International shipping of your laptop

Shipping your laptop from New York City to New Delhi has never been easier. Check our calculator on the right side and get a quick price for the service. Once you’re ready, simply fill in the booking form and wait for the courier to arrive at your address on the selected date. It’s as simple as that! Get a quality shipping service from the biggest courier companies at a fraction of the standard rates!

International shipping of your laptop
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Darko Vukomanović

9 hours ago



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9 hours ago


Amazing and easy

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9 hours ago

Feedback positivo

As encomendas chegaram ao destino em 24h. Espero que continue a correr bem. Obrigada pelo serviço ... só gostava de conseguir escolher horário de recolha ....

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Drew Forman

9 hours ago

Would be great to have the ability to…

Would be great to have the ability to ask live questions. Or request a time window for pickup

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Filipa Ribeiro

9 hours ago

Boa noite

Boa noite, gostaria de até agora não tive razão de queixa da companhia, mas gostei muito da maneira que foi recebida e atendida por vocês, verei se voltarei a usar a vossa empresa para futuro. Agradeço Filipa Ribeiro

Shipment type

Package or suitcase


60cm x 40cm x 90cm, 20kg

Shipping price

€671.06+ VAT

Estimated delivery time

1 - 2days

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United States
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