Textile Transportation and Logistics Services

Shipping services and logistics solutions for the textile industry

At Eurosender, you will find flexible logistics solutions for the fast-paced textile industry. We collaborate with reliable logistics agents to assist the textile industry in the transportation of raw materials and finished goods. With our multiple delivery solutions and low prices for textile shipping services, you will be able to optimise your supply chain. Get materials easily from abroad for your production or become a retailer on a global scale with our textile international shipping services!

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Benefits of our textile transportation and logistics solutions

The textile supply chain is highly complex in terms of the diversity of products. That is why it requires specific expertise and flexible solutions. At Eurosender, we are experts at what we do, providing textile logistics services according to your particular needs. Besides having access to a wide range of shipping services for the textile industry, you can benefit from:

Negotiated prices available at one click

Real-time tracking for textile shipping

Personalised logistics department

A dedicated team of logistics experts


Textile shipping services your company needs

With our extensive network of international logistics partners, we can organise any type of textiles transportation and cover the logistics needs of the entire textile industry. Both SMEs and big companies can find the proper logistics services through our platform whether they require a one-time service or recurrent deliveries. Examples of companies we have helped:

  • Textile manufacturers
  • Textile retailers
  • Online shops
  • Factories


Shipping services for textile transportation

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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Textile shipping and warehousing services

Choosing Eurosender to transport textiles and fabrics, you can benefit from complementary services, including storage and warehousing services for the textile industry. Our partners have extensive facilities with the necessary conditions for storing products on a long- or short-term basis. Regardless of the volume, we can find a solution for warehousing your textile products or raw materials and organise textile transportation from and to the facilities. To get a quote, contact our team and specify your needs in the form. One of our logistics experts will find a solution for textile warehousing and will contact you back.

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International textile logistics services

Whether you need to organise logistics for the textile supply chain on a local level, or your company operates globally, through Eurosender, you will find a wide selection of international services for shipping textiles. By partnering with the most renowned freight forwarders, we provide the best prices for highly convenient and fast transport services for the textile industry. Your products can be shipped in containers, trucks, vans, or planes – we always find the optimal solution to deliver your goods to the chosen destination. Check immediate prices with our booking tool and book the service for textile transportation to the destination point.


Textile logistics solutions for exporters and importers

Facilitate the shipping process when importing or exporting fabrics and textiles. Benefit from the help of our highly trained team and experienced logistics providers to make sure your products go smoothly through customs. Check the list of shipping documents you may need to provide when importing/exporting fabrics and textiles.


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FAQs on textile logistics and shipping services

How are textiles transported?
Transportation of textiles can be carried out in several ways:
  • Road freight, the most convenient and predictable option for shipping textiles;
  • Sea freight, fast and effective solution for transporting textiles on long distances;
  • Rail freight, ideal for transporting raw materials and large quantities of products;
  • Airfreight, the quickest option for international deliveries.
At Eurosender, we offer all the mentioned shipping services for the textile industry. When necessary, our experts can prepare a multimodal solution, combining different means of transport. Book the service through our engine or send your shipping requirements to our experts, and they will prepare a customised solution for textile transportation.
What is the most suited service to deliver a roll of fabric?
The parcel dimensions and weight influence the shipping service you should choose. Usually, the width of fabrics is standardised and measures between 112cm and 140cm. The fabric used in decorating (e.g., as upholstery for furniture or curtains) may come in widths as great as 150cm. Both these lengths can generally fit our standard service. However, when shipping fabrics in larger quantities or bulk, the instant pallet or LTL and FTL services may be more suited for you.
How to ship fabrics and textiles to keep them from wrinkling?
When shipping fabrics and textiles, the most important thing to prevent wrinkles is to make sure they are preserved in good condition. Thus, it is recommended to roll the fabrics in cardboard tubes. Make sure the cardboard tubes or the PVC pipes are clean before using them. After that, you can also wrap the entire roll of fabric in clear plastic and secure it with tape. Keep everything stable by providing extra plastic on both ends and stuff the excess wrap inside the tube's hole.
Is there any insurance when booking textile shipping services?
Yes, the shipping insurance will be included in the price of the service. The amount of coverage will depend on the selected shipping service and the type of goods you transport. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance options with higher coverage at very low rates. Companies that ship fabrics and textiles as freight internationally benefit from the CMR insurance.
What is the cheapest way to transport textiles within Europe?
The cost of shipping textiles depends on several factors, such as the size of your shipment, the route, and the speed of delivery. For cost-effective textile transportation, shipping by road is the most optimal solution. When shipping small quantities of textile products, you can opt for pallet delivery. For transporting textiles in bulk, the most economical option will be the Van Delivery service or FTL transport (for larger loads): your cargo will be transported directly to the destination without any stopovers. Get instant prices for these services through our booking engine!
How much time does it take to ship textile?
The delivery time depends on the selected service and the route. The fastest option for shipping large quantities of textile to other European countries is the Van service – the delivery time varies from 24 to 48 hours depending on the distance. For international textile deliveries in packages, the shortest delivery time is 24-72 hours through our Express service.
At Eurosender, we understand that on-time deliveries mean a lot for the textile industry; therefore, we partner only with reliable logistics agents to ensure that your goods are delivered without delays. Before booking textile shipping services, you always can get an estimated delivery time through our calculator. Plan your shipments smarter and avoid loss in the business.
Can I track shipments when booking textile logistics services through Eurosender?
Yes. We offer complete transparency in textile logistics for your supply chain with our track and trace system. When choosing our international shipping services for the textile industry, you get access to the tracking tool to monitor the process of your delivery in real-time. For each shipment, you will receive a unique tracking code via e-mail. If you have any further questions regarding the tracking of parcels or cargo, you can always talk to one of our logistics experts using chat or e-mail.
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