Hunting gear delivery by courier

Hunting is as old as mankind and even though it is not practiced merely for survival anymore, it is still a popular pastime for many people. However, hunting is not allowed everywhere and often you need a special license for it. That is why many hunters travel to other parts of their home country or even abroad to practice their hobby. This often leads to the question: Where do I find cheap shipping of hunting equipment? It is often inconvenient and expensive to take all your gear with you on a train or plane. With Eurosender you can find a budget-friendly alternative: hunting gear delivery by courier. Because we work with the cheapest and most reliable courier companies, we can offer you the best deals. You only have to pack your hunting equipment and you can lean back, Eurosender will take care of the rest. With our shipping plan for courier delivery of hunting gear below, you can be sure that you get the best delivery possible.

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General tips for when you ship hunting gear abroad

Before we get into the details of cheap shipping of hunting equipment, let’s have a look at some general tips that apply to every shipment with Eurosender.

  • Don’t leave the delivery address: When you do plan to leave the address, make sure that you place the order 2 working days ahead of your departure date. Another option is to have someone else present at the delivery address.
  • Measure your package: To determine the price for your shipment, it is essential that you know the dimensions of your shipment. With our free Shipment Size Checker, you can do this easily online. Remember to measure the shipment only after you pack it.

Check which service to choose

  • When the pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden or Spain: You will have to print and attach the label by yourself. In all other countries, the courier company does this for you. When you are not sure about this, check out blog article about printing shipping labels.
  • Keep in mind that shipping hunting equipment is at your own risk as hunting gear could be considered a weapon. Therefore, the standard insurance does not apply.

Packing materials for courier delivery of hunting gear

With the packing materials mentioned below, you can pack your hunting equipment rock steady. Most of these materials can be bought at a hardware store, stationery shop or online. It is not obligatory to use new materials for your cheap shipping of hunting equipment, you can also use second-hand material. Just make sure that the materials are not torn, perforated or flawed in any other way.

  • Cardboard box: The box has to be 100% intact.
  • Bubble wrap: Depending on the equipment you want to ship you can go for thick or thin.
  • Cushioning material: There numerous things you can use as cushioning material such as shredded paper, bubble wrap, polystyrene or even a blanket. However, packing peanuts are most commonly used.
  • Bag(s): Preferably Ziploc bags but any other paper or plastic bag will also be good enough.
  • Duct tape: You can also use any other adhesive tape.
  • Knife or scissors: To cut the bubble wrap and tape.

How to pack and ship hunting equipment

Our logistics experts have compiled this step-by-step packing plan for hunting gear delivery by courier. You will have no more sleepless nights worrying about your delivery when you ship hunting gear abroad. Just follow the instructions below and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. Please note that these instructions are for basic hunting equipment. When you have items that are larger or require different packing, contact our customer service for more instructions on cheap shipping of hunting equipment.

  1. Disassemble: Disassemble all small parts and collect them in separate bags. Then wrap the bags in bubble wrap.
  2. Pack the main item, which could be for example an ice auger, Garmin equipment or something else, and wrap it several times in bubble wrap. Then seal with tape and make sure that all corners and sharp edges are covered well.
  3. Take the box: Cover the bottom with cushioning material and place the main piece of equipment on it.
  4. Place some more cushioning material on top: Then place the bags with details and fill up the entire box up with cushioning material.
  5. Seal with Duct tape: Check once more that there are no loose ends and remember that when the pick-up country is in Poland, Sweden or Spain, you must print the label and attach it to the package by yourself.
Reasons for shipping hunting equipment delivery by courier

Our team often gets requests for courier delivery of hunting gear to different corners of the world. With the above-mentioned instructions, you will be able to organize cheap shipping of hunting equipment without any problems. So, now let’s dip into the reasons why people ship hunting gear abroad.

  • Vacation: With many destinations to choose from, hunting trips are a popular leisure activity. But often when you ship hunting gear abroad, the delivery address is in wild nature and therefore in a remote area. Find out more on our blog about shipping to remote areas.
  • Buying/selling used hunting equipment: Online marketplaces such as OLX, eBay and Newegg, have a wide range of hunting accessories. Eurosender can help you to get that equipment to your doorstep cheap and fast.
  • B2B sales: When you are in the business of selling hunting equipment B2B, then be sure to check out our detailed information about freight transport. Eurosender can help you with courier delivery of hunting gear.
  • Hunting season: After the start of the hunting season, many hunters realize that they are lacking certain tools or equipment. In that case, Eurosender can help, as we have very convenient prices for hunting gear delivery by courier.
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When you are planning to ship more items than alone hunting equipment, then be sure to check out our pack and ship guides on the following items:

When the item that you want to ship doesn’t concern courier delivery of hunting gear and doesn’t have any special packing guide, you can always contact our Customer Support team. They will be glad to provide you with advice about any item you want to ship.

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