Dirt Bike and Motocross Transport Services

How to ship a motocross or dirt bike internationally?

Transport your dirt bike and motocross equipment abroad or within the country, with experienced logistics companies. Book the most affordable and safe hauling services to ship your motocross or dirt bike directly on our platform and immediately get the best logistics solution adapted to your needs. We offer low-cost haulage services, insured shipments and quality dirt bike international transport for businesses and individuals.

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Why choose Eurosender to book motocross or dirt bike transport?

Cost-effective solutions for a dirt bike transport

Arrange the pick-up as soon as possible

Reliable motocross bike haul performed by trusted carriers

Shipping options for a dirt bike transport by road

Shipping a dirt bike or a motocross is not complex, thanks to the dimensions of this type of vehicles. If you need to transport one or more motocross or dirt bikes you can choose between different options.

Single motocross Transport

Multiple motocross Transport

Enclosed bike

by truck

Enclosed motocross and dirt bike transport services

The enclosed transport service is the safest option to transport a motocross or a dirt bike in Europe. With this transport option the space in the van is used solely for transporting your motocross bikes and equipment, ensuring higher protection and faster domestic and international deliveries. If you want to protect your new motocross or transport an expensive dirt bike avoiding damages the enclosed transport is the perfect choice.


Affordable transport solutions to send a dirt bike

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we organise international car shipping services with the best option for your company.
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When to use our international motocross and dirt bike transport services?

When relocating to another city or country
When buying or selling a dirt bike or a motocross
When sending the dirt bike to a specialised repair shop
When traveling for your holidays on the road
When you want to attend competitions or rallies
When the dirt bike broke down and you need to haul the moto


How to prepare and protect your dirt bike for transport

We recommend going through the following checklist when you book your car hauling service.

  • Clearing: Clean the bike and remove all the accessories or personal belongings
  • Condition check: Check the conditions of the dirt bike and the engine
  • Documentation: Prepare all the documents required for the transport and the customs
  • Proof: ake some photographs of the dirt bike to prove its conditions before the transport

How much does shipping a dirt bike cost?

Select the desired shipping method and your route on our booking tool to get an immediate quote and book the service in just a few clicks. Choose the pallet delivery for an affordable international dirt bike transport or a Van delivery for a fast maximum-safety transport of your motocross. We work with only trusted and reliable shipping companies to offer the best services at the lowest cost.
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FAQs about shipping a dirt bike or a motocross in Europe and overseas

What is the cheapest way to transport a dirt bike?
The shipping costs to transport a dirt bike or a motocross are influenced by many different factors: not only the selected service, but also the distance or the urgency of the shipment. The cheapest option for an international motocross transport is to book a pallet delivery: your dirt bike will be shipped in a truck with other items from different shippers. Our platform will show you an immediate quote for many routes for shipping your motocross on a pallet.
Is there any insurance for shipping a dirt bike or a motocross abroad?
Every shipment booked with Eurosender is covered with a basic insurance included in the final price. The coverage of the insurance depends on the type of transportation service selected with option to be extended at a very low fee (suggested when shipping more expensive dirt bikes). Make sure to keep the original invoice of the dirt bike as the proof of value.
What is the best way to ship a dirt bike bought online?
At Eurosender, we recommend opting for a reliable door-to-door transportation service offered by one of the trusted international logistics providers specialized in freight. If you need an urgent motocross transport in Europe you can book the van delivery service. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable dirt bike transport, the best option is shipping the motocross or dirt bike on a pallet.
How long does it take for a dirt bike delivery?
The shipping time to transport a dirt bike or a motocross abroad or within the country depends on the route and on the type of haul or transport selected. Usually, the delivery time when shipping a motocross or dirt bike on a pallet across Europe is approximately 5/7 business days. If you want to have an estimated time for your motocross transport in Europe or overseas, you can use our online tool.
What is the best option to ship motocross boots, helmets or clothing?
If you need to send motocross clothing, helmets, boots or other equipment you can use our standard service. Clean all the items, pack the boots, helmet or clothing you need to send with packing material and close the box. If you need an urgent delivery for the motocross clothing or equipment, you can book our express service: deliveries in 24/ 72 hours. Read more about sending sports gear on the page dedicated to sports equipment.