Sending letters by courier, a guide for global routes

Do you need to send a document to an embassy via courier and are not sure of the safest way to do so? Interested in sending a letter to an Erasmus student abroad? I many cases, sending letters by courier is much smarter than using a regular postal service. In this day and age, there are so many things to do in a day and longer working hours and tiring commutes make it almost impossible to find time to go to the post office to send a letter or package. Furthermore, cities and town have fewer and fewer post boxes every day. In remote areas, the mail may be collected once or twice a week, and we know that on some occasions, waiting even just a few days is not an option. If you are planning to send an urgent letter, a passport to an embassy or want to send confidential documents with a courier, you need to find the best available services in a very short time. With Eurosender, you will have access to door-to-door shipping services. Forget about queues and timetables and have the letter, postcard, documents or passport collected and delivered by a courier.

Sending envelopes internationally or domestically is possible with Eurosender. Our searching engine will find the best option for your shipment needs. In addition, our team of logistics professionals can help in every step of the way.

Sending envelopes internationally

Do you want to send a letter to an Erasmus student abroad? Are you travelling and want to figure out how to send a postcard internationally? Eurosender partnered up with the most reliable couriers on the market such as GLS, TNT, DHL, DPD and many more. Sending envelopes internationally a courier is not only smarter but also safer. Especially if you are sending from a foreign country and do not speak the local language, it may be easier to book a service through our platform. Imagine going to a local post office, which will be after working hours or on a Saturday morning, and finding a long queue and many busy people trying to go as fast as possible. Especially if you decide to send a document to an embassy via courier or if you are sending confidential or important documents via mail postage, waiting is not an option. You will have to wait for about an hour (even more before the holidays!) only to have someone tell you to fill out some papers without extra information and coming back the next day. Instead of losing two days, you can book a door-to-door delivery service from your smartphone! Keep on reading and fill out the order tool to get an offer.

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If you have chosen to book a letter delivery service with us, congratulations, you just might have saved 70% on shipping costs. On top of that, instead of using the public postal service, that may be overworked you ensured the safe transit of your documents with a company whose mission is to guarantee a safe and fast shipment of your items.

Estimated delivery time

Sending envelopes internationally from the EU

Many Erasmus students and expats decide to move to another country within the EU or outside. If you want to send a letter to an Erasmus student abroad or need to sign a contract and would like to send confidential documents abroad with a courier with there are some considerations:

  1. To ensure we can give you the best price, sending envelopes internationally is the same as sending a parcel that weighs up to 2kg (aka a standard shipping service). A special envelope shipment would cost more, so it is easier for you to carefully pack your documents or postcards in a cardboard box. We recommend you not to send letters in an envelope, not even a big brown one. We recommend you to send your letter in a small box, you can easily find a box in your local supermarket, or buy a new one in a stationary shop. Within a box, sending envelopes internationally is actually safer.
  2. Check whether you need to print and put labels on your package. Be aware that shipping labels are the most important document when sending envelopes internationally or domestically.
  3. Calculate 2 extra working days any shipment to make sure it arrives on time. You can also check the courier holiday calendar for 2019 to plan better the pick-up and delivery dates.
Sending letters from a non-EU country

Different rules apply when you start sending envelopes internationally from a non-EU country. For example, from Japan to Belgium or from Canada to Mexico.

  1. For worldwide routes, you can choose the option of sending a parcel which weighs up to 500 grams. This can only be used for documents. This way the courier is sure that no invoice is needed for the customs declaration.
  2. When sending envelopes internationally from a non-EU country, we will send you the necessary documentation such as a customs declaration and a shipping label. This label should be attached to the envelope, in such a way that it is visible to the courier.
  3. Calculate 2 extra working days any shipment to make sure it arrives on time.

The do’s and don’ts on sending envelopes internationally

Sending letters and documents to an embassy

You have to be extra careful to end a document to an embassy via courier. Sending documents by courier to an embassy like a visa or a passport can be tricky business. Can you send letters only by a pre-approved courier? Do you need to schedule a delivery? Or is there no restriction at all? For more information, have a look at our blog article on sending a passport to an embassy!

The rules and restrictions concerning courier deliveries and pick-ups depend on the embassy: an embassy from the Netherlands will be more flexible than an embassy from the USA. That’s why it is most important to contact the respective embassy and consulate and ask them what the possibilities are for sending letters or having documents picked up. Some embassies have a specific courier company they work with or a specific office that receives postal delivery.

Sending letters to an embassy in a foreign country should be well planned and coordinated between the embassy, the courier and you. Be aware that you cannot simply send a document to an embassy via courier without contacting them first. We do not recommend shipping to or from an embassy, and Eurosender is in no case responsible for the loss of your passport or documents.

Customs and invoicing when sending letters by courier

For worldwide shipping of goods and items, you need to add an invoice and/or a declaration of the content of the parcel. It says in our terms & conditions: “The shipper is responsible to provide the original or a copy of the original commercial invoice or any other document required by the courier company and/or by the customs authorities. If any customs authority requires additional documentation for the purpose of confirming the import/export declaration, it is the shipper’s responsibility to provide the required documentation at its own expense.

This, however, is the general case for sending goods like electronic devices, furniture or sports equipment. In the case of sending letters or documents, an invoice is not needed. We do ask you to state clearly during the ordering process that you are sending envelopes to a foreign country. For more information, please read our customs clearance page and/or check with the local customs office about the clearance procedures.

Why use Eurosender for sending letters by courier

Considering the years of experience in the logistics market, Eurosender can help you to send letters and documents internationally. We have specific services for Erasmus students, expats and a reliable and ever-growing logistics network. There are several obvious reasons for that:

  • Instant quotes with the best offers. Our algorithm automatically chooses the best courier provider regarding the price-to-performance ratio.
  • Our partners are the most reliable international logistics companies like DHL, DPD, GLS, etc.
  • Simple and quick ordering process. You can order the shipping service in only a few clicks. You can book a service with your smartphone and in a simple few steps.
  • Support in 15 local languages.
  • Online tracking of your parcel.

If you have any other questions on sending envelopes internationally, how to send a postcard internationally or you have more general questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our agents!

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