Black Friday Shipping: Discounts and Deliveries 2023

Worldwide shipping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As courier services are in high demand for Black Friday 2023, we are here to help you ship your goods easily and safely. Check our guide to know courier delivery schedules on Black Friday and how to avoid shipping delays. Get instant quotes for worldwide shipping of Black Friday or Cyber Monday offers.


Local and worldwide shipping solutions for Black Friday

We offer a range of worldwide shipping solutions for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders:
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Do UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL deliver on Black Friday?

Black Friday and Cyber Week are usually one of the busiest times of year for courier companies. Since this date is not considered an official holiday, UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and other courier providers perform collections and deliveries on Black Friday.

To accommodate the larger volume of parcels, most couriers modify the conditions of their shipping services during the Black Friday period, offering more flexible delivery times, longer opening hours at parcel shops and early on-call pick-up solutions.

UPS deliveries on Black Friday 2023

UPS will provide normal courier delivery services on Black Friday and throughout Cyber Week. However, we advise checking the UPS working hours at your local branch during this peak period. Read more about shipping with UPS.

FedEx deliveries on Black Friday 2023

FedEx will offer some modified services and hours during this period. On Black Friday, they will offer early on-call pick-ups in some areas but bear in mind that FedEx Freight will be closed. Read more about shipping with FedEx.

USPS deliveries on Black Friday 2023

USPS will maintain normal deliveries on Black Friday for both ground and air services, although there is a significant increase in shipping volume expected. We advise checking the USPS holiday hours at your local branch during this busy season. Read more about shipping with USPS.

DHL deliveries on Black Friday 2023

DHL will provide normal courier delivery services on Black Friday and throughout Cyber Week to cater to the spike in shipping demand. Read more about shipping with DHL.

Do the post offices work on Black Friday?

Post offices are only closed on dates that are considered official holidays. In 2023, postal services across the USA, the UK and most countries worldwide will operate on Black Friday. In fact, postal services in the USA will work even harder to deliver all the accumulated mail and parcels on Black Friday, since it is the first day after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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Shipping delays on Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Why do they happen?

The reason why Black Friday and Cyber Monday delivery delays are so common is simple: there is a huge shopping volume concentrated in one single day or week. This is one of the busiest days of the year for physical and online stores and, in order to get their goods to their customers, retailers rely on courier companies to deliver their sales. Shipping companies have an enormous volume of orders to handle in a short period of time, which may increase the delivery time during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Aside from the longer delivery times, there are some other situations that may cause or increase the delay of your Black Friday or Cyber Monday delivery:

  • Misspelt or incomplete address on the parcel;
  • Wrong information on the order form (wrong postal code etc.);
  • The parcel had to be redirected (e.g. change of delivery address);
  • Customs delays (for international deliveries);
  • Failed delivery attempts (the recipient was not at home).


Worldwide shipping Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Gift ideas

Electronics are very popular items for shipping during the Black Friday period as you can get some of the best deals of the year from online stores. See examples of items you can ship:


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How to avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday shipping delays

To make sure the worldwide shipping of your Black Friday or Cyber Monday orders will be processed smoothly and delivered as soon as possible, follow our recommendations:

  • Select reliable couriers, with the capacity for handling such high volumes
  • Add 2-3 extra days to the standard delivery times when advertising
  • Choose the Express Service for expedited deliveries
  • Make sure you provide the correct order info to avoid complications


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FAQ on worldwide shipping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How to book Black Friday worldwide shipping at a low cost?
Get the best prices for standard and express shipping of your Black Friday sales with Eurosender. We always match each delivery request with the best transport solution available, at the lowest price. On top of that, you can use our Black Friday Discount Code for additional savings! Check the price for your delivery right away using the tool above.
What is the best option for Black Friday or Cyber Monday orders: standard shipping or express?
For urgent goods, choose the Express Service this Black Friday to guarantee your customers will have their purchase as soon as possible. However, if the product is not time-sensitive, businesses often opt for the Standard Shipping Service for Cyber Monday and Black Friday deliveries. With this service, they benefit from the shipping offers with the lowest prices for the Black Friday period.
Does regular mail get delivered on Black Friday?
Yes. Even though the logistics companies are very busy with the overload of shipments due to online sales, courier providers still deliver regular mail and packages on Black Friday. However, please bear in mind that delivery times during Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be prolonged due to the increased volume of parcels.
How to deal with Black Friday shipping delays?
When a parcel is delayed by more than 2-3 working days after the estimated delivery time, you should contact the retailer or the logistics company. The retailer should only be contacted if your parcel has not been shipped yet. If your purchase has already been collected, you should contact the logistics provider responsible for transporting your items. If your Black Friday worldwide shipping service was arranged through our platform, please get in touch with our support team via chat or e-mail, and they will provide you with information about your parcel’s location.
Whenever you are expecting a delivery, we recommend tracking your parcel closely to be on top of every update. This way, you will be able to anticipate any delivery delay on your Black Friday order and respond quickly to any mistakes that may occur. Use our digital tracking tool to follow your shipment.
What time do courier companies perform deliveries on Black Friday?
Most courier companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS will perform deliveries on Black Friday during regular working hours since this date is considered a regular working day. Depending on the company policy, some post offices or courier companies may decide to offer longer delivery hours to be able to deal with the larger number of shipments. However, we recommend checking this information directly with your chosen provider.
Do Cyber Monday and Black Friday offers take longer to ship?
It depends on the retailer and how well prepared they are to cope with the increased number of orders. In general, Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales usually take a couple of days longer to ship due to logistics complications, but this delay should not be greater than a week, unless previously determined.
If the collection of your order takes longer than expected, we recommend contacting the retailer.
How to buy from a store that does not offer worldwide delivery during Black Friday?
If you want to buy from an international shop that does not offer delivery to your location, the best solution is to book an express courier delivery with Eurosender this Black Friday. Our shipping services are available worldwide, with door-to-door collection and delivery. This means that you can simply organise for the courier to collect your item directly at the desired shop, and they will transport it to you.
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