How to Ship Beehives Internationally?

Send beehives and beekeeping equipment by courier

Are you a honey farmer looking for the best way to ship a beehive across the country or abroad? Or a beekeeping equipment reseller willing to find a reliable logistics partner for your national and international deliveries? Check our tips on beehive packaging, find answers to your most common questions. Get the right transportation service within a few clicks. send beehives and beekeeping equipment by courier via the Eurosender shipping platform.

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How to pack beehives and beekeeping equipment for shipping?

Follow these simple steps for packing and sending beehives and beekeeping equipment by courier:

  1. Split the parts – detach the beehive frame.
  2. Wrap each part individually in bubble wrap.
  3. Pack your beehive equipment in plastic bags or use bubble wrap to protect the items.
  1. Prepare a cardboard box and fill the bottom with cushioning materials, such as packing peanuts and crumpled paper.
  2. Place the frames and the equipment in the box. Fill empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  3. Close the box and seal it with adhesive tape.


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FAQs on shipping beehives internationally

Can you send live bees by post?

Yes, but you can only do so at your own risk. Keep in mind that there are restrictions regarding such shipments. It is crucial to choose the proper packaging to protect the bees, the postal operator’s staff, and the recipient from harm. The items must be labelled as follows: ‘URGENT – LIVING CREATURES – HANDLE WITH CARE’. Make sure to indicate the sender’s and the receiver’s names and addresses clearly on the outer packaging.

When to move beehives to another location? How do you relocate a wild beehive?

If you are planning to move a beehive to another location, we recommend doing it in winter. During cold weather, the bees stay inside the basket and will not fly out of the hive. You can also do it at dusk when all the bees are in the colony.

Block the entrance. In some cases you will need to disassemble the beehive to relocate it, while smaller hives can be placed in an empty box and relocated in the back of a pickup truck.

How far can I transport the beehive basket?

Bees remember location quite well. Therefore, if you are planning to transport the beehives a short distance, you should keep in mind that bees will normally adjust if the relocation distance is either several feet (less than one meter) or more than 5 km. If you move the beehive several meters, it might cause problems for older bees, as they may keep returning to the place where their beehive used to be and may end up clumping up on the ground.

Would I need special beehive moving equipment for transporting beehives to another location?

You will first need the specially designed apparel before preparing the basket for transport. Here is a list of several other things you need to keep in mind when transporting beehives to another location:

  • You will need to block the entrance so that the bees stay inside. To do so, you can use a piece of wood. There should be no holes in it.
  • Check for cracks on the box.
  • Secure the cover boards and add buckle straps.
What should I pay attention to when buying second-hand beekeeping equipment?

The equipment must be cleaned and sterilised to ensure that the factors that could cause the spread of bee diseases have been neutralised.

Is there any insurance for sending beehives and beekeeping equipment by courier?

With Eurosender, all your risks will be covered. The amount of standard insurance depends on the type of logistics service selected for shipping beehives internationally or across the country. You may also choose an additional insurance formula with higher coverage. Make sure to keep the original invoice to be able to prove your items’ value.