How to ship Mother’s Day presents abroad?

How to send a present for Mother’s Day abroad?

Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to greet your mother and make a surprise or a gift for her. If you live far from your mother, then you probably think of sending her a present for this special day. Eurosender will help you to make your Mother’s Day presents delivered. You will just need to choose a gift beforehand and place an order with us. Afterwards, our the system will automatically choose the most applicable courier company to ship Mother’s Day presents abroad or across the country.


While filling out this order form, you will just need to indicate the pick-up and delivery countries, shipment details, and pick-up options. Based on those, the system will generate an estimated delivery date. Please, double check the details after that and make the required amendments.

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How to choose and send Mother’s Day presents abroad or domestically?

Flowers are among the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day but they are rather perishable and fragile. Thus, sending them via a courier is not the best idea. You still can send anything you like, but we encourage you to check a list of restricted and prohibited items first.

What items can you ship

You may decide to handcraft a present for your mother or buy it in a store. We provide some ideas on what gift to choose and how to deliver it:

  • Premium sweets and chocolates (or other tasty products)
  • Exclusive wine or other spirit drinks
  • Books
  • Parfumes or cosmetics
  • Handmade items (presents manufactured in Etsy, for instance)

If you have any doubts or questions regarding your shipment, feel free to contact our logistics specialists and experienced customer support agents. They will help you by providing necessary recommendations and pieces of advice regarding your shipment.


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How Eurosender gets your Mother’s Day presents delivered?

After you are ready with the present, you can check its dimensions and insert them in the form below. It will help you determine whether your package fits standard shipping services. In case your present for mother is very special, you can ask for an individual offer. You can also indicate the specific features of the gift and our team of logistics professionals will offer you the most suitable solution that would also correspond to your preferred shipping options.

Why choose Eurosender for shipping your Mother’s Day presents abroad?

At Eurosender, we recognize the value of presents to the nearest and dearest. We partner with reliable and trustworthy courier companies to make Mother’s Day presents delivered successfully. Furthermore, we also have a rich experience is sending presents across Europe for other holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. That way, Eurosender makes you feel more comfortable and confident due to:

  • Door-to-door shipping
  • Ability to track a parcel
  • Recommendations on shipping different items
  • Services for businesses
  • Customer support in 15 languages

As you see, we cooperate both with individuals and businesses. In case you belong to the latter category and consider Mother’s Day as a perspective holiday to increase sales in your company, we advise you to create an account with us.

You are always welcome to contact our experienced support team agents and logistics specialist. They will gladly consult you and provide answers to your questions.

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