How to ship a snow plow abroad?

Best courier services to deliver a snow plow

In northern areas, plows are usually mounted on vehicles to remove snow from roads, driveways, and parking areas. They are extremely helpful during the winter season for personal and commercial use. If you have this kind of equipment but want to sell it, then you probably need to ship a snow plow abroad or across the country. Eurosender will take care of your shipment and suggest the cheapest way to send a new or used snow plow to another area. However, we will also ask you to prepare a snow plow for shipping according to the instructions listed below.

How to ship a snow plow abroad and send other snow removal items with Eurosender?

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Whether you want to send snow removal equipment, Eurosender can assist you with this task. While truck and tractor snow blowers are suitable for cleaning civil areas, snow blowers are common for personal use and yard maintenance. Thus, we can help individuals and businesses to deliver a snow plow and ship a snow blower to a chosen address.


  • Before you send your snow removal items or ship a snow plow abroad and across the country, check its parameters and insert them in a Shipment Size Checker. It will suggest the most applicable type of service for you. In case your shipment is longer than 175 cm and heavier than 40 kg, then freight shipping services would be applicable.

  • The next step is to select the pick-up and delivery countries in the order form where you will be asked to provide some shipment details. The entire process will not take more than 3 minutes.
  • When your order is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with all the details. Our logistics experts will take care of your order and arrange everything with a chosen courier service provider. Meanwhile, you will have to prepare your snow plow for shipping.

Door-to-door shipping services imply that you will not need to carry your shipment to a drop-off point. The courier will come to the previously indicated address and collect your parcels or pallets. However, we ask you to ensure easy access to the pick-up point so that the courier can take and load it easily.

  • We usually recommend placing an order at least 2 days before the actual pick-up date. During the holiday period or in case of severe weather conditions, it might take a little longer to collect your parcels.

You can always contact our experienced logistics experts for more information. We will gladly help you to deliver a snow plow, ship a snow blower, send snow removal equipment, and many other items.

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How to prepare a snow plow for shipping?

As snow plows are mounted on trucks and tractors, you should detach them from those vehicles before transportation. Afterwards, you need to prepare a snow blow for shipping in case of freight shipping services.

Before you ship a snow plow abroad, you need to proceed with the following steps:

Step 1. Clean your equipment. When you sell a new or used snow plow, send it to your friend, or simply move to another city, you should clean its exterior from snow and dirt.

Step 2. Cover a snow plow. Use thick furnishing blankets to cover your snow removal equipment.

Step 3. Prepare a pallet when shipping freight.

You can visit local grocery shops and supermarkets as they usually have plenty of unnecessary pallets. They may offer a pallet for free or at a small price.

Step 4. Secure your item to the pallet. Use straps or belts to mount a snow plow. Make sure it is not sliding and moving around the pallet.

How to prepare a snow blower for transportation?

Before you ship a snow blower with courier services, you also need to prepare it for transportation carefully. It will minimize the risks of damage even if your shipment is operated by reliable logistic service provider.

We have prepared some recommendations that could facilitate the process of packing your snow blower for transportation:

Step 1. Check a user manual for more details and information on how to pack your particular model of a snow blower.

Step 2. Electric, cordless, and gas-powered types of snow blowers are prevalent. Moreover, their construction is similar to that of a lawn mower. Thus, you can check guidelines for preparing and packing a lawn mower for shipping. Depending on the model, you will need to drain the tank, remove attachments, clean the equipment, and examine it carefully.

Step 3. Secure your snow blower to the pallet.

Ship a snow plow abroad and domestically with Eurosender

Snow removal equipment is essential during the winter season in some countries. Many customers are contented with Eurosender services because we helped dozens of them to deliver a snow plow safely. Those are three common scenarios indicating why people decide to send a snow plow or ship a snow blower with us.

  • Selling used snow removal equipment. People who want to substitute their old snow removal items usually decide to sell them. Eurosender can help you to deliver a snow plow and other things to a chosen address if your buyer lives abroad.
  • Transportation for repair purposes. While cheap items could be simply substituted, expensive machinery and snow removal equipment should be better maintained in the professional service centre.
  • Seasonal relocation. If you have a country house somewhere in the mountains and want to spend winter there, snow removal equipment would be essential there. Thus, you can easily ship a snow blower and other items with Eurosender.

You can always contact our experienced logistics experts for more information. We will gladly help you to deliver a snow plow, ship a snow blower, send snow removal equipment, and many other items.

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