Ship Food Supplements and Vitamins Internationally

Can you ship food supplements and vitamins internationally


The best dietary supplements for your needs may not be available in local health stores or pharmacies. Read more about how to ship food or bodybuilding supplements internationally. Check the rules and regulations for sending shipments of food supplements, vitamins or protein powder products overseas in the mail or by courier. Consult our logistics specialists if you cannot find the information you need for shipping food supplements internationally.


Shipping food supplements internationally via courier

Solutions to consider for sending supplements overseas depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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How to pack food supplements for shipping

Follow these packaging guidelines to send supplements and vitamins safely overseas:

  • Pack the supplements in their original packaging if possible. Alternatively, pack them in a container that matches their size.
  • Add extra protection by covering the package with layers of bubble wrap. Make sure every side and corner is covered.
  • Put the package inside a cardboard box and fill the voids with cushioning materials.
  • Close and seal the cardboard box with adhesive tape.


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Regulations regarding shipping food supplements worldwide


Licensed companies can ship larger quantities of authorised supplements as long as the documents and certificates required by the destination country are provided. Vitamins, minerals, bodybuilding and dietary products imported to the EU must comply with the regulations on food supplements. Make sure that any additives in the supplements (especially colourants, sweeteners and preservatives) are not restricted or prohibited.


Individuals can ship food supplements internationally provided that these products are sent for personal use with no commercial intent and contain no restricted or prohibited additives in the pick-up and delivery countries.


FAQ about shipping food supplements internationally

Is it legal to mail vitamins internationally?
Yes, you can legally mail most vitamins internationally. There are no restrictions regarding vitamins and minerals sent for personal use, as long as they do not contain any restricted or prohibited additives. We advise checking the rules of both countries in advance before booking your shipment, especially if you are mailing vitamins to countries such as the US or China.
Can I send protein powder in the mail or ship it overseas?
You can send protein powder in most cases but it always depends on the product composition. It may happen that one of the ingredients is legal in one country but illegal in another, although this is not very likely. Make sure that all the ingredients comply with food safety regulations of the pick-up and destination country.
Can I ship supplements to the UK after Brexit?
For businesses: Although shipping after Brexit is now more complicated than before, it is still possible for companies to ship supplements to the UK from the US, Europe or elsewhere. All shipments to and from the UK are now subject to customs controls. This means that you will have to pay VAT charges and duties, aside from preparing all the required documentation for the customs authorities. If you plan to import supplements to the UK, you will be legally responsible for all aspects of the products such as safety, composition and labelling.
For individuals: Food supplements and vitamins are included in the restricted and prohibited items list of most courier companies. If you decide to ship food supplements in a package, bear in mind that every shipment sent to the UK will pass through customs and if any prohibited item is discovered, the package may be returned to the sender instead of being delivered to the recipient.
Is there any insurance for shipping food supplements by post or courier?
Almost every service booked on the Eurosender platform is covered by basic insurance, which is already included in the price. If you are shipping food supplements internationally as an individual, make sure that the products do not contain additives that are prohibited in the pick-up or delivery countries, as you will not be entitled to compensation in the unlikely event of loss or damage.
Licensed companies shipping food and bodybuilding supplements internationally via freight transport services benefit from CMR insurance coverage.
How do I ship allergy serum?
Allergy serums and vials should always be kept refrigerated. They can be kept at room temperature for only about 6 hours. If you want to ship allergy serums to another city or country, make sure they are properly packed with cold packs because most couriers do not offer temperature-controlled shipping solutions for sending packages.

Check the cost for shipping food supplements worldwide

Take these guidelines into consideration when sending food supplements locally or internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. If you decide to send food supplements abroad in the mail or by courier, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.