What is LTL Shipping?

LTL stands for Less than Truck Load shipping, also known as less than truckload transportation. This means shipments that are considered too small for FTL (Full Truck Load) shipment but too big for standard shipment. Other important things about LTL shipments:

  • LTL refers only to shipping by road.
  • There can be several loading/unloading moments during transport.
  • There are multiple LTL shipments in one truck which are transported together by LTL freight carriers.
  • LTL is a cost-effective service because you pay only for space you occupy in the delivery truck.

How to place an order with Eurosender?

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When to choose cost-effective LTL shipping?

There are various reasons why shippers choose for the services of LTL freight carriers. Take a look at the information for both privates and businesses.

LTL shipping for businesses


  • Optimal solution when you have multiple packages that need to go to different destinations.
  • Not having to pay for an entire truck is a budget-friendly option for smaller shipments.
  • When choosing the services of Eurosender, you can delegate your less than truckload transportation, increase your efficiency, and decrease your LTL freight cost.

LTL shipping for individuals: Although people use the services of LTL freight carriers most often for business purposes, there are also circumstances where it is a suitable option for individuals.


Relocation: When moving to another town, city, or even country, LTL shipping is a cheap way of getting your household to your new address. Check out our series on moving to another country and find all the info you need.


Many/large items to ship: When you have many items to ship or your shipment exceed the limits for standard shipment, it is a cheap option to ship them together on a pallet, using LTL services. Shipping with an LTL shipping service is in most cases much less expensive than sending large packages.


Dedicated Van Delivery: Another service Eurosender offers, where one van is dedicated to your shipment. This is a good alternative when your shipment is too small for an FTL shipment and you still want truck space all for yourself.


Benefits of LTL shipping

Are you thinking of sending your items by using cost-effective LTL shipping? The numerous benefits are listed below.


Cost-effective: LTL freight cost is much lower than what you would pay for when using FTL services because you only pay for the space your shipment occupies in the truck.


Environmentally friendly: By sharing a truck with multiple shippers, you cut down on your carbon footprint by reducing emission.



Safety: LTL shipments usually have multiple stops and are handled several times during transport. This means the courier pays extra attention to packing and stacking of the items.



Tracking: With less than truckload transportation arranged through Eurosender you have access to our online 24/7 tracking system.



Extra services: When you would like to add extra services such as freeze protection, liftgates, pick-up and delivery inside, contact us for the possibilities.



Flexibility: Using LTL shipping offers you more flexibility when shipping to different locations.



Which items are suitable for LTL

LTL shipping services are ideal for a wide variety of things. See the summary below for a good indication of which items are suitable for cost-effective LTL shipping.

  • To get a good overview of all the things you can send through the Eurosender platform, check out, What you can send.”
  • For the bigger items, you can consult our Pack and Ship series where you find an extensive collection of articles on large items that are suitable for LTL shipping. Some examples include heavy parcels, furniture, and camping equipment.
  • When you are moving to a new accommodation LTL shipping services can be an option depending on the number of items you want to move. Check out our Relocation and Removals page for more information.
Costs of LTL shipping

To understand the costs of your cost-effective LTL shipping, you should know which factors determine the price when requesting an LTL shipping quote.

Having an overview of all the requirements of your shipment, here are some tips on saving money while using LTL shipping services.

  • Density: As you pay for the weight of your shipments, the number of items doesn’t influence the price. Stack as many items and try to keep your shipment as compact and as dense as possible.
  • Accurate dimensions: Give the exact dimensions of your shipment when placing your order. Exceeding the given dimensions may result in fines.
  • Choose the right class: There are 18 different freight classes, and choosing the right one affects the price.
  • Combine shipments: Combining several smaller LTL shipments into one larger LTL shipment makes for cost-effective LTL shipping
  • Packing: With proper packaging, your order won’t get damaged, and you avoid additional costs.
Requesting a quote for LTL shipping, how does it work?

Every LTL shipment is different, so it is crucial to have the correct details of your delivery. This is what you need to get an LTL shipping quote:

  • Exact dimensions: Length, width, and height, plus the weight in kg.
  • Content and value: What is in the shipment and the value in the local currency.
  • Pick-up and delivery address: Both should be complete with city/town, street name and number, postal code, name, and telephone number of the consignee.

Having all the details at hand, you can now place your order for your LTL shipment. There are 2 ways of doing this:

  • Order online: Ship your items on pallets by using our online booking engine. You will see the final price in just a few clicks.
  • Individual offer: Do your items have special requirements or are you not sure if LTL is the best option for you? Get in touch with our logistics experts, and they will provide you with an individual shipping quote by checking the possibilities with all the LTL companies we work with.

Preparing LTL shipments and LTL packaging materials

When you decide to use LTL shipment services, it is time to prepare your items for shipment and choose the right LTL packaging materials. The following things should be taken into consideration.

  • Packing your shipment is essential to avoid damage and claims. Here are some things you can do to give your shipment decent protection.
    • Put the heaviest items on the bottom and work your way up to the lightest items.
    • When shipping machinery or other equipment, make sure that everything is placed in crates.
    • Using shrink wrap to connect the items to the pallet is a good way of protecting against moving and sliding of the items.
    • Make your pallet stackable. Sometimes a pyramid is placed on top of the pallet to protect fragile items. Although this offers excellent protection, it also means additional costs as the LTL companies can’t stack any other pallets on top of this.
    • Pack your items within the boundaries of the pallet. When your items are hanging over the edge of the pallet extra costs apply, and there is a bigger chance of damage.
    • Choose the right type of pallet for your shipment.

Besides the packaging of your shipment and the right LTL packaging materials, there are several other things to keep in mind when preparing your LTL shipment.

  • LTL Shipment documentation: When your LTL shipment is picked up you need a complete Bill of Lading, where you can find info such as your name, details of the consignee, type of goods being shipped, packaging, etc. Also, be aware of any possible custom clearance procedures.
  • Dimensions: As mentioned before, the dimensions determine the price. Always double check the final dimensions and weight after you finish packing your shipment.
  • Pick-Up: The loading time for LTL shipments is much shorter than for FTL shipments. Always have your shipment ready for pick up after you pack it, together with the required documents.
LTL shipping through Eurosender

Over the years, Eurosender has built up a vast network of logistics companies that we cooperate with.This allows us to offer our clients the best rates for any kind of shipments. Would you also like to become part of the Eurosender logistics network? Eurosender receives a wide array of requests daily from companies that have needs for frequent and not so frequent shipping. With so many requests for orders, we are always looking for new partners. Interested? Contact us in one click with the button below.

When you have any further questions regarding cost-effective LTL shipping, you can always contact our multilingual customer support team. They will gladly answer all your questions about LTL companies and provide you with useful advice where possible.