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Shipping musical instruments internationally by courier

We know that most brass, string, woodwind, and percussion instruments are fragile and valuable. Let Eurosender arrange the safest shipping for your musical instrument and travel stress-free. Check our guide on how to pack musical instruments for shipping and get the best rates for shipping musical instruments within Europe or internationally.

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How to ship musical instruments internationally

When sending small musical instruments abroad, take advantage of the following shipping services dedicated to packages:
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How to pack a musical instrument for shipping by courier

Before shipping a musical instrument within Europe or internationally, it is necessary to prepare it for transportation. Since musical instruments are expensive and delicate and usually hold sentimental value, it is crucial to pay special attention when packing musical instruments for shipping.

  • Brass instruments. Are you sending a trumpet, trombone, horn, or other brass instruments? Start by placing your musical instrument in its original case or a proper size box. Cushion it properly till it won’t be able to move. Afterwards, nest the case in a bigger box and seal it properly with enough adhesive tape.
  • String instruments. Are you shipping a violin, a viola, a guitar, a mandolin, or a cello? Check our dedicated pages and make sure your musical instrument is safe for transit. Do you deed to ship a harp or double bass? Ask for an individual offer.
  • Percussion instruments. Drums and drum sets are the most popular musical instruments in this category. To send percussion instruments safely, make sure that they are appropriately protected with bubble wrap, immobile in the box, and sealed carefully.
  • Woodwind instruments. Packing and shipping a harmonica, flute, clarinet, or oboe is not tricky, but you also need to prepare such musical instruments properly. Make sure that the item is immovable by putting in plenty of packaging materials and tightly sealing the box.


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When shipping musical instruments internationally, you can choose between
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How to pack musical instruments on a pallet for shipping

Packing your items on a pallet is extremely useful when shipping large musical instruments or transporting multiple items at once. Follow these steps to make sure you pack them safely:

  1. Choose a pallet strong enough to withstand your item’s weight.
  2. Place one layer of cardboard paper on the pallet for cushioning.
  3. Place the item in its original cardboard box if possible or use bubble-wrap for protecting it.
  4. Add foam protectors to the edges for additional security.
  5. Place the item on the pallet and use straps to secure it in every direction.
  6. Wrap the entire load in foil and place the shipping label on every side.


Eurosender cares about safety!

When shipping with us, basic transport insurance is already included in the price of the service. The coverage value will depend on the type of shipping service used and the item being shipped. For extra protection, you can also purchase additional insurance during the ordering process.


Transporting musical instruments in Europe with a dedicated van

Move large musical instruments and all their accessories at once. With our Van Delivery Service, you get fast and direct transport while benefiting from an entire vehicle dedicated to your load. Get an instant price directly on our booking tool!

Important: While packing is not always required for van shipments, we do recommend packing your musical instruments well and consider using their original and sturdy case for additional protection during transit.

Read more about shipping different musical instruments

We have compiled dedicated guides on the best way to ship various musical instruments internationally:

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FAQs – Sending musical instruments via courier

How much does it cost to ship a musical instrument?
The cost of shipping musical instruments depends on the size of your item and the shipping service selected. For transporting big musical instruments, the Van Delivery Service is often the most economical and comfortable solution, as you will not share the space of the vehicle with anyone else. If you wish to send small musical items that can easily be packed in a box, such as a flute or a ukulele, the Standard Shipping Service will probably be the cheapest alternative for you.
How can stores selling musical instruments online benefit from Eurosender?
We can help you grow your business by offering a seamless logistics platform to help you optimise your operations and affordable shipping solutions for delivering musical instruments directly to your customers' door, worldwide. All you have to do is register your business with us, and you will have immediate access to all tools and benefits.
Is it possible to ship musical instruments directly to a repair shop?
Yes, absolutely. If you wish to repair your musical instrument in a specialised shop that is far away from your home, simply book the delivery with us and fill out the “delivery” information with the details from the shop (full address and name of the shop). Since our services are always door-to-door, your instrument will be delivered directly to the shop.
Before placing your order, contact the repair shop and make sure they are aware of the delivery.
Can customers still ship musical instruments internationally from the UK?
Since January 1st 2021, with the end of Brexit, all international deliveries to and from the UK must undergo customs clearance procedures. It is still allowed to ship musical instruments internationally from the UK; just make sure to have all necessary documents for the clearance and pay the applicable import fees/taxes. For more details about customs changes after Brexit, please check our dedicated page.