Shipping musical instruments internationally by courier

We know that most brass, string, woodwind, and percussion instruments are fragile and valuable. Let Eurosender arrange the safest shipping for your musical instrument and travel stress-free. Are you a business owner? Leave all your logistics processes to us while you focus on growing your business. Check our guide on how to pack musical instruments for shipping and get the best rates for shipping musical instruments within Europe or internationally.

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Ship musical instruments overseas

For companies selling or repairing musical instruments, Eurosender is the smartest shipping option. Our booking platform will always find the best shipping quotes to send musical instruments to your clients and partners. Start delegating your logistics processes to the best solutions right now.


We match any musical instrument transportation requirements

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective services for shipping smaller musical instruments and accessories
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Pallet delivery

Ideal for shipping any large musical instruments or big quantities of them internationally
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Individual offer

The best option for businesses with special or different needs in their shipments
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Dedicated van delivery

The most comfortable and fast way to deliver instruments and equipment to an event
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What to have in mind before shipping musical instruments in Europe or internationally

With Eurosender, you can send a musical instrument of any kind. We have partnered with many renowned and reliable shipping service providers, which enable you to ship musical instruments in Europe and internationally in just a few simple steps:

  • Make sure you send your instrument on time. If you are heading to a concert or need your musical instruments delivered on a specific time, check the estimated delivery time calculator and book your shipment in advance;
  • Pack the musical instrument for shipping and measure the parcel to check which shipping method is best for your shipment.

How to pack a musical instrument for shipping by courier

Before shipping a musical instrument within Europe or internationally, it is necessary to prepare it for transportation. Since musical instruments are expensive and delicate and usually hold sentimental value, it is crucial to pay special attention when packing musical instruments for shipping.

  • Brass instruments. Are you sending a trumpet, trombone, horn, or other brass instruments? Start by placing your musical instrument in its original case or a proper size box. Cushion it properly till it won’t be able to move. Afterwards, nest the case in a bigger box and seal it properly with enough adhesive tape.
  • String instruments. Are you shipping a violin, a viola, a guitar, a mandolin, or a cello? Check our dedicated pages and make sure your musical instrument is safe for transit. Do you deed to ship a harp or double bass? Ask for an individual offer.
  • Percussion instruments. Drums and drum sets are the most popular musical instruments in this category. You can check a detailed page on how to pack and ship drum kit internationally. To send percussion instruments safely, make sure that they are appropriately protected with bubble wrap, immobile in the box, and sealed carefully.
  • Woodwind instruments. Packing and shipping a harmonica, flute, clarinet, or oboe is not tricky, but you also need to prepare such musical instruments properly. Make sure that the item is immovable by putting plenty of packaging materials and tightly sealing the box.
Eurosender cares about safety!

Every shipment is covered by insurance whose value will depend on the type of shipping service used. You can also purchase additional insurance during the ordering process.


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