The best way to send laminate flooring abroad

Parquet, laminate, matting rolls, and tiles are among the most popular flooring materials used in commercial spaces and private dwellings. Usually, large quantities of flooring materials are stored in warehouses, so shipping rubber matting rolls, parquet flooring, gym flooring, and tiles becomes inevitable. Either you need to ship rubber gym flooring abroad or send flooring supplies in bulk, Eurosender can help you by providing a variety of logistics solutions. Undoubtedly, you will also get a reasonable cost to ship parquet flooring, gym flooring, tiles, rubber matting rolls, and other flooring materials. Besides, you will get some useful pieces of advice concerning packaging for flooring materials.

Cost to ship parquet flooring, laminate, gym flooring, rubber matting rolls, and tiles

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Shipping rubber matting rolls, parquet, laminate, and other types of flooring materials in bulk might require customized logistics solutions to guarantee fast and safe delivery. We at Eurosender will accommodate shipping services according to your needs and provide an affordable cost to ship parquet flooring, laminate, gym flooring, and tiles. Before you make a request to send laminate flooring abroad, you should plan everything properly beforehand.

  • Measure your shipment. Check whether your shipment fits standard courier services with the help of Shipment Size Checker. Just insert the dimensions and weight of your shipment there. Nonetheless, we recommend using a pallet for shipping rubber matting rolls, parquet, laminate, and other types of flooring materials regardless of the quantity to assure safe transportation.
  • Customize your order. In case your shipment is over 30 kg in weight and/or its length exceeds 175 cm, then we will prepare an individual offer that will correspond to your particular needs and requirements for flooring materials transportation. In this case, all you have to do is to fill a form by providing all the required shipment details.
  • Consider extra insurance coverage for your shipment. In general, basic insurance is automatically included in the price of your order. For non-standard shipments and freight, you can select the most appropriate insurance package or arrange that during communication with our logistics experts.

Do you have any questions on how to ship rubber gym flooring abroad or send other types of flooring materials with logistics service providers? Feel free to consult with our professionals.

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Things you need to pack flooring materials

Before shipping rubber matting rolls, parquet, laminate, and other types of flooring materials, you need to prepare them properly for transportation. This is essential to grant security during transit because the appropriate packaging mitigates the risk of damage. There is a list of packaging materials that would help you to protect your shipment.

  • Cardboard boxes – you can put your items inside them.
  • Cardboard scrap – the pieces of cardboard scrap would be helpful to create an additional layer of protection on the pallet and cover sharp edges.
  • Adhesive tape – for securing various elements and packaging materials.
  • Pallets – you will need one pallet or even several pallets depending on the volume of your shipment. You can find new or used ones in local grocery stores or supermarkets.
  • Strong plastic bands – for strapping the packages and items to the pallet.
  • Plastic foil – it will help you to secure your shipment to the pallet.

How to prepare flooring materials for transportation

Manufacturers of flooring materials usually provide the primary packaging. However, if you need to ship old laminate or parquet flooring, you will have to pack it on your own. Follow the instructions below to safely prepare flooring materials for transportation.

  • Prepare cardboard boxes. Make sure that the boxes do not have any holes or tears. If any of them are detected in a used box, then it is better to put it aside and take a new one.
  • Take a pallet. Make sure that each pallet you take or purchase is sturdy enough. It should handle the weight of the freight you plan to dispatch.
  • Pack your flooring materials. If you want to send laminate flooring abroad or ship rubber gym flooring, it is better to pack it in the cardboard boxes as those flooring materials are usually sold in the form of rolls. In case you need to ship parquet board or flooring tiles, it is also recommended to place them inside cardboard boxes first.
  • Put your items on the pallet. Put the heavier items on the bottom of the pallet and the lighter ones on the top. Stack the cardboard boxes tightly together without leaving space between them. If you keep flooring materials in their original packaging, try to locate them in equal rows and columns on the pallet. Overall, make sure that the pallet with freight is stable.
  • Wrap a pallet. After you put all your items or boxes in equal columns on the pallet, you need to protect them properly. Use plastic foil to entirely cover a pallet with flooring materials. Afterwards, strap the shipment to the pallet with bands by wrapping them tightly around the load in every possible direction and in several layers.

If you want to ship other materials for house construction or repairs, check our dedicated articles on how to pack and ship bricks and tiles.

Shipping rubber matting rolls, parquet, laminate, and tiles with Eurosender

We acknowledge how important it is to guarantee reliable shipping services and affordable logistics solutions for our consumers. Eurosender is striving to accommodate your shipping needs to provide high-quality and secure transportation for your flooring materials. Those customers who have already experienced fruitful cooperation with us admit a range of benefits they get when using the Eurosender service platform.

  • Reasonable prices. Eurosender collaborates with renowned global logistics companies as well as trusted local carriers to provide an affordable cost to ship parquet flooring, gym flooring, rubber matting rolls, and tiles internationally.
  • A variety of shipping solutions. As we partner with Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker, DHL, and other trustful companies, such services as air cargo shipping and sea freight transportation are available for consumers who need to ship rubber gym flooring abroad or overseas. Furthermore, there are other shipping solutions such as FTL and LTL which imply dedicated van delivery services in Europe.
  • Shipment tracking. Once your order is confirmed, you will get an e-mail with all the details, including a tracking number. You can use our online tracking engine to check the current status and location of your shipment.
  • Full support. In case you need assistance or have some questions about our services, you can always contact our support team.

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