Tips for Sending Apple Cider

With Apple cider no longer being a seasonal drink but being popular all year long, more and more people start sending apple cider to others. The reasons may vary from a birthday gift to a present for a business relationship or maybe you are even a small apple cider producer who needs to deliver his product. Whatever the reason, if you follow the rules about shipping apple cider and the instructions below, sending apple cider is not worrisome.

When you book your delivery on the Eurosender platform, you just place the order and we take care of the rest. So, if you want to know everything about sending apple cider and the rules about shipping apple cider, then take a look at the information below.

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Get informed on how to ship Apple Cider in a few simple steps.

Shipping with Eurosender is simple, quick and reliable. All you have to do is:

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack your items for shipping.

Make sure to place an order at least two days prior to the pick-up date and have someone at the address to give the package to the courier.

Check the dimensions and weight of your parcel in the shipment size checker below. If it is too big, too heavy or oddly shaped, ask for an individual offer.

Check which service to choose

How to safely ship apple cider with Eurosender

  • Make sure to check the dimensions and weight of your parcel with our free dimension calculator above to choose the right service. If your package doesn’t match the conditions for standard shipping, contact us and our team of experts will prepare an individual offer for you.
  • The label is essential for a successful delivery. Therefore you will receive an email from us regarding the label.
  • Make sure that there is someone present at the delivery address on the day of delivery.
  • All shipments with Eurosender are covered by our standard insurance. However, that doesn’t apply to apple cider as it is a liquid and liquids are always shipped on your own responsibility.

Why shipping with Eurosender?

  • We offer Customer support in 15 languages. You can reach us by mail or phone.
  • Our platform combines the capabilities of various courier providers.
  • We provide you with proof of delivery if needed.

Materials needed for sending apple cider

Keep in mind that shipping liquids is not recommended by most courier service providers as they are associated with a high risk of leakages or spoilage. So, when shipping apple cider, or any other alcohol, be aware that you always do this on your own risk. However, when you use the right packaging materials and pack your apple cider in the appropriate way, you can prevent damage and be sure that your package is transported safely. Also be sure to check out our page on prohibited and restricted items.

The following materials are necessary:

  1. Three cardboard boxes going from small to big. Cardboard boxes are available at most stationary or hardware shops. When you worry about your carbon footprint, then make sure that you go for second-hand boxes. You can usually get them for free at your local supermarket, these work just as well. However, you must check that they are firm and undamaged so that they can carry the weight of your apple cider.
  2. Cardboard carton for additional safety. Unlike for example wine bottles, Apple cider bottles often come in different sizes. Most frequently they range from 0,25 to 1,5 liter. Therefore, when you have more than 1 bottle, it is extremely important that you don’t forget to separate them when starting to pack. This is essential as you want to prevent friction between the bottles. You will use it to prevent friction between bottles or to prevent them from crashing into another during transit.
  3. Cushioning and wrapping materials. You can use a wide range of cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, paper, polystyrene, packaging peanuts and others. You can find most of these materials at any stationery or hardware store.
  4. Plastic bags for extra protection when sending apple cider. This will avoid spilling the cider to other packages in case a bottle breaks. Ziplock bags are a good choice.
  5. Adhesive tape and rubber band for securing wrapping materials and sealing the boxes.
  6. Scissors for cutting the materials.

Tips for packing apple cider

With the packaging plan below on how to package apple cider, you can prevent it from damage or that your package damages other packages surrounding it.

Take the following steps to safely pack apple cider for transport:

  1. Wrap the bottle(s) Put each bottle in a plastic bag for extra protection, preferably a Ziploc bag. Wrap each bottle individually to protect them during transport and handling. Use bubble wrap (or other protective material as for example paper or carton), which protects the shipment against bumps. Use adhesive tape to strap around the bottles after you pack them with bubble wrap so that nothing can escape.
  2. Put the bottle(s) in the smallest box. Separate the bottles with cardboard if you have more than one. Fill up the box with packaging peanuts or any of the other cushioning materials listed above. Just as with the previous step, close the box and seal it with tape so that nothing can come out. At this stage, it is also a good idea to shake the box a little to see if there is still something moving inside.
  3. Put the smallest box into the medium-sized box. Once more, fill up the box with cushioning materials, close it and seal it with adhesive tape.
  4. Protect the middle box. Use bubble wrap sheets and cover the cardboard box with it. This provides you with an additional layer of protection which is needed when making an apple cider delivery by courier. Make sure that you the sheets of bubble wrap are taped on the box so that they don’t lose their function.
  5. Put everything into the biggest box. Repeat the same procedure as before: fill the box with cushioning materials and close the box. At this point, you can shake the box one more time to see whether something is moving or if you hear any unusual sounds. If not, go to the next step.
  6. Seal and label(if needed) the box. Close the box and seal all the flaps and edges with adhesive tape. Use enough tape as it also acts as additional security of the box. Print the label and attach it, if needed. (Pay special attention when shipping from Poland, Sweden or Poland)

You can also add warnings like “Fragile” or “Handle with care” on the top of your apple cider packaging. Even though this might increase the chances that the package will be handled with care, bear in mind that the courier is not obliged to take this warning into consideration when handling your shipment.

Reasons for shipping apple cider around the world

Apple cider is slowly growing in popularity and many see it as a healthier alternative to beer because it is gluten-free. Also, people often make their own homemade cider. So if you are thinking about how to safely ship apple cider with Eurosender you can contact us now. If you want to send other kinds of alcohol, check out our articles about beer, wine, or alcohol in general. When you want to send another type of gift, check out our dedicated pages on a wide variety of items.

If we have not answered all of your questions regarding the shipping, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call or write an e-mail. We’ll get back to you with all the information you need for easy and pleasant shipping.


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Shipping alcohol in Europe

In the shipping world liquids are considered as dangerous goods, which means that if such packages are not handled with care, they can cause harm in transit. When it comes to alcohol shipping in Europe, most courier companies do not allow the transport of alcoholic beverages. However, there are still some companies that allow shipping alcohol under specific circumstances.

Pay attention that there is a big difference between traveling with alcohol in Europe and shipping alcohol in Europe via a courier company.

There are two factors that shippers should take into consideration when deciding whether they can ship alcohol or not:

  1. The restrictions and prohibitions of each courier company.
  2. The import restrictions and prohibitions of the country they send alcohol to.

At the same time, each European country has its own rules and regulations regarding alcohol shipping. Each country’s import regulations are set by the local government and they are binding by law. We would, therefore, recommend you to search for the rules that apply in the pick-up and delivery countries of your shipment. To give an example, in general, any kind of alcohol cannot be shipped to Great Britain and Ireland.

At this point, we should clarify that, although alcohol shipping is not recommended, many people ship bottles of beer, wine, champagne, whiskey, sake, rum, Bourbon, and other alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. Being informed about each country’s import rules and learn how to pack parcels containing liquids is essential before sending alcohol in Europe.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping alcohol. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship alcohol, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.