How to ship a ukulele locally or internationally

The ukulele is a chord musical instrument very well-known for its cheerful sound and light melody. Typical from Hawaii, it is possible to find variations of this instrument in different countries and even continents. The ukulele comes in different sizes and is often associated with jazz, indie, pop, as well as typical Hawaiian music. Nowadays, the ukulele is a very popular instrument used all around the world. For this reason, it is possible that you may wish to ship a ukulele bought internationally or you might need to travel by plane with a ukulele. In this page, you will find everything you need to know about packing and shipping a ukulele, so you can easily send it by mail or courier.

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Find out how to pack your ukulele for safe transportation

Eurosender made shipping a ukulele locally or internationally very easy. In addition to our online booking platform, we also put together a complete guide on how to pack a ukulele to guarantee you have the safest shipping possible.

After booking the service, leave the organization of your shipment to us: our logistics experts will take care of all the shipping process from pick-up to delivery.

What to know before placing an order to ship your ukulele internationally?

To make sure the process of booking a local or international shipping service for your ukulele goes as smooth as possible, follow these easy steps:

  • Measure the final dimensions of your parcel. Final dimensions should include the ukulele case, the shipping box and materials. Even after safely packed, your ukulele can be transported with our standard shipping service. In case you would rather request a special service or ship it along with other musical instruments, you can ask for an Individual Offer and our specialists will send you a proposal tailored for your needs.

Individual Offer

  • Be present during the pick-up and delivery of your parcel. In door-to-door shipping services, both pick-up and delivery are done in person. Therefore, it is very important that you are present during the scheduled dates. If it is not possible, you can ask someone else to be there and receive the parcel on your behalf.
  • Consider placing the order a few days in advance. If you are shipping your ukulele locally or internationally for an event or special date, consider booking the service ahead of the intended pick-up date to guarantee it will arrive in time. Keep in mind that, on some occasions, delivery schedules can be affected by external factors. Fill in your pick-up and delivery countries to check the estimated delivery time for your route.
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If you have any questions about placing an order, packing or shipping a ukulele, we are always available to help.



Insurance coverage

All standard shipping services booked with Eurosender are automatically covered by base insurance up to 200€. You can also book additional insurance with coverage up to 1000 € or more.

However, please be aware that valuable or antique ukuleles might fall into the list of restricted items of some courier companies and, therefore, will not be covered by insurance. For that reason, it is extremely important to carefully pack your ukulele and make sure it is safe for shipment.


How to pack a ukulele for safe transportation

Safely packing your ukulele is the most important step in the delivery process. The following packing instructions can be used whether you intend to send the ukulele by courier or if you just wish to know how to travel with your ukulele.


Materials needed to pack a ukulele for shipping

When sending a ukulele by mail or by courier, you need to ensure it is properly protected and cannot move inside its packaging. This is a list of materials we recommend using to pack a ukulele for shipping:

  • Ukulele case, preferably a rigid case for better protection. It is advised to use the original instrument case to decrease the risk of cracks/scratches or other damages.
  • One or two cardboard boxes, depending on the case you have. If you only have a soft case, it is advised to use two cardboard boxes in different sizes. The boxes can be new or used, as long as they are resistant and still in good condition.
  • Cushioning materials like bubble-wrap, foam blocks, polystyrene sheets, packing peanuts and crumpled paper.
  • Adhesive tape and scissors to seal the boxes and cut all necessary materials.

How to pack a ukulele for shipping by courier

Once you have all the necessary materials, you can start packing your ukulele by following these easy steps:

  1. Loosen the strings, but don´t remove them.
  2. If you have a rigid case, you can put your ukulele directly inside it. If the case is slightly bigger than the instrument, you can first wrap the ukulele in foam wrap to avoid it moving inside the case.
  3. If you have a soft case, you should first wrap your ukulele in foam wrap. Put two cardboards slightly bigger than the ukulele on each side and fix them with adhesive tape. After this put the ukulele in the case.
  4. Use bubble-wrap to protect the ukulele already inside the case.
  5. Prepare the smallest box with cushioning materials such as packing peanuts and place the ukulele inside. Fill in all free spaces with more packing peanuts until it is perfectly immobile inside the box. Seal the box.
  6. Prepare the already sealed box by sticking a cut to size polystyrene sheet to each of the sides. Put the protected smaller box inside the bigger one.
  7. Fill in all extra spaces with cushioning materials and seal the box after making sure items cannot move inside it. Reinforce all corners and edges of the box with adhesive tape.

You can also attach a “Fragile” sign to the box, but keep in mind that courier companies are not obliged to treat standard shipping with special care.


Reasons to choose Eurosender when shipping a ukulele locally or internationally

Eurosender knows the importance of accessible, safe and efficient shipping services both for individual customers and companies.

  • Get the best price for shipping a ukulele – We have a constantly growing customer base, which allows us to negotiate better shipping rates and share them with you.
  • Get the best available service for each shipment and route – Thanks to our network of specialized logistics partners, we are able to match each requested service with the best available shipping option.


Reasons to ship a ukulele internationally with Eurosender

Customers often choose to send their ukulele with us to avoid carrying it in the airplane during vacations or when buying a new ukulele online from an international store. Here is a list of the most frequent reasons for shipping a ukulele with Eurosender:

  • Buying or selling a ukulele online. Using the internet to buy an instrument from a store abroad is easy but arranging appropriate delivery of the ukulele might be tricky. If the seller does not offer shipping services to your country or if the service offered is too expensive, you can count on Eurosender to organize low-cost shipping of your ukulele locally or internationally.
  • Sell a used ukulele. The time might have come to sell your used ukulele and invest in a new one. Selling musical instruments and other items online in platforms such as eBay or OLX is very easy and practical. Still, the buyer and the seller may not be always able to personally exchange the goods. Eurosender door-to-door shipping service can be very useful to complete the trade on such occasions.
  • Traveling with a ukulele. We understand that you might want to bring your ukulele on the plane but carrying it along all the time can be challenging during transit. On such occasions, you can always choose to ship your ukulele beforehand with Eurosender.
  • Send a ukulele to the repair shop. Your ukulele deserves the best care possible and sometimes the best repair shop is located far away. You can always choose the door-to-door service to ship it to the repair shop instead of taking it yourself.


Do you still have any doubts or questions about shipping a ukulele? Or would you like assistance while booking the shipment of your ukulele? Don´t hesitate in contacting us and our experienced customer support team will gladly assist you.