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What is a freight shipment?

The freight service is suitable for shipping multiple packages and/or large packages, bulky or oddly shaped items, sports equipment (such as a bike, skis, a snowboard, a surfboard and many more), musical instruments, pallets, industrial equipment, and much more.

We are specialized in different types of services, ranging from Less than truckload (LTL), Groupage and Full truckload (FTL).

Based on your requirements and needs, we will offer the shipping option that meets can accommodate the needs.


What are freight shipping dimensions and weight limits?

A freight shipping is the one that exceeds any of standard shipping limitation criteria. This is any shipment that, depending on the pick-up country, is heavier than 30 kg or 40 kg or longer than 175 cm.

You can book the service from 2 kg up to 4.000 kg. Based on your needs, we may be able to arrange the shipping for even bigger loads.


Do I necessarily need to have the items placed on a pallet?

When booking a pallet shipping service directly on our website, it is mandatory to place your items on a pallet.

If we prepare an individual offer for you, you will need to pack your items in a way that they can be lifted and handled with a forklift. When shipping a bigger parcel, please take into account that you might need to assist the courier driver when loading and unloading it in the vehicle.


What types of pallets can I use?

You can use both wooden or plastic pallets. Make sure they are sturdy enough to support the weight. Read more about different types of pallets in our informative article.


Do I need to have a forklift or the courier driver will bring them?

If you don’t have a forklift to ease the loading and/or unloading of the shipment, please let us know when we prepare the offer, as well as the logistics service provider when calling to arrange the details of your collection/delivery. In such a case, the logistics provider will come with a forklift and tail lift.


Where and how do I place an order for freight services?

We offer two different options for freight shipping:

  • Online booking of pallet shipping of Euro-pallets; you place the order directly in the booking engine on the main page.
  • Tailor-made offers based on your requirements; our logistics experts will prepare a tailored offer based on the information you will provide us about your shipment.

In case of need, we offer step-by-step instructions, which will guide you through the entire booking procedure. For more information, you can reach us on +44 20 3129 2884 or by writing an email at


Where to and where from can I ship freight shipments?

You can ship freight shipments to almost any country in the world.

Bear in mind that all customs clearance must be arranged for import or export. It is you, as a customer who arranges them.


What kind of addresses can the courier driver collect from?

Couriers can collect from any physical address with easy access to the premises. Please have in mind that there should be no more than 50m between the building and the available parking place nearby.

For a complete walkthrough all the shipping destinations and their specifics, please read our dedicated section.


What do I have to pay attention regarding pick-up and delivery locations?

You should also ensure that access to the pick-up and delivery address is easily accessible for the courier and be aware that assistance in loading and unloading may be required. To ensure that the handover of the parcels or pallet runs smoothly, prepare your shipment in the ground floor close to the entrance as possible.

If your order requires a forklift or equivalent mode of transport to hand over your shipment you must it make available. If this can’t be done, you should contact Eurosender or the logistics service provider directly before the courier arrives at the address.


Is possible to organize the shipping to remote areas?

Yes. Please have in mind that in such cases, the delivery times may vary as the couriers might not cover the areas on a regular basis. Our article about shipping to remote areas will answer all your questions regarding the topic.


Can you store my belongings?

Yes, the storage service can be organised by Eurosender in partnership with trusted logistics service providers. You will be able to store your items in one of the modern warehouses of the logistics service providers that provide excellent storage conditions.


How much does the storage service cost?

The price will be calculated depending on the weight (kg) and dimensions (cm) of your shipment, and the number of days for which the storage services will be required. Our team will provide you with a final price via email.


Where can I book my storage service?

To get access to the storage service you must request it by contacting the sales department via e-mail at or phone +44 20 3129 2884 before the booking process. Specify when you need the cargo picked up and for how many days you need the storage. Our team will get back to you with a price offer.