The best way to ship a ukulele internationally

Are you looking for the best way to ship a ukulele to a repair shop? Or you are a reseller willing to find a reliable service to organise multiple ukulele deliveries internationally? Eurosender offers the most affordable prices for sending ukuleles abroad by courier. Whether you plan to buy and ship a ukulele from Hawaii or you want to post a used uke you sold online, check the delivery options and packaging tips we prepared.

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Shipping services for ukulele repair shops and stores

For online stores or ukulele repair shops, shipping instruments and uke accessories internationally, Eurosender offers affordable shipping solutions. Create a business account and access your dashboard to keep all your invoices and orders on one place. Get assistance from your personal logistics manager and optimise your delivery processes to expand your business globally.


How to ship ukuleles internationally with a courier

Eurosender offers different shipping services for ukulele deliveries within Europe and abroad:

Express shipping

The fastest way to ship ukuleles internationally in 24-72h
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Standard shipping

The most cost-effective service for ukulele deliveries by courier
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Pallet delivery

The best option for businesses that ship ukuleles to retailers
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Van delivery

Convenient delivery ukuleles and other instruments to an event
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What to have in mind when shipping a ukulele by mail or courier

  1. Pack your ukulele properly so you can be sure it will arrive safely to its destination.
  2. Book the delivery in advance. Check our Estimated delivery tool and plan the ukulele collection in advance to make sure the procedure will run smooth.
  3. Verify if you need to print and attach the shipping label to your parcel. Such information will be provided to you in an email.

Shipping a ukulele: insurance coverage

Depending on the selected shipping service and the type of item transported, shipping insurance may be included in the price of the service. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance options with higher coverage at low rates.
Always make sure you packed your ukulele properly in its case when shipping internationally. We recommend keeping the original invoice of your device as it serves as proof of its value. This document will be required by the courier company in case you decide to start a claim procedure for damage or loss.


How to pack a ukulele for shipping by courier

When sending a ukulele internationally, you need to ensure it is appropriately protected and cannot move inside its packaging. The best way to mail a ukulele safely is to follow the packing tips we prepared:

  1. Loosen the strings, but don´t remove them.
  2. Nest the ukulele in the original hard case. Fill voids within the case with bubble wrap to avoid it moving inside and protect its neck.
  3. Prepare the shipping box with cushioning materials such as packing peanuts and place the ukulele inside. Fill in all free spaces with more packing peanuts.
  4. Seal the box after making sure the ukulele case cannot move inside it. Reinforce all corners and edges of the box with adhesive tape.

How to pack and ship ukuleles without a case?

We have prepared some useful tips you can follow to ship ukulele without a case:

  1. Loosen the strings, but don´t remove them.
  2. Bubble wrap the ukulele and secure it with a tape.
  3. Place the wrapped uke in a box of proper size. Fill in all free spaces with packing peanuts, paper, or polystyrene foam until it is entirely immobile inside the box. Seal the box.
  4. Put the box into a bigger cardboard box. Fill in all extra spaces with cushioning materials.
  5. Seal the box. Secure the corners and edges with adhesive tape.


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FAQs on how to ship a ukulele internationally by courier

How much does it cost to ship a ukulele?
Eurosender provides lower than average prices for sending ukuleles internationally. You can get the instant cost to ship a uke by courier in just a few clicks using our advanced booking tool.
Can I travel with a ukulele? Can I bring a ukulele on a plane?
Most airlines allow bringing ukulele and other musical instruments as carry-on or as checked-in baggage. However, if you don’t want to bring your ukulele on the plane and carry it along all the time, Eurosender has the solution. You can always choose to ship your ukulele beforehand and enjoy a stress-free flight.
Can I ship a ukulele from Hawaii? How can I organise a ukulele delivery form abroad?
If the seller does not offer shipping services to your country or if the service is too expensive, you can count on Eurosender to organise low-cost shipping of your ukulele locally or internationally. Simply choose the pickup and delivery countries on our booking engine, pick the package option and get the instant cost of shipping. Make sure someone is present on the collection day, and that the ukulele is packed correctly.
Where can I buy a ukulele shipping box?
You can purchase standard cardboard boxes at hardware or even convenience stores. Some of our customers check with their local stores or facilities for spare, free-of-charge boxes.
How to ship a ukulele to and from a repair shop in another city?
If the ukulele repair shop is located in another city or even country, you can always choose a door-to-door service to send your uke to the destination point. Arrange the ukulele delivery to and from a repair shop with Eurosender and enjoy safe shipping services with the best couriers.
How to pack a ukulele in a suitcase?
When you want to ship the ukulele together with other belongings in a suitcase, you need to pack it properly. Bubble wrap the instrument in a couple of layers of bubble wrap and fix it with tape. You can place your uke in a hard or soft case. Nest the case with the uke in a suitcase among other belongings or clothes, which can serve as cushioning materials. Here you can check how to prepare a suitcase for shipping.