How to ship stamps abroad or within a country?

You love postage stamp collecting and you plan to sell or buy a collection of rare stamps? Are you looking for a safe and inexpensive way to arrange delivery of a stamp collection by parcel, whether internationally or within a country? Or maybe you would like to send a collection of postage stamps to someone as a gift and you wonder how to ship stamps abroad? Whatever the reason, look no further! Eurosender will help you send a valuable stamp collection by courier internationally or domestically to the desired destination. If necessary, we will create a personalized offer for you to ensure that your parcel delivery meets your requirements to the maximum. All you will need to do is to properly prepare and pack the collection of stamps you want to send (see the instructions below on the page) and book appropriate transport services through our platform hereunder or by contacting us directly by mail or telephone. You will see that it is quite easy to arrange delivery of a stamp collection by parcel, especially with Eurosender!

Send a valuable stamp collection by courier internationally or domestically

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How to arrange delivery of a stamp collection by parcel?

Choose the country of pickup and delivery in the booking engine. Then indicate the number of packages and their weight. You can also request a personalized offer.

Our system will propose you an optimal offer and will show you the best final price.

Fill in the form by entering the required data and make a payment for the service.

Learn how to pack your items to prepare them for transportation.

It is as simple as that! Our platform will offer you the best way to send a valuable stamp collection by courier internationally or domestically with one of the most reliable logistics companies.

Should you have questions and want to receive more details on how to ship stamps abroad or within a country, we will be happy to help you. Feel free to contact our customer support service by clicking on the button below:

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Things to consider before you arrange delivery of a stamp collection by parcel

  • If you wish to send other items together with your stamp collection, we advise you to measure the dimensions and weight of your final packaged parcel. Please measure the size and weight of your final parcel and enter the corresponding data in the shipment size checker. It is a tool that will help you check which shipping service is best for you if your parcel will contain other items besides a stamp collection.
  • If, as a result of the above manipulations, the dimensions of your package are not suitable for standard shipping, we invite you to request an individual offer by clicking on the button below. You will receive a personalized offer in a short time by email.

Request an Individual Offer

  • If needed, you can use our special tool below to see the estimated time that the delivery of your parcel will take.
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  • In most countries, the courier company will print and stick the label on your package. Sometimes you have to do it yourself, but do not worry, we will let you know if you need to.
  • Please consider placing an order at least two business days before the date when you would like a courier driver to pick up your parcel.

Shipping insurance

Please note that shipping insurance does not apply to high-value items, fragile items, works of art and food products. As collections of rare stamps usually belong to high-value items, their shipping cannot be covered by Eurosender insurance. Given this, it is important that you pack your stamp collection correctly to secure its transport to the maximum.

Packing materials to prepare your stamp collection for shipping

To minimize any possibility of damage when shipping a stamp collection, please ensure that you have the appropriate packing materials. You will need the following:

  • Sturdy cardboard box. Please make sure that a cardboard box that you take is in good condition (is not in any way damaged).
  • Ziploc bag. To protect your stamp collection from humidity during shipment.
  • Bubble wrap. To wrap and secure your stamp collection.
  • Cushioning materials. To create a sort of padding inside the box, you can use packing peanuts, foam wrap, bubble wrap, a lot of crumpled paper or other similar material.
  • Adhesive tape. To fix packaging materials and then seal and secure the box.

How to properly pack a stamp collection before shipping it by courier?

As stamp collections are usually stored in special stockbooks or stamp albums (which are of extreme importance for proper storage of collectors’ stamps), we will presume that you send your stamp collection in either one of these items. So, please consult our packing guide here below to send a valuable stamp collection by courier (whether internationally or domestically) accurately and safely.

  1. Protect your stamp collection from humidity. Put your stockbook/stamp album in the Ziploc bag and make sure that you lock the bag firmly so that no moisture can penetrate the bag.
  2. Envelope your stamp collection in bubble wrap. Bubble your stockbook/stamp album (you can do it several times) to ensure in such way a good layer of protection for the article you send.
  3. Prepare a cardboard box. Cover the bottom of the box with cushioning material; you can use packing peanuts or enough of foam wrap, for example.
  4. Put your bubble-wrapped stockbook/stamp album into the box. Fill the remaining space in the box with additional cushioning materials to ensure maximum protection of your stamp collection during its transportation.
  5. Seal and secure your package with adhesive tape. Seal the box firmly. After that, secure each side of the box with enough of adhesive tape (wrap the tape all around the box in all 3 directions).

Now you are ready to ship your stamp collection with a courier! Should you have any questions regarding the best ways to pack your stamp collection or any other item among those that are authorized for shipping, feel free to contact us to get help.

Why referring to Eurosender to send a valuable stamp collection by courier internationally or domestically?
  • Our shipping services have one of the best quality/price ratios on the market. This is perfect for you if you are searching for how to ship stamps abroad or within a country at a cheap price.
  • It only takes a few minutes to book a shipping service.
  • We cooperate with many of the most reliable international transport companies such as DHL, DPD, GLS, Post Luxembourg, as well as with many reliable local couriers.
  • Tracking number to track your package.
  • Friendly support staff speaking 15 languages.
  • We have a large number of guides on how to package and ship different items, which can help you organize your specific shipment.

Given the above, you can see that sending a stamp collection via Eurosender is safe and easy. Do you have any specific questions about how to arrange delivery of a stamp collection by parcel in the best possible way? Do not hesitate to contact our experts. We are always ready to assist you!

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