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Thanks to its stunning and clean Scandinavian design as well as affordable prices, Voga has become a well-known brand in Europe. Many people from different parts of Europe choose Voga to buy new furniture for their house.

However, anyone who plans to purchase a new piece of furniture from this store should be well aware that to buy something on their website, you will need to arrange the shipping service yourself.

Check directly in our booking engine how much it will cost you to ship the furniture from Voga depot to your home.

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How to ship furniture from Voga

At Eurosender, we have organised the shipping of furniture from Voga warehouse to our customers’ homes, to any country in Europe. We are well acquainted with Voga’s procedures and requirements so we can arrange the collection of your furniture on a daily basis.

As we only hire the most reputable logistics companies to perform the service, you can rest assured that your brand new furniture will reach your home safely, anywhere in Europe.

There are certain things to consider when shipping furniture from Voga warehouse:

  • Get accurate details about the final dimensions and the weight of your parcel.
  • Make sure you have the reference number of your order with Voga – usually, you receive this number via email and it starts with SH, followed by a few digits (i.e. SH 23470).
  • When filling in the order form for Eurosender shipping services, you need to specify the reference number that you have received from Voga. Without it, the courier driver will not be able to collect your parcel from the Voga warehouse. Please insert the order number from Voga in the name or surname field (not in the notes, because the driver does not see the information in the notes section).
  • Check the date when the furniture will be ready to dispatch – the furniture probably won’t be available for collection immediately after you purchase it online. Therefore, before choosing a pick-up date, make sure your furniture is ready for dispatch. Please note, that the pick-up date can’t be prior to the collection date stated in the email you receive from Voga.
  • Check the Voga warehouse address – if you are not sure about the complete address and postcode, contact us and our team will assist you.
Here is an example of how your pick-up address should look like

DSV SH23470
Rowan Tree Road Naas Enterprise (Building 1)
W91 VE82, Naas

How to place an order for shipping from Voga’s warehouse in Ireland?

At Eurosender, we work with many international logistics companies and we are able to accommodate the shipping of different pieces of furniture, regardless of their size, weight, and shape. You can turn to our services to ship a couch, a mattress, chairs, tables, any outdoor pieces of furniture and many more items from Voga.

There are two ways to order the shipping of Voga furniture on Eurosender’s website:

  1. By booking the shipping service directly on our webpage – if you ship light items or furniture of small sizes, such as a small coffee table, a lamp, bookcases, small chairs, or if the furniture is disassembled and packed in small boxes, chances are that they are suitable for a standard shipping service. In this case, you can check the final price directly on our website and instantly book the shipping service by choosing the pick-up and delivery country, the number of parcels and their weight.
  1. By submitting a request for an individual offer – if you have shipments that weigh over 40 kg or are considered bulky, we will create a tailored offer for you. These large pieces are usually beds, mattresses and wardrobes. Our shipping experts will prepare a personalized offer and send you a price quote via email – typically within minutes. Submit the request for an individual offer and our experts will contact you right away.

Request an individual offer

When shipping furniture from Voga, consider buying additional insurance to better protect your items. Depending on the type of shipment, you can purchase extra insurance of up to 5000 EUR. The insurance applies in case of damages or lost items.

We advise checking if the parcel has arrived in good condition. If you notice signs of damages, it is important to file a report with the courier driver and send us an email with a few photos that will prove the damage. We will start a claim procedure on your behalf with the courier service provider.

How to choose the right shipping service for your Voga furniture

If you already know the dimensions of your parcel, we invite you to enter them in the calculator below and the system will automatically inform you about the suitable shipping service for sending Voga furniture to your home is.

Check the dimensions of your Voga furniture to determine the right shipping service

If you are still unsure about how to place an order for shipping services, contact us and our logistics experts will call you and tell you everything you need to know about the delivery of your Voga furniture.

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Have you bought furniture from Voga or you are planning to?

Avoid all the logistics troubles and leave the organisation of the transport service in the hands of a company that is already very familiar with shipping from Voga. At Eurosender, we have enough experience with it and an entire department for organising the delivery of your Voga furniture at your disposal. We would be happy to give you a hand!