Shipping Surfboards Internationally | How to Pack and Ship

How to pack and ship a surfboard internationally

Ship your surfboard or kiteboard directly to your holiday destination and save money on extra luggage costs. At Eurosender, you can get instant prices to send surfing equipment overseas. Take advantage of our experience and learn how to properly pack and ship a surfboard or other water equipment internationally.

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The best way to ship a surfboard internationally

At Eurosender, we offer multiple shipping solutions to match any needs when organising the international transport of surfboards or any other water sports equipment:
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How to pack a surfboard for shipping

Follow our instructions to pack a fish, short or longboard surfboard for shipping to Australia, New Zealand or any other popular surfing destination.

  • Detach the removable parts and package them separately, such as the fins and leg rope.
  • Protect the surfboard by inserting it into a padded bag and adding an extra cushioning layer.
  • Use cardboard sheets to make the outer protection of your already padded surfboard. If you have a big enough cardboard box, place the packed items inside as well.
  • Use tape to fix the packaging and reinforce all edges and seams.


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Shipping a surfboard by post or courier

Travelling long distances with a surfboard may be very expensive, hence the preference of many surfers to ship their surfing equipment ahead by post or courier at a lower cost. Considering the length of common surfboards, standard courier or post services may have quite high prices to send these items internationally. At Eurosender, you can book services that are not only faster but also allow items of bigger dimensions without considering them as freight. Here are some of our shipping partners you can send your surfboard with:


FAQ on shipping surfboards by courier

Can you ship or post a surfboard?
Yes. It is very frequent that travellers and online stores use courier or postal services to send surfboards internationally. This option is often more affordable than paying to carry sports equipment on the plane.
What is the best surfboard courier service?
Many courier companies have adjusted their parcel services to incorporate items with bigger dimensions. It is possible to send surfboards with UPS, DHL, TNT and many other couriers and postal companies with dedicated services.
What is the best way of shipping a surfboard to Australia, New Zealand, or any other global destination?
Many courier and postal companies offer worldwide shipping services that are suitable for surfboards. The best option for sending your surfboard to Australia, New Zealand and other global destinations is the worldwide Express Service. When shipping surfboards within Europe, you may also opt for our Regular Plus or Regular Services if the board is shorter such as a bodyboard or some fish boards. If you would like to request a personalised shipping service, ask for an individual offer, and our logistics experts will arrange the best shipping alternative for your surfboard delivery.
Where can I get appropriate boxes for shipping surfboards?
Since it may be hard to get a box long enough to fit your surfboard, the safest way of shipping it by courier is by packing it in a padded bag and then using cardboard sheets as the final layer of protection. You can easily find cardboard sheets in hardware stores or simply dismantle some used cardboard boxes to reuse the material.
How can I transport my surfboard on a plane?
Most airline companies allow passengers to bring sports equipment on board for an extra baggage fee. If you opt to transport your surfboard on the plane, make sure to protect it properly in a bag and add some additional cushioning since it will be handled by different people and can get easily damaged. To avoid such costs, you can organise shipping of your surfboard by courier directly to your hotel via Eurosender.
Can I get international shipping solutions for my surf shop with Eurosender?
Of course! At Eurosender, we offer international shipping services also to business and online stores to safely send surfboards and equipment to their clients wherever they are. Our platform allows businesses to easily organise multiple shipments for surfboards, wetsuits and other water sports equipment and manage all your logistics operations from one single place. Register to unlock all features and get the most of our logistics platform.
How long will it take to ship a surfboard by courier?
The time to deliver your surfboard will depend on the distance between the addresses of pick-up and delivery and the type of shipping service you choose. The estimated delivery time will be displayed during the order process so you will know instantly how long it will take for your surfboard to be delivered before you book the service.
Are surfboard deliveries covered by insurance?
We understand the importance of protecting your equipment when shipping a surfboard and other water sports gear by courier. That is why every shipment organised with us is insured. The value of insurance coverage might vary based on the service booked, and additional insurance is available at low rates.
How to send a surfboard by post? Are there any special services available?
Some surfboards are too large to be sent by post, but most water sports equipment and gear can be sent via courier without any trouble. Regardless of the size and weight of your parcel, we can arrange a delivery for you. Simply introduce the details of your parcel on our booking tool, and you will get a tailored offer automatically.
How much does it cost to send a surfboard overseas?
The price of shipping a surfboard by post will depend on the total size and weight of your parcel and the distance between the addresses of pick-up and delivery. You can get a final price for your water sports equipment delivery by inserting the shipment details directly on our booking tool.

How much does it cost to ship a surfboard internationally