Types of Shipping Boxes | Packaging Materials and Guidelines

Types of shipping boxes, envelopes and other packaging supplies

Choosing the right package and the most appropriate shipping service for the items you need to send is vital to save on any shipment. Therefore, before shipping, you should have a clear understanding of the different types of boxes and other packaging materials. At Eurosender, we eased this process by providing this manual with packaging materials and guidelines, in addition to offering multiple types of services capable of fitting almost any kind of box, envelope or pallet.

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Corrugated vs cardboard boxes for shipping

Corrugated boxes are made of three sheets of thick paperboard, which makes them different than the cardboard ones. These boxes are more convenient for shipping or moving, as they can withstand different content during transport. Not only that, but they are also reusable and recyclable thanks to the durability of the material.Cardboard boxes are made out of thick paper, and they are not necessarily meant for shipping. You can see this type of material is most often used as food packaging or for greeting cards.

Wooden boxes for shipping

Individuals or businesses usually use wooden boxes when transporting mainly larger shipments, such as freight, as these require larger storage space. Wooden boxes are both durable and robust and often come in bigger sizes than other types of shipping boxes. Not only that but they are also perfect for recycling and reusing, similar to the corrugated boxes.


Envelopes come in various materials, such as different sorts of paper or plastic, or a combination of both as in padded envelopes, with the latter ones being the strongest. They can also have different measurements, varying from C10 (28 x 40 mm) to C0 (917 x 1297 mm), so you should be able to find the right one for your needs.

Additional Packaging Materials

Assuring the safety of a shipment means also properly cushioning and immobilizing the items for transit. Some of the following items can be found around the house, while other may require a visit to a supply store.
Plastic stretched film
Packing peanuts
Cardboard box
Bubble wraps
Duct tape
Measuring tape
Weighing scales


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How to pack a box for shipping or moving

Choose the right box
Corrugated cardboard boxes are the best choice when shipping internationally

Internal cushioning
Foam padding and packing peanuts will fill up the space left between the items, and it will prevent them from shifting inside the box

Apply at least three strips of tape evenly and cover all flaps and seams on the top and the bottom. Use strapping for the more massive boxes

Remove old labels. Stick the label on a flat surface on top of the box, so the courier scans the barcode easily
Measure your boxes after you have packed them and use our size checker tool to see which type of service fits best for your shipment.

Where to find the packaging and other appropriate materials in Europe

Where can I find moving or shipping boxes, envelopes and other packaging materials?

OBI, Bauhaus, Hornbach

Brico, Gamma, Karwei

Bauhaus, Mr. Bricolage, Masterhaus, Praktiker

Bauhaus, Baumax, Merkur, Obi, Bricostore

Czech Republic
Bauhaus, Hornbach, Obi

Bauhaus, Bauhof

Starkki, Hartman, K-rauta, Väritukku Oy/Värisilmä, Bauhaus, RTV, Puukeskus

Castorama, Leroy merlin, Bricorama, Mr. Bricolage, Brico dépôt

Bauhaus, Hornbach, Obi, Zeus

Kotsovolos, Praktiker

Bauhaus, Obi, Baumax, Praktiker

B&Q, Hunts of Marlow, The Range, Pickels, Homebase, Toolstation, Moles

Obi, Brico Center, Leroy Merlin

Depo DIY

Depo DIY

Gamma, Karwei, Bauhaus, Hornbach, Brico

Gamma, Karwei, Bauhaus, Hornbach, Praxis, Formido

Obi, Praktiker

Leroy Merlin, Aki, Maxmat, Bricomarché, Brico Cash, Brico dépôt

Hornbach, Praktiker

Bauhaus, Hornbach, Baumax

Bauhaus, Obi, Merkur

Batkor, Bauhaus, Brico dépôt, Aki

Bauhaus, Hornbach

United Kingdom
B&Q, Hunts of Marlow, The Range, Pickels, Homebase, Toolstation, Moles

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What is the difference between shipping vs moving vs packing boxes?

There is not much of a visible difference between these three corrugated boxes, but rather, it is only the reason why we use them:

  • Shipping boxes mainly used when we send a parcel somewhere.
  • Moving boxes are used for storing our belongings before relocating to another place.
  • Packing boxes or plastic boxes are used for storing our items, either because we want to ship them later, or because we simply want to save them in our own house.
When should I ship with wooden boxes?

You should ship with wooden boxes on a pallet when you have items that are oddly shaped or more fragile such as plants, pianos or motorcycles. This way, you will ensure that the shipment stays protected during transit.

Can I ship a plastic box?

You can ship one or multiple plastic boxes, inside a corrugated box, previously prepared according to our guidelines.

Can I ship multiple boxes?

You can ship multiple boxes either by placing different orders, or within one order, or even on a pallet. You can read more information about this here.

Can I ship boxes of different sizes in one order?

Depending on the size of the boxes you can opt for packing them on a bigger box and send them as one single package, or place them on a pallet if the boxes are too bulky and heavy. This option is suitable when all the boxes or packages will get sent to the same delivery address. Alternatively, you can place an order and select more than 1 box, indicating for each its weight and size.

What is the maximum weight and size a box can have?

This depends on the type of service and the courier company performing the shipping. However, in general, with the Standard Shipping Service, the package should not weight more than 30 kg and 70 kg with the Express Shipping Service. For more information regarding these services, we invite you to read our dedicated pages to standard or express shipping.

Can I ship any size of the envelope with Eurosender?

When using the Envelope service provided by Eurosender, the size of the envelope can be up to 2 kg and 35 x 28 cm.

How can I place the label in the box?

It is important to have one label on the outside, and on a flat surface of the package. You can have an additional label printed and placed inside the box, in case the outside one gets damaged during transit.

How big should a box be considering the size of my items?

The box should be neither too big, nor too small. If you place small items in an overly large box and miss to fill the voids accordingly, you increase the chances of damage.