International shipping of your stationery bike

Checking how much it will cost to ship your stationery bike from Liebenwalde to 51696 Aplared is a breeze. Simply enter the dimensions of your item and our engine will return you a final price. And because we know that the protection of your item is important, a shipping insurance of up to 200 EUR is also included in the final price. At Eurosender, we help shippers to send their items anywhere, at very low prices.

International shipping of your stationery bike
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5 Reviews

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Fialisa Asriwhardani

18 hours ago


Pleasant, its easy to use. Will leave more comment after my bag coming

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19 hours ago


Fast, efficient delivery.

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19 hours ago

Τέταρτη παρέλαβαν το δέμα από το σπίτι…

Τέταρτη παρέλαβαν το δέμα από το σπίτι μου στην Αθήνα και τη Πέμπτη το μεσημέρι ήταν ήδη στα χέρια του παραλήπτη στη Γερμανία. ΑΨΟΓΟΙ

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21 hours ago

Ainda não fiz o envio mas até agora…

Ainda não fiz o envio mas até agora está a correr tudo muito bem.

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Robert Balla

21 hours ago

Ottimo servizio e ottimo assistenza…

Ottimo servizio e ottimo assistenza clienti. Invece la preparazione in materia dei corrieri lascia un po’ desiderare.

Shipment type

Package or suitcase


27cm x 89cm x 170cm, 40kg

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€148.19+ VAT

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