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Are you wondering where you can find cheap (or even free!) carton boxes (e.g. packing boxes, moving boxes etc.)? Are you curious to know, what are the typical shipping box dimensions and weight for a standard service? Eurosender has all the answers. We also offer you the opportunity to book an affordable and reliable parcel delivery service through our platform!

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Types of shipping boxes

Most people refer to all shipping boxes (or packing boxes, moving boxes etc.) as “cardboard boxes”. However, in most cases, they use corrugated carton boxes that are specifically designed for long-distance transportations. Although you can ship items within cardboard boxes, corrugated carton boxes offer extra protection to your shipment. That is why it is recommended to use the latter when shipping fragile items.

  • Cardboard boxes – boxes made of thick paper stock or heavy paper-pulp; used mostly for packaging food.
  • Corrugated carton boxes – boxes made up of three layers of paper; they include an inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting with a ruffled shape; cardboard is indeed one of the materials that are used to create corrugated carton boxes.

Why to choose corrugated carton boxes? Because corrugated carton sheets make the shipping boxes much more durable and strong.

Is there a difference between shipping boxes, packing boxes and moving boxes?

Shipping boxes, packing boxes and moving boxes are all boxes that are used to store and protect our belongings. They can be small or big; made out of cardboard or corrugated carton. In the end, they all serve the same purpose. The main difference between those three is the reason why we use them.

Shipping boxes are, as the name suggests, for shipping. These are the boxes we use when we send a parcel to friend who lives abroad. Moving boxes are used for storing our belongings before a relocation. And, lastly, packing boxes are for storing our items, either because we want to ship them or because we simply want to store them in our own house.

It goes without saying that shipping boxes and moving boxes should be much more durable and sturdier than the boxes we use for storage purposes. That is because shipping and moving boxes

How to search for free shipping supplies | Where to find shipping boxes

Many businesses choose to purchase corrugated carton boxes in bulk, since they use them on a daily base to ship their products to other businesses or to their customers. Corrugated carton boxes and cardboard boxes can be ordered online from various e-commerce websites. Shipping boxes (or packing boxes, moving boxes etc.) can also be found in stationery shops and other physical stores.

However, most individuals (who ship sporadically), usually search for free shipping supplies. Local post offices, furniture shops, small boutiques and grocery stores usually offer used shipping boxes to customers and non-customers for free. All you have to do is ask politely the shop owner or manager and you will probably get the package you need for free. In the same way, you can always ask family members and friends who receive packages on a regular base. They might have the shipping box with the right dimensions and weight capacity.

Shipping boxes sizes and box dimensions

Before you book a courier service, you need to measure the shipping box dimensions and weight (with all the items inside). That is because, if the package ends up being over 40 kg, then it can be shipped through an individual offer and not through our standard shipping services.

At the same time, before you pack any type of item, it is important to have the right packaging materials at home. That is why, you should be aware of the different shipping boxes sizes and box dimensions. The truth is that there is a variety of packing boxes, moving boxes and shipping boxes sizes out there. There are flat and rectangular boxes, square boxes, heavy materials boxes, mailing tubes and many other shipping boxes sizes. Some of them are created with the shape of a specific item in mind (e.g. a flat screen TV).

What is important is to measure your items and then choose a box that is slightly bigger than them. It goes without saying that a box that is smaller or at the same size of your shipment will not work; the box will simply not be able to close.

On the other hand, a very big box, not only will take unnecessary space within the truck, but might be dangerous for your shipment. The items within the box will be bumping from one side to another, which could cause potential damages. Although this can be avoided by using packing peanuts and other filling materials, choosing a shipping box that is just a bit bigger than your items is the optimum solution.

  • Eurosender’s standard dimensions: To be able to book a standard shipment through Eurosender, your package should be up to 40 kg and up to 145 cm.
  • Is your shipment bigger than that? Then, you can ask for an individual offer. You simply fill-in and submit a form with your request and our sales team will come back to you within an hour with a customized offer.

Is your shipment suitable for a standard domestic shipping service?

Can I ship many boxes or boxes of different sizes?

Yes, you can ship up to 50 boxes at once when shipping with Eurosender! You can also ship multiple boxes of different sizes and weight at the same time. You can learn more on that subject by reading our dedicated blogpost.

What to consider when shipping boxes | In a nutshell:
  • The shipping box should not necessarily be new; however, it has to be in a good condition.
  • Corrugated carton boxes are better than cardboard boxes.
  • When using used shipping boxes, you should always remove the old labels from previous courier companies.
  • There is not much difference between packing boxes, shipping boxes and moving boxes.
  • You can easily find free shipping supplies, including shipping boxes.
  • The box should always be slightly bigger than the item(s) you ship.
  • You can ship multiple boxes of different sizes through Eurosender.

Do you have more questions? Ask Eurosender!

Eurosender is a leading European platform for booking shipping services. Apart from shipping boxes, you can send suitcases and pallets through our platform.


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