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Less than truckload transport

What is LTL transport

LTL is the acronym that stands for less than truckload shipping. At a basic level of definition, LTL is a mode of transport for smaller freight shipments that occupy only a part of the truck.

The space inside the trailer is distributed among different shippers who pay only for their portion. This makes LTL transport more affordable for freight loads and suitable for businesses that need to send shipments to different destinations.

As the name suggests, LTL refers exclusively to road shipping and implies multiple loading and unloading during the transit.

When to choose less than truckload transportation

LTL shipping is one of the most cost-effective solutions for shipping freight when:

  • The volume to be shipped is not big enough to fill a full truckload;
  • The shipment is too big or too heavy to qualify for a standard shipping but too small for a full-truckload transport either;
  • The shipment is not time sensitive;
  • The goods have to be delivered to different destinations;
  • Multiple small parcels can be combined and placed on pallets.

LTL costs

The shipping rates for LTL transport depend on many factors:

  • Transit distance The weight and dimensions of the shipment;
  • Type of courier serviceThe type of shipment - the transportation of fragile, perishable goods and dangerous items will be slightly more expensive;
  • Shipping routeThe distance to travel;
  • Type of shipping serviceThe type of shipping service – standard or expedited deliveries;
  • Additional shipping servicesAdditional services – for instance, covering remote and not easily accessible areas, purchasing extra insurance coverage, as well as the need for the courier company to use tools for lifting, loading and unloading the shipments.

LTL transport is more convenient than shipping parcels individually. Providing the exact dimensions and weight, as well as accurate addresses are of a paramount importance to calculate the final price. The information also serves the carriers to optimize the space they have available in trucks.

Get a quote for LTL transport

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Preparation for LTL transport and handling

Less than truckload transportation can accommodate the shipments which are either too big or too heavy to be handled through standard courier services and too little to fill an entire truck. Thus, LTL shipping is used for different shipping units, from oversized packages, palletized goods, crates, to corrugated containers.

For a LTL transport, the packaging materials used to protect the freight are the same as for full truckload shipping, described in the dedicated section.