Full truckload shipping is the most appropriate way of transport if:

  • There are enough items to fill up an entire truck trail;
  • The shipper is in a time crunch and needs a quick delivery;
  • The goods are fragile and a whole truck dedicated to the shipment is a more secure option;
  • The total weight of the shipment makes it more cost-effective than using LTL shipping;
  • The shipment has one origin and a single place for delivery.

FTL freight rates

The price for shipping a full truckload depends on:

  • Transit distance The route that it is going to travel – destinations with a general high volume tend to be priced less because they are more profitable for carriers;
  • Type of courier serviceThe volume and weight;
  • Shipping routeThe type of freight to be shipped – for instance hazardous and perishable goods are priced differently;
  • Type of shipping serviceThe type of shipping services – whether they are expedited or standard deliveries;
  • Additional shipping servicesAdditional services – pick-ups and deliveries from and to residential areas with difficult access, facilities that lack a loading/unloading dock, the necessity to use forklifts, additional FTL insurance.

Generally, FTL costs are higher than LTL costs. However, the FTL freight rates are more economical if the trailer is filled up entirely or the weight capacity of the truck is reached.

Request a quote for FTL transport

Eurosender has built an extensive network which enables us to provide a free quote in a very short time. We are able to organize a full truckload shipping in Europe for regular shippers, as well as occasional shippers.

For each request received, we delve into the offerings of the most renowned international carriers and we choose the most convenient option for our clients.

Preparation for FTL transport and handling

What makes full truckload shipping a secure way of transportation is the packaging. When using FTL freight shipping, the shipment has to be packaged in crates, loaded on pallets or inserted in corrugated or plasticized containers.

In this way, all the items will be packed into one unit to ease the handling process – FTL shipments are usually moved with forklifts and pallet jacks. Because the shipment is handled mechanically, the risk of damage is considerably reduced.

Packaging materials for FTL transport

  • Palletized shipments – this is the most popular packaging method for freight shipping. Multiple packages or items of an irregular shape can be placed on a pallet. To secure the shipment, a few layers of stretch foil have to be applied.
  • Corrugated shipping containers – they are basically corrugated carton boxes of bigger dimensions. They are similar to wooden crates and sometimes have attached to the bottom a skid for an easier handling.
  • Crates – they are usually made out of wood or plastic. The sturdy material makes them very resistant to shocks. Crates are commonly used for the transportation of breakable items and machinery.

When using FTL shipping, it is very important to distribute the weight on pallets as evenly as possible. This is mandatory in the cases when the truck trail is not filled up completely and there is still unused space in the trail.