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The endless amount of fallen leaves creates tough challenges for gardeners. That is why a leaf blower is a very useful component of the yard-care kit. For that reason, you might ship a leaf blower abroad or inland whether you want to relocate to another country, send an item for repair, or simply sell it to someone else. Eurosender is here to offer affordable cost to send a leaf blower. Furthermore, we have arranged some tips on how to pack a leaf blower for transportation.

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There is a variety of leaf blower types, including electronic and gas-powered models. Moreover, they have different dimensions and sizes ranging from small hand items to backpack and wheeled blowers. The latter one is usually very heavy and expensive, so it requires an individual offer for its safe delivery.

  • Insert the dimensions of your leaf blower and find out what type of service is suitable.

  • Afterwards, fill in the order form and check the cost to send a leaf blower. Undoubtedly, you will receive the best offer in terms of the price-to-performance ratio. Afterwards, we will arrange all the procedures and communication with a chosen logistics service provider and help you to ship a leaf blower across Europe or within the same country.
  • Please make sure that you place an order on our platform at least 2 days in advance to make sure that you can pass your parcel to a courier on the pick-up date. You can also ask another person in charge to give your parcel instead of you.
  • If you use standard shipping services where Poland, Sweden, or Spain is a pick-up country, please print out a label sent via-email and attach it to the package.
  • Eurosender insures each shipping automatically. However, we encourage you to check your leaf blower insurance and consider one of our additional insurance packages (of up to €5,000) if needed. This could be applied to heavy and expensive items such as wheeled blowers.

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How to prepare and pack a leaf blower for transportation?

Before you send a leaf blower abroad, you need to go through several steps to get it ready for transportation.

  • Step 1. Remove liquids from the tank. If you use a gas-powered leaf blower, you have to drain the tank for safety reasons.
  • Step 2. Remove the spark plug or battery (depending on the type of a leaf blower). It will help you to deactivate your leaf blower so it does not turn on during transportation.
  • Step 3. Remove accessories. Take away extra nozzles or other detachable parts and put them in a separate box or packet.
  • Step 4. Clean the air filter. Similar to filters in a vacuum cleaner, those in leaf blowers should be also cleaned and replaced at a certain period of time. Check the state of your filter and decide which option is more suitable in the case.
  • Step 5. Clean the entire leaf blower. Check the exterior of your equipment, clean it, and detect damages if any. We also recommend you to make some photos of a leaf blower before shipping it in order to be eligible for the compensation in case any damages occur during its transportation.

How to pack a leaf blower?

You need to take materials and pack a leaf blower for transportation. Here is the list of necessary packaging materials:

  • Original or other cardboard boxes. Original boxes provided by the manufacturer are likely to ensure the maximum protection for your shipment.
  • Furniture blankets. Make sure that whichever blankets you use are thick enough to protect your leaf blower.
  • Bubble wrap and foam wrap. These packaging materials are used to pack small and fragile items. If you have such parts in your leaf blower, feel free to cover them with bubble or foam wrapping.
  • Packing tape. It is necessary to secure packaging materials, to fix other items, and secure each side of the box.
  • A pallet. It is necessary when you ship a wheeled leaf blower. While it may seem hard to find a pallet, you can ask your local grocery shops if they have any. They usually consider pallets as waste and need to pay for their recycling, so they might be happy if you purchase one.

Follow a set of guidelines that will help you to pack and send a leaf blower abroad safely:

  • Wrap the main part of a leaf blower. Use a thick blanket to cover a leaf blower. Use adhesive tape to secure them.
  • Prepare the box. Place some bubble wrap, foam wrap, or other cushioning materials on the bottom of the box. You can also take several pieces of cardboard scrap to create additional protection for its walls.
  • Place a leaf blower inside the box. Make sure that it does not shift around the box and add extra cushioning materials if needed. If there is enough space left, put packed detachable parts in the box and add extra bubble wrap.
  • Seal and label the box. Use adhesive tape for securing all sides of the box and attach a label upon necessity.

Ship a leaf blower abroad and domestically with Eurosender

When you arrange your shipment with Eurosender, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Eurosender is one of the leading European booking platforms for shipping services
  • You do not need to find a drop-off point due to door-to-door shipping services
  • The booking process is easy and the cost to send a leaf blower is reasonable
  • Items sent with Eurosender are automatically insured
  • You can rely on the recommendations on how to pack different items for shipping
  • Loyal customers have many benefits, including discounts and special offers. You can log into your account or register here.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions or in case we did not cover some points in this article. Contact our friendly customer support team for additional tips and recommendations.

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