Services - Relocation and removals

Moving abroad

If you’re moving away for good, Eurosender can provide you with the means for doing so and offer information, assistance and support regarding your relocation. We realise that having to up sticks and move abroad is a lot more than finding a courier and sending everything off.

For that reason, we offer support and assistance in coordinating your move, from planning the transportation of your items to the best advice on labelling and packing. You can tell us more about your international moving needs and we will provide you with some of the best international shipping quotes with no added cost.

Of course, you want a platform you can trust, and you’ll be putting your most valuable belongings in the hands of Europe’s leading courier companies, freight forwarders and postal operators. No need to sit behind a desk researching the best options, because we automatically choose the logistics company with the best price to performance ratio.

We can also advise you on finding the right insurance package for you. Although shipments with Eurosender are already insured up to the value of 200 EUR, additional insurance is critical.

Here at Eurosender, our main focus is to offer the most affordable prices for parcel and pallet shipping in Europe and to provide convenient solutions for relocations: easy booking for door-to-door shipping services, access to high quality services provided by some of the most renowned logistics companies, storage facilities, tracking systems and customer assistance.

Job Relocation

Relocating to a new place for employment can be a stressful and costly undertaking. Whether the move is temporary or permanent, getting your things from one place to another in an efficient and secure manner can prove to be a logistical nightmare.

Eurosender specialises in offering access to low international shipping prices, catering to the needs of those before or in the process of international relocation. Thus, the costs of relocating will be lower than you thought.

Whether you’re an individual relocating yourself, needing to make arrangements or a company looking to offer relocation packages with minimum expenditure and minimum reimbursement costs to the employees, then our service and its affordable prices will be in your interest.

As an individual relocating, you may have already incurred costs through arranging accommodation, travel and/or changing currencies to that of the country of relocation. For getting your things from one place to another, you’ll have two options: by road or by air. We'll choose the most affordable option for you, one that won’t break the bank.

We arrange the fast and secure transportation of personal belongings, household goods and different pieces of furniture at reduced rates through any routes in Europe. We also give the option of storage facilities along the way, if these additional services are required.

Our experts can advise you on the cheapest way to get your belongings from one place to another and they’ll be happy to give you instructions on placing your order, finding suitable packaging for your items, and how to purchase additional insurance. They will be able to give you a final quote with no extra costs incurred, keeping your costs down when you’re making that move to somewhere new.

Before placing your order, you should always get in contact with us first when planning to ship larger items so that we can check if it’s possible and then find the best deals for you.


As someone living abroad, it’s important to stay connected to home, wherever that may be. Whether you’re an expat who’s just arrived at your foreign home or whether you’ve been living away for a while, sooner or later you’ll either receive a parcel or want to send one back home. Whether you’ve seen something abroad that those living at home just have to have or whether you just can’t live abroad without a piece of home, through Eurosender it’s possible for you to spice up home with the tastes of abroad and vice versa. With our door-to-door courier services, you’ll be able to send personal items, suitcases and anything else through a fast and secure process.

You can explore our website to find out just how much money you could save on shipping your parcels rather than travelling with them.

With smaller packages, you can receive a quote and book immediately, but our team in the freight department are also at hand for those wanting to receive offers for large packages or pallets through freight. For more information and advice on how to ship, you can read our popular blog posts on how to do proper packing on this section.


An integrated year abroad has become a popular choice for undergraduate and postgraduates alike. Regardless of the mobility type: internship, volunteering, studying or anything else, you’ll probably find that there are just some things from home you can’t live without. Perhaps it’s your warm Christmas jumper, your favourite bed spread or just your lucky socks you miss, with Eurosender you can trust getting back your belongings with a process that’s quick, simple and reliable.

Whether you’re already abroad or you’re planning to head off, shipping your belongings is a much more affordable route than taking them with you on the plane. With shipments, you can escape the stress of checking in luggage at the airport and having to move items around from suitcase to suitcase in order to meet an airline’s meticulous luggage guidelines.

We have links with many student organisations across Europe and work on offering solutions to exchange students with the problem of too much luggage. And when you book a service through Eurosender, you’re also trusting that your excess luggage will be in the hands of the most renowned and reliable courier companies on the market. We wouldn’t make partnerships with anyone else.

If you’re a student with these worries, then you should contact our team on to see how exactly you can benefit from the discounted prices that Eurosender is offering through these partnerships. Alternatively, checking with your local student organisations for more information on the discounts available would be a good idea.

You can also ask our team for advice on how exactly to pack your items. On our blog, we have some useful information on how to ship your bike, surfboard, snowboard, sports equipment and suitcases, not to mention some interesting travel information and information on studying abroad with Erasmus +.


If you’re an avid traveller, you’re probably well acquainted with the daily grind of the airport. You’ve probably spent hours at check in desks, wasted minutes at luggage carousels. Or you may even have found yourself in the situation where your luggage is too heavy to be accepted onto the aircraft. You’ll either have to leave behind your beloved possessions or pay a cost for those extra kilos that’s sometimes more than the flight ticket itself, a common case with low budget airlines where extras just keep on adding to the cost.

Our recommendation is to save those wasted minutes spent at check-in counters and luggage carousels and avoid a bill that goes up with every step closer to the departure gate. In fact, we say to escape the hassle of the airport altogether and simply ship your suitcase to its destination. It’s certainly the more cost-effective option. Through Eurosender, national and international shipping rates are lower than standard airline fares, saving you money so you can spend it on enriching your traveller's experience instead.

The ordering process for this service is simple and straight-forward. All you need to do is provide a pick-up and delivery address. It can be a residential address, a hotel, hostel or anywhere another form of accommodation, as long as it’s in Europe. With this information, you can then get an instant quote for the shipment, and the price displayed on the website is always the final one.

You can choose the collection date for the next working day by placing the order until 1:30 pm (CET).

We strongly recommend to place the pick-up date no later than 2 days before your departure, this allows contingency time to re-organise and re-shuffle dates and pick-up times should anything go wrong.