Terms and Conditions for a Free Interrail Pass

Terms & Conditions for a Free Interrail Pass


  1. Organizer

EUROSENDER D.O.O., a limited liability company with its registered office in Cesta v Gorice 34B, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, tax number 65251431, registration number 6214924000, hereinafter: “Eurosender” or “the Organizer”

  1. Duration

The duration of the competition is from the 10th of September 2018 at 00:01 to 1st of October, 2018 at 23:59.

  1. Terms

The prize draw is open to all natural persons residing in the countries where Eurosender offers its services (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom). The participants should be fifteen (15) years old or older and should meet the conditions mentioned in the Conditions. If someone who wishes to participate is younger than eighteen (18) years old, they will be able to participate only after Eurosender has received prior written consent from his parents or legal representatives.

Legal persons or employees of Eurosender d.o.o cannot participate in the competition, including all employees of all subsidiaries and other affiliates with a direct connection to Eurosender d.o.o, nor their spouses, unmarried partners and children.

It is understood that all participants are familiar and agree with the Conditions.

To make an order through Eurosender.com or any other of its domains is neither a prerequisite for participation in the competition nor somehow considered for choosing the winner.

  1. Activity

To participate in the competition the participants must follow this simple step:

By participating in the competition participants:

  • Give consent that the Eurosender d.o.o. use the email address that was entered to select a winner by a lucky draw and that the Organizers use the email address to establish communication with the person holding that email address;
  • Agree that in the event of winning the competition, Eurosender d.o.o. will have the right to publish the winner’s name and surname (after contacting the winner through email; this consent may be revoked at any time without affecting the participation in a lottery or a right to the prize);
  • Ensure that the email address that is given is genuine;
  • Ensure to have previously obtained all necessary consents of the persons for which the email address is inserted;
  • Users can participate in the contest several times by entering different email addresses.
  1. Prize

Eurosender d.o.o awards one (1) prize to the winner. Wishes of the winner about changes in the prize cannot be considered as far as they are changing the nature of the prize.

The prize consists of a Free train pass (10 days) provided by Eurail Group G.I.E. The pass will be issued for a second-class seat. Seat reservation is not included.

The winner of the prize can choose the travel dates between the date the winner claim the prize until the next 11 months.

Interrail Pass issuance will take approximately three weeks from the date the winner claims the prize and will be delivered to the desired address.

The winner of the prize is responsible for the reservations throughout his/her travel with the Interrail Global Passes. Eurail Group GIE doesn’t take any responsibility for any issues that arise due to lack of awareness of travel information, loss, and theft.

The out payment of the price in cash throughout Eurosender is not possible.

  1. Draw and proclamation of winners

Participants who have successfully submitted their own email address following the instructions laid out in point 4 of these Conditions, will take part in the prize draw. The prize draw will take place within one (1) working days after October 1st, 2018 at the premises of Eurosender d.o.o. Only the results will be made public, and not the method of decision.

The draw will select the main winner and two (2) reserve winners, who will consequently receive the award in the case that the main winner renounces the prize is excluded of the competition or has not fulfilled all the conditions. The winning email will be chosen by lot in the list of all emails received from the quiz.

The Organizer will send a notification no later than five (5) working days after completion of the prize draw via email.

The winner should respond to the Organizer email within three (3) working days from the date when the notification was sent. The winner should specify his/her name, surname and contact details where the organiser can reach him for further instructions on how to claim the prize.

In order to claim the prize, the winner should fill out the following documents that the Organizer will forward via email:

– A questionnaire on personal data (name, permanent address, date of birth, tax identification number);

– Form “Declaration of Acceptance of Prize”.

In the event that the winner is younger than eighteen (18) years old, consent from the parents/ legal guardians should also be sent to the Organizer.

In the event that the winner within three (3) working days from the notification of the receipt of the prize has not contacted the Organizer and forwarded the information requested, it shall be deemed that it withdrew its participation in the competition and at the same time waives his right to the prize. In this case, the prize will be awarded to the first reserve winner. In such a case, the Organizer shall be relieved of any obligations to the main prize winner.

  1. Use and Protection of Personal Data

By participating in the competition it is deemed that the participant has given personal consent for the collection of his personal data for the purpose of implementing sweepstakes and promotional purposes set out in paragraph 4 of these Conditions.

Eurosender is committed to protecting personal data obtained in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter ZVOP of the Republic of Slovenia).

By participating you expressly agree that Eurosender may use the email address/es that was/were entered to communicate about the company’s services and improvements. By participating you are aware and agree that the servers can also be located in third countries which are not members of the European Union or of the European Economic Area. In connection with the transfer of personal data in third countries, the user is aware that a third country may not offer the same level of legal protection to personal data than the one offered by Eurosender and, in general, by the Republic of Slovenia.

By participating you expressly agree that the Organizer may provide certain information relating to the implementation of the sweepstakes to third parties in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia which has a contract concerning the processing of personal data in the name and on behalf of the operator carrying out certain tasks relating to the processing of personal data.

  1. Cancellation

Participants may revoke their consent for participation in the competition. Revocation of participants is carried out by contacting the Organizer here.

  1. Liability of the participants

Participants take part in the competition at their own risk. Organiser assumes no responsibility for any undesirable consequences that would result from their own participation in the competition or of their parents.

  1. Liability of the Organiser

The Organizer has the right to exclude any participant from the competition where there exist legitimate reasons (eg. A breach of these Conditions, causing undesirable consequences to third parties, inappropriate and offensive content, etc.). Participation through associations, through automatic and services primarily through professional service, are not allowed. In the case of exclusion from participation, the excluded participant will not be able to withdraw or claim back the prize.

Organiser assumes no responsibility for:

– Failure or incomplete functioning of e-mail and Internet connections;

– Any consequences that could arise as a result of their participation in the competition against the participants in the competition and/or to any third party;

– Failure of the service, which is due to loss of network of distribution partners, power failure or other technical disturbances which could temporarily affect the use of services; or,

– Any other unintended consequences that could cooperate suffered due to participation in a lottery.

The Organizer has the right to exceptionally terminate the contest for unforeseen reasons (i.e. force majeure, natural disaster, etc.). The Organizer reserves the right to grant the prize among those participants that completed before the interruption, without being responsible towards any of those who participated after the interruption. The Organiser shall inform the participants about the interruption through social media. The Organizer is not liable for any damage caused in case of exceptional termination of the contest for unforeseen reasons.

  1. Complaints

Any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia and will be resolved by the competent court in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  1. Provisions

The Organizer reserves the right to update and change these Conditions. The Organizer commits to publishing any changes to these Conditions on www.eurosender.com.

For additional information, any person interested in the competition may contact us here.