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Are you planning a new surf adventure and would like to take your favorite surfboard with you, but are dreading the costs for extra baggage? Don’t worry! Euroseder has just the right solution – now you can simply ship your surfboard to your travel destination and save money as well as time! Find out how you can properly pack and easily ship a surfboard with our popular surfboard shipping services.

Why book courier services with Eurosender

  • The platform automatically selects the provider with the best price-performance ratio.
  • We only collaborate with the most trustworthy and renowned international logistics companies – DHL, DPD, GLS, DB Schenker, Kuehne+ Nagel, Post Luxemburg etc.
  • Quick and easy – It takes only a few minutes to place an order.
  • The system shows immediately the final price – no hidden costs!
  • The international team with offices in London, Berlin and Ljubljana takes perfect care of your shipment.

How to ship a surfboard

The price for shipping a surfboard in Europe depends on the size and the weight of your item. Measure your surfboard and check the dimensions in the size checker below. If your surfboard can be shipped as a standard shipment (up to 40 kg and length + 2x width + 2x height < 300 cm) just use the shipping engine further below and start inserting the pick-up and delivery countries. Is your surfboard bigger, simply fill out our online form for the individual offer. Our team of experts will find the cheapest way to ship your surfboard and provide you with a quote in the shortest time possible.

Type to search
Type to search

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Pack your surfboard and wait for the pick-up.

Expert advice

If you are going on vacation and would like to send your surfboard to your travel destination, we recommend shipping your surfboard at least two working days prior to your departure.


Your only responsibility is to properly pack your surfboard and book the service on our website. We take care of everything else and organize the shipping of your surfboard with the selected courier service provider. Your surfboard will be picked up from your chosen address and delivered to the destination of your choice just in time for you to catch the right wave and enjoy the sunny weather.



If your shipment is picked up in Poland, Spain or Sweden, do not forget to print the shipping label and attach it to your package. In other countries, this is taken care of by the couriers.


If you have any questions about the ordering process, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service. They will be more than happy to help you with the necessary information.


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We know that passionate surfers feel the excitement the most when they’re using their own equipment. We understand the importance of having your surfboard protected, so when booking through Eurosender, your shipment will be insured for a value of 200 EUR. However, if you would like to insure your surfboard for a higher value, you can get in touch with our shipping experts and they will present you the options you can choose from.

Packaging materials and supplies for packing a surfboard
  1. Cardboard Box or corrugated cardboard – For packing your surfboard. It can be new or used, but it has to be sturdy (new cardboard or new boxes are available in any stationery or hardware store and you can find used ones in supermarkets or other stores).
  2. Measuring Tape – For measuring the dimensions of your package (available in stationery or hardware stores or supermarkets).
  3. Weighing Scale – For weighing your package (available in any store or in gyms).
  4. Packing peanuts – For internal cushioning of the cardboard box (available in hardware stores).
  5. Foam – For internal cushioning and the protection of the surfboard (available in hardware stores).
  6. Packing Paper – For securing delicate parts (available in stationery and hardware stores or supermarkets).
  7. Bubble Wrap – For the protection of the items inside the package (available in stationery and hardware stores or supermarkets).
  8. Scissors – For cutting the materials if needed (available in stationery and hardware stores or supermarkets).
  9. Duct Tape – For sealing the package (available in stationery and hardware stores or supermarkets).


How to properly pack a surfboard for shipping

  1. Find a suitable cardboard box. It can be tricky to find a box for a surfboard, as surfboards are much bigger than a regular sized shipment. The best possible thing would be to use the box the surfboard came in. If you don’t have the box anymore and can also not find a box that is large enough for your surfboard, consider joining two or more smaller boxes to make one big box or use corrugated cardboard for the outer layer of protection.
  1. Detach removable parts. If your surfboard has any detachable parts, detach them and bubble wrap them separately. If there are parts jutting out of the surfboard a bit but are not detachable, your best bet would be to first wrap them up in a protective layer of cardboard or foam sheet before you layer the entire surfboard in a protective plastic film.
  1. Protect the surfboard. The best option would be to start with a padded board bag. If you do not have one, then start with some other sort of clothing layer. It needs to be soft enough to not scratch the surfboard, but strong enough to protect it from other things scratching it. Afterward, protect the edges of the surfboard with foam, wrap the surfboard with bubble wrap and tape it well. At this point, you can also add additional layers of bubble wrap or foam sheets to protect it even more. Alternatively, you can also stop at two layers of protection.
  1. Keep the surfboard compact. After protecting the surfboard with padding put it in the cardboard box and then fill the box with bubble wrap, foam padding or packing peanuts. They will fill empty spaces left between the items and prevent them from shifting inside the box. Remember to also add padding on the bottom of the box, before you put in the surfboard. Don’t use a box which is too big for the items placed inside because even if you use enough cushioning material, the stacking strength will be reduced. If you did not manage to find a suitable cardboard box for your surfboard, we recommend to use extra layers of bubble wrap or foam (as described above), and then use corrugated cardboard as the last layer of protection.
  1. Seal the box really well. Use enough duct tape and seal all sides of the box. Apply at least three strips of tape evenly and cover all flaps and seams on the top and the bottom. Use strapping for the heavier boxes.


Hitting the beach with your surfboard and enjoying the highest waves on the beaches of Spain, Portugal or France can make for a brilliant holiday. Don’t worry anymore about how to get your surfboard there. We know the requirements of courier companies best and are able to give customers the right advice on how to pack a surfboard and prepare it for shipping.


If you still have some questions regarding the packaging or the packing of your surfboard or if you need help with the ordering process, simply contact our customer service. Our staff will be happy to help you.


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