Who can use relocation & removal services?

Our relocation & removal service is designated to all those who are moving abroad or within the same country, moving to a new place for a new job a position, to expats living away from home, students leaving for a student exchange program abroad, to companies relocating their employees and to all others in need to move larger parts of their belonging.

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The service is carried out by a dedicated moving truck/van with a dedicated driver.


Is there any limitation for the weight and dimensions of items when using the relocation & removals service?

A rough estimation of one moving van is about 4,30m (length) by 2,20m (width) by 2,30m (height), which is between 20 and 25cbm.

If you have a slightly longer item, it can be placed askew to still fit in the moving van.


Where and how do I place my order?

To place your order for a relocation & removals service, please contact us at sales@eurosender.com and we will arrange everything for you. Please note that when you contact us you must mention that you are looking for a relocation & removals service.


How soon shall I place my order for relocation & removals service?

We strongly recommend you placing the order as soon as you know that you need the service in order for us to negotiate best possible conditions and a better price deal. Same-day or next day service is also possible to arrange, but this situation will solely depend on the availability of the trucks.


Where to and where from can I organize relocation & removals service?

You can ship freight shipments all over the world.

Bear in mind that all customs clearance must be arranged for import or export. It is you as the customer who arranges them.


Will the courier driver help me pack my belongings?

Generally, the driver does not pack as there is no need for special packaging. You can place your items directly in the moving van. However, for better protection, we strongly recommend packing them before the driver’s arrival; into cardboard boxes, suitcases, plastic bags and other packaging materials for easier loading and unloading of the items. In case you are shipping any fragile items, it is on your own responsibility to pack them accordingly for transit in order to prevent any possible damage.The driver will make sure your items are well placed inside the moving van and secured for transport.

If you wish, you can request packing, loading or unloading assistance and we will arrange it with the logistics service provider. Please note that such service comes with extra costs.


Will the courier driver contact me before pick-up and delivery?

Yes, the courier driver will contact you before his arrival. You will get a certain date and time of collection so you won’t have to wait all day long. The driver will then come at the arranged time frame. Please note that due to any weather issues, heavy traffic, road accidents, … that we cannot influence, the driver may come with a delay. In such a case, he will notify you.


What kind of addresses can the courier driver collect from?

The courier can collect only from full addresses with accurate postcodes as they are given in the order process. Make sure you have previously received mail or other deliveries have already been made at that address.

Couriers can collect from gated apartments, student dormitories, company headquarters, company warehouses, private addresses, hotels and hostels.

For flats and addresses with multiple units, the courier will usually make the pick-up or delivery to the main door of the building. To ensure that the loading of the items runs smoothly, prepare your items in the ground floor close to the entrance as possible.

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