Send a Christmas tree to another town or internationally by courier

As Christmas frenzy period is approaching, we are already thinking about X-mas cards and gifts that we have to buy for our family and friends, about Christmas decoration for our home, about work and private end-of-the-year dinner and gatherings, and many other Christmas related things. Last but not least, we are also considering what Christmas tree shall we have this time. The old artificial one from the attic or shall we finally buy a new real Christmas tree online? If you opt for the second option, organize your new potted Christmas tree delivery directly from a cosy warm couch instead of wandering around busy stores and jam with all other people. Stay with us to learn more on how to send a Christmas tree to another town or internationally by courier. Eurosender is the right place to book a service to ship your new Christmas tree domestically or internationally to the desired location.

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How to send a Christmas tree by courier via Eurosender?

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack Christmas tress for shipping.


Before you ship a Christmas tree abroad or just to another city

December is one of the busiest months for courier companies. With every year, they deliver more and more shipments around the world. Try to think ahead and place your order in advance to make sure that your real, live and potted or even already decorated Christmas tree will be delivered on time; most probably you would like to have it delivered before the X-mas holidays begin.

Depending on the length of the X-mas tree you would like to transport, we offer you different courier services. If the parcel will not exceed 175 cm in length and will not weight more than 40kg (30kg on some routes), we offer you our standard, safe and fast transport service of a Christmas tree either abroad or within your country of living. If your parcel surpasses the mentioned proportions, we recommend you to place your order as an individual offer.

To make it easier for you to decide which service you shall choose as a low-cost transport service of a Christmas tree shipped to another city, internationally or even overseas, insert the dimensions and the weight of your finally packed parcel in the shipment size checker below. Depending on what you insert, the tool will let you know which service is best for you.


If you already have any questions about how can you get your real, live and potted or even already decorated Christmas tree delivered, you are most welcome to contact our friendly customer support team. They will explain to you all about low-cost transport services of Christmas trees either within the same country either abroad or also overseas.

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Packaging materials for Christmas tree delivery

  • A sturdy cardboard box – (original if you still have it) to pack the X-mas tree inside.
  • Net, fabric, carpet or bubble wrap – to wrap the tree trunk in.
  • Ropes – to fix the already packed X-mas tree.
  • Cushioning materials – such as packaging peanuts or old newspapers for internal cushioning of the box.
  • Adhesive tapes and scissors – for sealing the box.


Packaging procedure before you send a Christmas tree by courier service

If you buy a live Christmas tree and would like it to be delivered to your family or friends not living in the same city or even in another country, make sure you wrap and pack it thoroughly for its safe transport.

1.To start with, shake it well to get rid of loose needles.

2. Wrap the Christmas tree trunk into a net, a blanket, a carpet, bubble wrap or similar material and make sure that the branches will be tightly bundled. Fix the trunk part with ropes for additional security so it won’t move during transport.

3. In case you are arranging a potted Christmas tree delivery, water it to be properly hydrated while in transit. Cover the pot with bubble wrap or cardboard pieces and secure it properly, so no soil will get out.

4. Put so packed X-mas tree into the cardboard box and add cushioning materials all around it. Make sure that it will not move inside.

5. Close the box and seal it well with adhesive tape.

6. You can add a note “Fragile” or “Handle with care” but bear in mind the couriers are not obliged to take it into consideration.

Will my parcel be insured if I ship a Christmas tree internationally or domestically?

If you decide to ship a real Christmas tree internationally or even just to another town, take into consideration that it belongs among plants, which are among items not covered by shipping insurance. However, if you send a plastic X-mas tree via our standard shipping service the free insurance up to 200€ is already included in the prize of the service. If your plastic X-mas tree will be shipped as an individual offer, it will be covered by the CMR convention.


Experts’ advice: How can you make your live Christmas tree to last longer?

Your live Christmas tree is a giant plant, which needs enough water, especially after you got it delivered by courier service or have transported it home from the market where it had most probably been standing for sale for days or weeks. Make sure your X-mas tree is moist otherwise the needles will start drying soon. To make it last longer, use plain water. Regularly check its stand as they are usually rather small and can hold only a limited amount of water.

Additional hint: choose a good and appropriate location. Try to move your potted Christmas tree away from direct heating or a strong sunlit position.


What are some best real Christmas trees you can have delivered at home this year?
  • Douglas fir
  • Fraser fir
  • Noble fir
  • Lodgepole pine
  • Scots pine
  • Swiss pine
  • Blue spruce
  • Norway spruce
  • Serbian spruce


Now that you know how to send a Christmas tree to another town or internationally by courier, you can also think of presents you want to put underneath on the Christmas morning for your family and friends. If you have some doubts let Eurosender give you some ideas:


If you still have any questions about how to send a Christmas tree to another town or internationally by courier or anything else related to Christmas delivery do not hesitate to contact us and our logistics specialists will gladly assist you.


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Take into consideration these guidelines when you ship a Christmas tree abroad or just to another city. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your Christmas delivery package without restriction. In case you decide to ship a Christmas tree internationally or domestically, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.