General information

What happens if I select the wrong shipping service?

Whenever a parcel is too big or too heavy, the courier might refuse to collect it. But, since courier drivers are not equipped with any measuring devices, your shipment can still be picked up – just to be returned later on.

Depending on the courier company, you may also be asked to pay extra if your shipment is oversized or overweight.

If you are in doubt, we recommend contacting us before placing an order and we will determine what is the right shipping service.


What happens if I have more packages than I ordered?

If you have more packages than was stated in the order and in the respective order confirmation email, you will just need to book the service again for the extra packages. Depending on the chosen pick-up date, you might be able to have the packages collected on the same day.

We strongly recommend not to hand over to the courier driver more packages than you actually booked. He will not be able to collect them so for additional packages, a separate order should be placed.

Changes can be made to the original order up until 12 pm (midday) on a working day before the pick-up. For any queries relating to changes in your order, you should contact us and we will advise you on the most appropriate solution.


What if my shipment is of non-standard dimensions and weight?

Shipping non-standard packages and pallets should not be a problem, as long as you choose the right service for it. If your shipment exceeds the standard dimensions, you should request an individual offer.

After completing the form, you will be sent a competitive offer tailored to your shipment. You can accept or reject if it does not meet your requirements.

Remember that without the exact shipment dimensions, you will not be able to receive an accurate quote.


What is an individual offer?

An individual offer is an online form to request a personalized offer for your package. You will need to fill it in with all the details concerning your shipment: the dimensions, weight, the content of the shipment and personal details including the address of pick-up and delivery.

After you submit the form, our freight department will send you an email with an affordable offer at the cheapest shipping rates. Afterwards, you can reject or accept the offer to start the shipping process. To request an individual offer, fill in the following form.