How to ship a bandsaw

Used for cutting wood, metal, and lumber, a bandsaw is a power saw that is used for both domestic and professional use. In 1809 William Newberry got a British patent for the idea of the first bandsaw. However, the machine wasn’t practical and it took another 40 years until a French lady named Anne Paulin Crepin improved the design of the initial bandsaw in 1846. After that, it became a staple tool in building and construction over the entire planet. Nowadays there is a wide range of different bandsaws on the market, all devoted to separate purposes, such as timber cutting, metal fabrication, and meat cutting. But no matter which bandsaw you need or prefer, all of them can be shipped safely with Eurosender. No matter whether you want to ship a big industrial bandsaw or a relatively small one for hobby use in your garage, Eurosender has matching services for each. Join us when we discuss the packing instructions for a bandsaw, how to ship a bandsaw overseas and how to ship a used bandsaw.

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Bandsaw shipment by courier with Eurosender

Eurosender provides safe and fast deliveries for your bandsaw and other tools. With our vast network of logistics providers, we can offer you the most efficient transport worldwide. Below you can see which shipping service is the most suitable for your shipment, depending on the size and weight of the bandsaw you want to ship.

  • Standard shipment: Bandsaws for domestic use are shipped with our standard shipping service. Use the original packing and the original invoice, or the packing instructions for a bandsaw below.
  • Freight Shipment: When shipping industrial bandsaws or shipping multiple bandsaws at once, shipping on pallets is the best option. Be sure that you have the right pallet at hand and get your bandsaws moving.
  • Dedicated Van Delivery: One van dedicated to shipping your items directly without stops, that what Dedicated Van Delivery is all about. Are you relocating your warehouse or your tools? Get in touch with us at and we will inform you about the possibilities.
  • Individual offer: Some bandsaws are tailormade and do not qualify for conventional shipping. Get in touch with our logistics experts to get a matching quote for your bandsaw.

Packing instructions for when you ship a bandsaw overseas

Packing instructions for when you ship a bandsaw overseas

When you ship a bandsaw overseas, you want to be confident that your shipment is packed properly. With the right packing instructions for a bandsaw, your shipment is protected against any condition it may experience during transport. Use the packing instructions and materials below for safe transport. As for the materials, you can find them in hardware stores, stationery stores, and online packaging suppliers. You can also opt for used packing materials. Just make sure that they are not torn, ripped or damaged in any way and don’t forget to remove any old shipping labels from the box.

Tips before packing

  • Ship the bandsaw in the original box if possible and with the original receipt attached and take photos before packing.
  • You can add an extra print of the delivery address inside the box.
  • Before you start packing, disassemble the bandsaw completely.
  • Label or number the parts so that you can easily put the bandsaw back together. Making pictures of the disassembly process is also a good idea.
  • Depending on the value of your bandsaw, consider taking out additional insurance when shipping a bandsaw abroad.

Packing Materials

  • Pallet (when choosing for freight service)
  • Box for the bandsaw (make sure the box is big enough for the bandsaw and the cushioning material)
  • Bubble wrap or other protective foil
  • Ziploc bags for the parts
  • Marker to mark the parts
  • Cushioning material (Packing peanuts, shredded cardboard or paper)
  • Tape
  • Strapping foil

Packing instructions

When opting for freight service: Place the bandsaw (if possible) in a box with the instructions below. After placing everything on the pallet, use the strapping foil to place everything firmly together with the pallet.

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For Standard delivery, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. After disassembling all parts, you fill the bottom of the box with cushioning material and you place the bandsaw inside.
  2. Add cushioning material to the sides and on top of the bandsaw. In most cases, it is safest to ship the disassembled parts in an additional box. Read more about how to ship multiple packages in one order.
  3. Close the box and seal with tape. Make sure that no parts are sticking out and use the strapping foil for extra protection when using bandsaw shipment by courier.

Tips on how to cheaply ship a bandsaw

Below we will discuss some of the most important questions when it comes bandsaw shipment by courier.

  • How to ship a used bandsaw?
    • If possible use the original packaging and the original receipt for shipping. When you don’t have these things, use the packing instructions above and get a value assassination of your bandsaw and include it in your shipment.
  • What about customs clearance when shipping a bandsaw abroad?
  • How do I pay for shipping a bandsaw abroad?
    • When you book your bandsaw shipment through the Eurosender platform, you can choose from our convenient payment options.
  • Is my bandsaw insured when shipping with Eurosender?
    • All shipments arranged with the help of Eurosender are insured with our standard insurance. However, always check out the options for additional insurance.

Do you have any further questions on how to ship a bandsaw by courier or how to cheaply ship a bandsaw abroad? Contact our logistics experts for some free advice or detailed packing instructions for your bandsaw.