The right transport for your Voga furniture

Eurosender makes your life easier – including your furniture shopping! When buying new furniture from Voga, we organise the shipment from Voga’s warehouse directly to your home at the lowest rates. All you have to do is book the delivery service through our platform, and we will arrange all the details of the transportation for you.

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International furniture shipping for businesses

Save the time and effort of looking for multiple quotes and prices with different providers – simply book the service through our platform and let our system do the search for you. Make smarter shipping decisions and join other +40k SMEs that are already shipping with us.


How to ship furniture from Voga by courier

Choose the right method for shipping your furniture from Voga’s warehouse.

Standard shipping

Fast and easy. Book your shipment and have your voga furniture delivered to your door
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Pallet delivery

Cost-effective solution for bulky furniture. Convenient shipping for bigger loads of items
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Express shipping

Fast delivery for your Voga furniture: 24h within the same continent, 48-72h worldwide
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Individual offer

Tailored offer just for you. Contact our logistics experts and get a price quote in less than 2h
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What to know before shipping furniture from a Voga warehouse?

To have a safe and smooth delivery of your Voga furniture, follow these steps:

  • Get accurate details about the final dimensions and the weight of your parcel. Insert this information in our size checker below to discover the best shipping method for your shipment.
  • Have the reference number of your order from Voga (usually it is a number that starts with SH followed by a few digits, i.e. SH 23470).
  • Specify this reference number when filling in the order form in our platform. Please insert the reference number in the “name or surname” field, not in the notes.
  • Check the date when the furniture will be ready for dispatch before choosing a pick-up date. Please note that the pick-up date cannot be prior to the collection date stated in the email you receive from Voga.
  • Find out the complete Voga warehouse address – if you are not sure about the complete address and postcode, contact us and one of our experts will assist you.

Here is an example of how your pick-up address should look like:

How to choose the right shipping service for your Voga furniture?

Insert the weight and dimensions of your parcel, and our system will automatically select the most suitable shipping service for sending Voga furniture to your home.

Your furniture is insured!

Your items are insured when shipping Voga furniture with us. The included insurance has a different value depending on the service chosen. Additional insurance packages are available at low rates during the ordering process.


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FAQs about Shipping from Voga’s warehouse

Is it possible to hire furniture transport from Voga to Norway or Sweden?

Yes, with Eurosender’s international shipping solutions you can have your Voga furniture picked up from the warehouse and delivered to Norway, Sweden or any other country. All you need to do is follow the instructions on how to organise the pick-up and the courier will collect your furniture and deliver it to your door or pickup point.

Do I have to contact Voga in order to arrange my furniture delivery?

After you have the information about size of your parcel and the confirmation number, all you have to do is schedule your shipment through our platform and we will organise all the details for you.

What is the address of Voga in Ireland?

You will find the address of Voga’s warehouse in Ireland on their website. Please be aware that, when buying your furniture from Voga, the collection might take place in Voga’s warehouse or other address specified by the supplier.