Shipping Japanese Sake - Locally or Overseas

How to import and export Japanese Sake

Sake, or Japanese rice wine, is a popular Japanese drink enjoyed warm or cold by people all over the world. When travelling, tourists often look for ways to ship Sake from Japan as gifts for family and friends back home. But what are the restrictions on shipping Japanese sake by courier services and how is it possible to import or export Japanese sake when it comes to customs regulations? Find out everything you need to know about preparing Japanese sake for delivery and packaging Japanese sake for shipping overseas and get your load moving faster – with Eurosender.

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Shipping Japanese Sake and other specialty wines

Whether you’re a purveyor, supplier or manufacturer of Japanese Sake, Habu Sake and other types of specialty liquor, discover how your business can benefit from your own digitized logistics department by registering for free. Take advantage of faster booking, exclusive prices and convenient payment options which will not only save you time, but also money. Get the best advice from our logistics experts for low-cost shipping to almost any destination worldwide and get your load moving faster.


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How to package Japanese Sake for shipping

When packaging Japanese Sake for shipping, you will need at least 2 boxes of different sizes. Follow these easy instructions when preparing Japanese Sake for a hassle-free delivery:

  1. Protect the lid by covering it with a few layers of tape to prevent leaking and ensure the bottle is completely sealed.
  2. Wrap the bottle with several layers of bubble wrap, to endure any bumps or shocks during transport.
  3. Wrap the bottle in a layer of cardboard for additional protection and seal with tape.
  4. Place the bottle into the smallest box and fill any additional space with packing peanuts and seal. Repeat with the remaining boxes, filling any extra space to prevent movement.
  5. Seal the box with strong tape, and reinforce the sides and corners for added protection.

Preparing Japanese Sake for bulk delivery

If you are shipping more than one bottle of Japanese sake overseas or locally, follow the instructions above, and pack each box into a larger cardboard box. Make sure to fill any additional space with packing peanuts to prevent movement during transport.

If you are preparing Japanese Sake for bulk delivery, packing each box onto a pallet for shipping is the best solution. For guidelines on preparing a pallet for shipping, see our dedicated page.

Restrictions on shipping Japanese Sake – for individuals

Shipping alcohol between individuals, including Sake from Japan, is prohibited in most countries, though people do still send Sake by courier as gifts from time to time. When choosing to send Sake by courier or mail, individuals do so at their own risk, as insurance will not apply.

Restrictions on shipping Japanese Sake – for businesses

Alcoholic beverages such as Sake and other wines should only be shipped through authorised logistics providers. As each country has its own regulations on shipping alcohol, we recommend checking these carefully before deciding to send Japanese Sake overseas.

How to import Japanese Sake – as a business?

Businesses wishing to import Japanese Sake into Europe to distribute to customers must first obtain the correct licenses to import alcohol into the European Union. You can find out more information about trade licenses and importing into the EU, on the official European trade website. If you’re a business and you are unsure of the best way to ship your imported Sake, contact our team who can talk you through the process and answer all of your questions.


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Frequently asked questions about sending Japanese Sake overseas and locally

Is it possible to ship Sake by courier or mail to a friend as a gift?

Even though it is forbidden to ship as an individual, people do often ship one or two bottles of Sake by courier and other alcoholic beverages through mail services, either as gifts or along with other personal belongings. If you do decide to ship Japanese Sake overseas or locally as a gift, please keep in mind that you do at your own risk. Insurance will not apply when sending Sake by courier, and no reimbursement is guaranteed if the parcel is damaged or returned.

Is it legal to ship Sake from Japan to Europe?
For businesses: Suppliers and retailers who wish to import alcoholic drinks like shipping Sake from Japan must first obtain the correct license to send Sake by courier legally.
For individuals: It is prohibited to ship Sake from Japan to Europe as an individual.
Is insurance included when shipping Japanese Sake overseas?
For individuals: Shipments of alcohol or any other dangerous goods are not covered by insurance, so shippers do so at their own risk.
For businesses: Shipping Japanese Sake overseas with our freight services, you are covered by CMR insurance. Additional insurance is available for purchase if needed.
What is Habu Sake, and is it possible to import it to Europe?
Habu Sake, or Snake wine, is a popular souvenir which can be found in many parts of Asia, including Japan. It differs from normal spirits and wines, as it usually contains a dead snake floating in liquid.
Under certain conditions, it may be possible to bring it back as souvenirs, however, you should always declare it when going through customs.
If you wish to ship it instead, bear in mind that it is also forbidden to ship animal trophies (including dead snakes) by courier services, as well as alcohol being a restricted item when shipping by courier.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping sake. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship sake, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.