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Having trouble finding the right courier service for shipping fragile or breakable items? Book the service with us and our system will select the best courier for your shipping needs. Benefit from our experience in the field and read our tips on how to safely pack fragile items for shipping.

International shipping for fragile goods for businesses

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How to ship fragile items?

Choose the delivery service that best suits your needs when shipping fragile or breakable goods overseas.

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective solution for shipping items that fit into the dimensions limit

Pallet delivery

Freight shipment is ideal for transporting or moving larger fragile items

Dedicated van delivery

Most secure transportation for fragile items as you will not share the space of the van

Individual offer

Custom-made offer organised just for your load. Get a quote in less than 2h

What to know before shipping fragile items?

The last thing your company needs is to have broken or damaged items delivered to your clients. Follow these steps to make sure your breakable and fragile items will be safely shipped.

Properly protect your fragile good for shipping. Appropriate packaging is of utmost importance to guarantee your product will arrive at its destination in one-piece.

Measure the dimensions and weight of your package to determine the most adequate shipping service for you.

Check if you are required to print and attach the shipping label to your parcel. We will send this information via email once the service is confirmed.

Use our calculator to estimate the time of delivery. We recommend planning your order for shipping fragile items in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

How to pack fragile items for shipping

Our logistics experts have put together recommendations that will help you properly pack fragile and breakable items. The following guidelines apply for shipping a vase, a plate, glasses, a painting or any other fragile item.

  • Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap and add a layer of packing paper. Secure it with tape. When shipping glasses or any item of similar shape, fill the piece with crumpled paper before wrapping it.
  • When shipping oddly shaped items, add crumpled paper or an extra box to make the shape “less odd”.
  • Fill a box with cushioning material, place the item in it and fill all empty spaces with more cushioning. Make sure the objects are immovable and seal the box with adhesive tape.
  • For extra protection, pad a bigger box with polystyrene sheets material and insert the smaller box in it. Add more cushioning materials to fill the voids.
  • Seal the box and add the shipping label if needed. You can also add warnings such as “Fragile” or “Handle with care” on your box. However, be aware that if the shipping service is not dedicated to fragile items, the courier provider has no obligation of treating it as such.

Shipping fragile items – when can we help?

There are many situations in which you may need to send fragile items with courier services:

  • Buying fragile items abroad. Ship fragile or breakable items internationally with Eurosender when travelling.
  • Selling fragile items online. We offer trustworthy courier services for shipping fragile items internationally directly to your clients.
  • Sending fragile items as a gift. Booking a shipping service with us is the easiest way to ship fragile items as gifts to your loved ones who live abroad.

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FAQ – Shipping fragile items overseas

What are the necessary packaging materials for safely packing fragile items?

Make sure you have the right packaging materials when protecting delicate and fragile items for shipping. We recommend using the following:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes.
  • Cushioning materials: packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper, polystyrene, etc.
  • Adhesive tape and scissors.

What is the best way of packing fragile goods for freight shipments?

When shipping delicate and breakable items on a pallet, it is of utmost importance to ensure they are correctly packed. For this, simply follow our previous instructions and make sure the items are compact and immovable. Additionally, we strongly advise securing the objects with a crate when shipping fragile items by freight. The crate can be built with plywood sheets or wooden boards.

Where can I get a box for shipping fragile items?

When packing fragile items, you can use new or used cardboard boxes. However, always make sure that they are strong and undamaged, without dents or holes. Cardboard boxes can be found in stationary stores or supermarkets.

What items can be considered as fragile?

Any item that is delicate and/or breakable can be considered as fragile, for example, ceramics or glassware. Check our dedicated pages and read our guidelines or how to pack each of these fragile items.

How do people send fragile items in the mail?

Your main concern when shipping fragile items should be guaranteeing that it is safely protected so that the item can reach its destination still in one piece. Since glassware and other delicate items are great gift ideas, people often decide to ship them through the post and use soft items such as clothes for protection. However, we strongly advise using appropriate packaging materials when shipping fragile and breakable items since you are shipping at your own risk.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping fragile items. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship fragile items, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.