The cheapest way to send ice or rock climbing equipment by courier

You are fond of mountaineering and you plan to take a long trip to conquer new peaks or just to have fun enjoying your favourite pastime? If you are searching for a reliable transport services provider to arrange the delivery of your ice climbing or rock climbing gear to the desired destination (be it somewhere in the Alps or in the Himalayas, for example)? Eurosender is at your service! We will help you to send your ice or rock climbing equipment by courier to a chosen address at the cheapest price. In case of need, we can even prepare for you a personalised offer to specify your specific requests. All you will need to do to arrange the delivery of your ice climbing or rock climbing gear is to book the relevant transport services on our website (using the booking tool here below) and to pack your ice or rock climbing gear properly (see the packing tips below). Eurosender will take care of the rest! Should you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone.

Ship rock or ice climbing gear abroad or domestically

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Choose the country of pickup and delivery in the booking engine. Then indicate the number of packages and their weight. You can also request a personalized offer.

Our system will propose an optimal offer and will show you the best final price.

Fill in the form by entering the required data and make a payment for the service.

Learn how to pack your items to prepare them for transportation.

It is as simple as that! Following these steps, you will be offered the cheapest way to ship your rock or ice climbing gear (whether it is abroad or domestically) with one of the most reliable logistics companies.

When you want to transport rock/ice climbing gear for a group of people, it may be more convenient to opt for pallet delivery. It is also a great option when you want to ship a tent or other large items. Another thing that might be convenient for you, in this case, is sending multiple packages in one order.

If you need to send irregular shaped items or if you prepare a large shipment, do not hesitate to contact our logistics experts. They will prepare for you a tailor-made individual offer.

In case you have any questions or want to receive more details on how to transport your rock or ice climbing equipment by a shipping company in the best possible way and at the cheapest price, feel free to contact us!

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Some points to consider before sending your ice or rock climbing equipment by courier

  • Before you proceed to arrange the delivery of your ice climbing or rock climbing gear to the desired destination, we advise you to pack it properly (see our packaging instructions below on the page) and then measure the dimensions and the weight of your packaged equipment. After this, enter the data into the shipping size checker below to find out which shipping service will be most convenient for you.
  • This way, the system will propose you the best way to ship your rock or ice climbing gear (whether it is abroad or domestically). At Eurosender, several options are available for your shipment:
    • Standard shipping (weight up to 40 kg (or up to 30 kg on some routes) and longest side up to 175 cm).
    • Pallet delivery: if you need to send a bigger volume of ice/rock climbing equipment, pallet delivery would be a very good option for you. You can easily pack your pallet, place an order online and Eurosender will take care of the rest.
    • Individual offer: if you have some specific needs for sending your ice/rock climbing equipment to your travel destination, we can prepare for you a personalised offer.
  • In most countries, the delivery company will print and stick the label on your package. Yet sometimes you have to do it yourself, but do not worry, we’ll let you know if you need to.
  • If necessary, you can check what time will the delivery of your parcel take. For this, please use our estimated delivery time tool.
  • In case you are about to leave your chosen pick-up address for any reason, we strongly recommend that you select a collection date that is 2 days prior to your departure to avoid any problems. Alternatively, another person can hand over your ice/rock climbing gear to the courier driver on your behalf.

Check what service will be the best for you

Packaging materials needed to prepare your shipment

  • Backpack. It must be big enough for everything you need to take with you.
  • Cardboard box. To protect your backpack when you send it abroad.
  • Protective material. You can use a bubble wrap, for example.
  • Padding material. Packing peanuts or other padding material such as old newspapers or shredded paper; it will help you fill in the empty spaces inside the box.
  • Adhesive tape to seal and secure additionally the cardboard box.

How to pack your rock or ice climbing backpack and other climbing gear properly?

We are often asked: how to pack a climbing backpack and other ice/rock climbing gear properly before shipping it? With the instructions below, you can be sure to ship your mountain gear in a safe manner.

  1. First of all, you need to choose the right backpack. Depending on the duration of the trip and the planned activities, you will probably need to pack various equipment. Look for a backpack large enough to hold all your necessary belongings.
  2. After choosing the backpack, make a list and organise your equipment. Before packing, try sorting your gear and placing heavier items at the bottom and in the centre of your backpack. Remember that everything you would need most often needs to be easily accessible. So, place it in the upper part of the bag and not at the bottom.
  3. Avoid having empty spaces in the backpack and use outside pockets, for example for your first aid kit or energy bars.
  4. Some backpacks offer extra space for a rope, but you can also attach other equipment, such as your helmet or a pair of spare boots, to the outside of your backpack. Also, be sure to bring these items with you when you plan to ship your rock or ice climbing gear abroad or domestically via Eurosender.
  5. If, after having prepared your backpack, you have some items left that you want to ship along with your already packed equipment, you need to bubble wrap each such item separately to ensure their protection during transportation.
  6. Take a cardboard box and cover the bottom of the box with enough padding material (packing peanuts, crumpled paper, etc.). Place your backpack and other bubble-wrapped items (if any) inside the box and fill in all the empty spaces in the box with additional padding materials.
  7. Seal and secure your package. Seal the box and secure each side of it with enough of adhesive tape.

Some of the reasons to ship your ice/rock equipment with Eurosender?

  • If you are going ice or rock climbing somewhere and you plan to get there by plane, you can entrust Eurosender with transporting your equipment to the desired destination. This may save you money, as airlines often levy some quite substantial extra fees for transporting additional or overweight luggage.
  • If you are a member of some scientific expedition and you need to deliver your ice/rock climbing equipment to a place of the expedition’s current location, Eurosender will help you to safely ship all your equipment to a chosen destination.
  • In any case, if you need help transporting your equipment to any destination, we are at your service! We will eliminate the need for you to carry your heavy equipment yourself. Instead, you will be able to travel comfortably, knowing that your equipment will be quickly and easily delivered to where you want.

Transport insurance

Eurosender offers you free insurance coverage up to 200 EUR for each parcel you transport with us. But as your ice/rock climbing gear is probably of greater value, we recommend you to purchase additional insurance at a very reasonable price. If you need advice on this matter, you can discuss it with our logistics specialists before you decide whether to buy the additional insurance or not.

Other items that you might wish to ship via Eurosender

If you plan to send ice climbing or rock equipment by courier, maybe you would also be interested in shipping the following items with Eurosender:

Are you still wondering how to pack your rock/ice climbing gear properly before shipping it by courier? Do you have any additional questions on how to best transport your rock/ ice climbing equipment by a shipping company? You can just contact our customer support team. Our specialists will be glad to help you and answer your questions.

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