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  • How to get ready for a move – packing guidelines / Pallets

How to get ready for a move – packing guidelines / Pallets

How to ensure a safe transportation

When shipping multiple or large and heavy items, you may want to consider if it is more convenient and affordable to send it using a pallet. At the same time, shipping a pallet across Europe will diminish the chance of damage, since each pallet is handled with forklifts and it is not sorted neither manually nor mechanically as boxes.

Pallets are sturdy platforms, made of wood mostly and used to strengthen and stabilize the shipments, providing an easier handling and moving of freight shipment.

1. Choose the right pallet

  • A pallet can weigh more than 1.000 kg, so preparing and packing it carefully is very important for a secure transport.
  • Choose a sturdy pallet which is large enough to accommodate the load.
  • Check the pallet and make sure it doesn’t have any protruding nail heads or cracks.

2. Stack boxes on the pallet

  • Place paper pallet liners under the load
  • Place the boxes on the pallet and align them. Use paper liners between the boxes, in order to fill up the space. It helps to distribute their weight evenly.

3. Don’t stack up high or overhang

  • Leave as little space between the boxes as possible. Make sure you don’t stack them too high and that the top surface is levelled.
  • Make sure that the boxes don’t hang over the edge.
  • Secure them tightly with plastic cling film and brace them against each other. It keeps the pieces together and it secures them from falling apart during the transit.

4. Use wraps, braces and twine

  • Wrap the entire pallet, including its base. In this way, the whole shipment can be transported in one piece and the items won’t slip.
  • Twist the stretch wrap and use it as a rope for greater security.
  • Try to move the boxes on the top gently, to make sure they don’t wobble and the plastic film doesn’t ripple.
  • For better protection of the shipment and reinforcement, you can use edge boards and dust cover sheet. Corner boards are recommended mostly for double loaded pallets.

5. Labelling

  • Make sure the label is placed on the side and not on the top in order to increase readability.