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Trust Eurosender for all your shipping needs to Asia and beyond! We offer multiple delivery services for shipping items of all shapes and sizes, guaranteeing your items’ secure and timely delivery, no matter their size or type. Get an instant quote and book your Asia shipping service today!


How long does shipping to Asia take?

When it comes to sending documents and packages to Asia, speed and reliability are key. That is why we offer our Document Service and Express Package options, with delivery times of just 24-72 hours. Your goods will be shipped by air, in the shortest time possible!

Please note that delivery times may vary based on distance, and shipments to remote areas (outside major cities) may take longer due to limited demand or logistical challenges.

Shipping from Europe to Asia

Eurosender is the most reliable option for shipping goods from Europe to Asia. Our expertise in the European market allows us to provide seamless solutions for businesses and individuals looking to send packages and other goods to Asia. Our platform offers instant quotes and a simple booking process, with various shipping options available to suit your needs.

With Eurosender, you can trust that your shipment will arrive safely and on time, with online tracking included and insurance coverage available for purchase.

Customs and duty when shipping to Asia

To send a package to Asia, you must complete a customs declaration form that details the contents and value of the shipment. Customs clearance procedures and import control laws vary by country, so verifying all restrictions and prohibitions with the local customs authorities is best before booking any Asia shipping service.

It is also important to note that couriers may have their own set of prohibited or restricted items, so it is crucial to adhere to all guidelines and regulations.

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