Ship ice and rock climbing gear abroad or across the country

If you are planning to reach the summit of the Alps, the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Appalachians, the Carpathians, or any other mountains, you surely need an impressive set of climbing gear. At Eurosender, we can help you ship mountaineering equipment to a national park or your vacation spot at the lowest rates on the market. Learn how to pack and ship ice and rock climbing gear abroad and across the country safely and cost-effectively!

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Send climbing gear internationally with Eurosender

Express shipping

The fastest option for equipment delivery: 24h intracontinental, 48-72h worldwide. Do not make your clients wait
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Standard service

Get the most affordable rates for shipping rock climbing gear abroad and across the country in small parcels
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Pallet delivery

An ideal solution for sending big amounts of climbing gear internationally to storage facilities and resellers
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Packaging tips for climbing equipment transportation

  1. Prepare your climbing backpack.
  2. Wrap all your climbing gear separately in bubble wrap.
  3. Protect sharp edges with cardboard scraps before shipping mountaineering equipment to a national park or your vacation spot.
  4. Take a cardboard box and fill the bottom with crumpled paper.
  5. Place each item, including the backpack, in the box.
  6. Fill all empty spaces with padding materials.
  7. Close the box and seal it with adhesive tape.

What equipment do you need for climbing Mount Everest?

Here is the recommended list of climbing equipment for conquering high mountains:

  1. Backpack.
  2. Sleeping bag.
  3. Hiking boots, multiple warm layers of clothing, hat, hand gloves.
  4. Glacier glasses, ski goggles, helmet, face mask.
  5. Water bottles, snacks, toiletteries.
  6. First aid kit and painkillers.
  7. Alpine climbing harness fitting your size.
  8. Locking and stationary carabiners, right and left ascenders, rope, crampons, trekking poles, ice axe.
  9. Head lamp.


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FAQs on shipping rock climbing gear across the country and abroad

Can I bring climbing gear on a plane? Can I take a climbing axe on board?

Most types of climbing gear are allowed in carry-on luggage. Any sharp or large objects, including a climbing axe, should be transported as checked baggage.

If your climbing gear exceeds the airline company’s baggage allowance, you will be charged an extra fee for excess luggage. In such cases, sending climbing gear internationally through the Eurosender low-cost shipping platform may be a viable alternative. Check our budget-friendly prices for shipping climbing equipment overseas!

How can I ship mountaineering equipment to a national park?

Through the Eurosender platform, you can order door-to-door luggage and climbing equipment delivery by courier directly to your hotel, hostel or any other facility located near your vacation spot. Check our dedicated page to get more insights and useful tips on how to ship rock climbing gear when travelling abroad. Shipping climbing gear is a perfect alternative to taking it on a plane.

Are there any insurance options for sending climbing gear internationally?

When shipping mountaineering equipment to a national park or to any other destination with Eurosender, your risks will be covered. Depending on the transportation method, you will be offered a standard insurance formula or several additional coverage options.

What is the fastest service for sending ice and rock climbing gear internationally?

At Eurosender, we recommend opting for the Express service for any time-critical shipments. With this service, you will benefit from speedy door-to-door climbing equipment delivery. Within the same continent, your ice and rock climbing gear will be delivered in 24h, and your global shipments will reach their destination in 48h (72h for remote locations).