Tips for sending figure skates for sale, tournament, or other events

Is there a grand figure skating tournament or ice hockey championship approaching? If so, you obviously need to transport your belongings to another city or country. Thus, you might be concerned about shipping ice skates abroad or inland. In case you are interested in sending figure skates for sale, we also have appropriate shipping solutions for you. We will also provide you with recommendations and instructions on how to properly pack ice skates for transportation. Those who prefer travelling with ice skates on the bus, train, or plane, will also find useful information in this article.

Affordable solutions for shipping ice skates abroad and inland

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The career of figure skaters and ice hockey players starts at an early age when children take their first steps on the ice rink. Subsequently, parents usually have a sharp necessity of sending figure skates for sale and buying used ones which are still in good condition as their children grow up. Therefore, courier services might come in handy in such situations. Furthermore, shipping ice skates abroad might be a decent alternative to travelling with ice skates to another city. Once you decide to book shipping services with Eurosender, you need to keep in mind a list of the following recommendations.

  • Pack your shipment. Follow the guidelines on how to properly pack ice skates for transportation. Those might also be useful for preparing your equipment when travelling with ice skates.
  • Check the size of your shipment. Use the Shipment Size Checker tool to discover which type of shipping services would be suitable for you. You will just need to enter the parameters of your shipment in the appropriate fields. In case you are shipping ice skates abroad, standard courier services could be exactly what you need. When you have to dispatch other items for figure skating or ice hockey, it is better to request an individual offer.
  • Place an order in advance. If you plan to leave for a tournament or championship soon, it is highly recommended to place an order at least 2 business days prior to your departure. Moreover, check the estimated delivery time with the help of our tool to define the approximate delivery date.
  • Provide correct contact details. Carefully type in the pick-up and delivery addresses in the order form. This is necessary to avoid such instances as lost or misdelivered parcels.
  • Take care of insurance. Ice skates can be very expensive, so you might consider purchasing additional insurance for those. In any case, Eurosender provides basic insurance for every shipment processed through our platform.

If you need a piece of professional advice or assistance in placing an order, feel free to contact our team of experts.

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Materials needed to pack ice skates

Here is a list of packaging materials you will need to cover and protect your ice skates for shipping.

  • Cardboard box. It is essential to take a sturdy cardboard box either you plan to buy it or take a used one.
  • Backpack for ice skates. In case you have a bag or a backpack for ice skates, feel free to take it for packaging your items.
  • Bubble wrap. This packaging material grants additional protection to items and helps to prevent damages during transit.
  • Cushioning materials. Those are used to create padding on the bottom of the box or fill the voids inside the box.
  • Packing tape. It is used to secure various elements and packaging materials.

How to properly pack ice skates for transportation

Either you are shipping ice skates abroad or sending figure skates for sale, you need to pack them for transit. Follow a set of instructions below to properly pack ice skates for transportation.

  1. Clean your ice skates. Make sure there are no ice residues on your ice skates. You may also consider using an ice skate sharpening machine to prepare your ice skates for the next training session or tournament.
  2. Protect your ice skates. Clean and dry your blade guards first, then use guards to cover ice skate blades. Afterwards, put some cushioning materials inside each ice skate. You may additionally cover ice skates with bubble wrap and secure it with a piece of packing tape.
  3. Prepare a box. Create some padding on the bottom of the cardboard box by filling it with cushioning materials.
  4. Pack your ice skates. You can put your ice skates in a special bag or backpack if you have any. Afterwards, nest them inside the box and add extra cushioning to make sure that the items are immovable.
  5. Seal the box. Use several pieces of packing tape to secure all seams of the box.

Common questions related to the transportation of ice skates

Besides shipping ice skates, many sportsmen and amateurs in figure skating and ice hockey are wondering how to fly with ice skates and keep them safe while travelling. Therefore, you can check this Q&A section to learn more about travelling with ice skates.

Is it possible to fly with ice skates?

In general, the international regulations do not impose any restrictions on taking ice skates on board of the plane in a carry-on bag or registered baggage. However, certain airlines may have their own rules and allowances concerning hand luggage and its size. Thus, it better to check with a particular airline whether you can fly with ice skates or not. Consider that you can always book shipping services with Eurosender in case travelling with ice skates by plane is restricted.

How to take care of ice skates before and after transportation?

If you have access to ice skate sharpening machine, it is highly recommended to sharpen your ice skates before transportation. This will help you to save time and effort upon arrival when you might need your ice skates right away. Furthermore, make sure that water does not affect leather and blades of your ice skates during transportation, so you should put soakers on them beforehand.

Can I send equipment for winter sports via courier?

Eurosender offers a wide range of services, so you can easily send you hockey equipment to a chosen destination and ship skis or snowboard to a mountain region. We will provide a cost-effective option for you with a reliable logistics service provider.

Do you want to learn more about shipping ice skates internationally? Do not hesitate to contact us via live chat, e-mail, or phone.

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