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Moving to Berlin – Things to know before you immigrate to Berlin

Home to a thriving expat community, many foreigners move to Berlin every year from all over the world. One of the most challenging hurdles is figuring out how to move personal belongings to Berlin, including finding the cheapest way to move furniture to Berlin. With Eurosender’s range of international removals services to Berlin, we have a solution to suit any sized move – whether you are moving just a few boxes or a whole household. You can begin planning your relocation to Berlin right now, by checking the cost of moving house to Berlin in just a few steps.

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Learn how to move to Berlin – with Eurosender

Whether you’re moving to Berlin with family, for business, or have simply decided to relocate for a change of scenery, you should first know what to expect when settling into life in Berlin as a foreigner. Here are a few basic facts to begin:
UTC +1
Euro (EUR)
3.5 million
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
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The cost of moving to Berlin – International removals to Berlin

With our easy to use booking platform, expert advice, and reliable shipping services, you can organise international removals to Berlin at the click of a button. We have solutions for any sized shipment – so, moving to Berlin from UK, Canada or anywhere else is affordable and stress-free.

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Visa regulations for Germany

For citizens of EU countries, moving to Berlin for work, study or any other reason is quite straight-forward as there are no visa requirements. For expats moving to Berlin from the USA, Canada or any other countries outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, there are several visa types for Germany, depending on your purpose for immigrating to Berlin.

Jobseeker Visa: For those seeking employment in Berlin, with relevant qualifications and 5 years’ experience in a specific field.

Work Visa: For those who wish to immigrate to Berlin for employment, you can apply for a work visa through your employer or contractor.

Business Visa: For those who are planning to move to Berlin to establish a business in Germany or stay in Berlin for business purposes, you can obtain a business visa for 3-6 months.

Student Visa: For international students who are enrolled in a university in Berlin.

Family Reunion Visa: If you are married to a German citizen, or a direct family member, with relevant documents proving the relationship.

Once you have obtained one of these visa types for Germany, there are several other residency permits which apply, and each varies depending on the length of stay, home country and purpose of stay. For more detailed information regarding visas for Germany, please visit the official German Immigration website.

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Property in Berlin

Expats moving to Berlin from other cities in Germany or Europe have noted that the average rent in Berlin is quite reasonable by comparison. Expats moving to Berlin alone can expect to pay around €800 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of town. If you are moving to Berlin with family, a three-bedroom dwelling in the centre of Berlin can cost around €1000 – €1.300 per month.

If you choose to buy a property instead, the cost of housing in Berlin can be very expensive. Prices per square meter of property can cost between €3500 – €6000.

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The cost of living in Berlin

While not quite as expensive as other cities such as Hamburg and Dusseldorf, there are several ways to save on the cost of living in Berlin. Sharing an apartment with flatmates is a great way to save on costs, and make new friends in your new city. Public transport is also a good way of cutting costs, saving on fuel and parking for example. In Berlin, a meal of the day will cost around €8, and an average cup of coffee approximately €2.50.

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The job market in Berlin

Although the capital is the financial and economic centre of Germany, it is important to remember that the unemployment rate is much higher than in other parts of Germany. Finding a job could be tricky for some expats in Berlin who decide to move without a job already lined up. However, with more and more start-ups and young businesses, chances of finding job opportunities for expats in Berlin are much greater with a strong knowledge of German language. English-speaking jobs in Berlin can be found in digital marketing, product management and tourism industries.

Schools in Berlin

The education system in Germany is very similar to most other European countries, whereby students can choose the type of school they attend in higher education, depending on their chosen field. There are many international schools in Berlin for foreigners moving to Berlin with kids, as well as world-renowned universities in Berlin and Germany with programs for international students.

Age: 0-6
Compulsory: No
Elementary school
Age: 6-15
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary school
Age: 16-18
Compulsory: No

Healthcare in Berlin

For expats moving to Berlin from USA, UK, Canada or anywhere else, it is important to ensure you have private health insurance to cover you for your length of stay in Germany while you are unemployed. The German healthcare system is one of the highest quality healthcare systems in the world, however, public healthcare is only provided by the state, based on income of citizens and residents. For extra services, many also choose to take out private healthcare in Germany. There are also three types of prescription medications in Germany, making it possible for certain medications to be purchased directly from the pharmacist, rather than visit a doctor each time.

Driving in Berlin

Traffic in Berlin can be extremely chaotic due to its huge population, but driving in Berlin is still the preferred method of transport by many. However, in recent years, cycling has become more and more common also. Choosing to ride a bike instead of drive is a great way to save on the costs of living in Berlin, and so too is using their comprehensive public transport system.

If you are relocating to Berlin from the USA, UK or anywhere else, you can continue to drive in Germany with a foreign license for the first year, before exchanging your license for a German one.

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What else to know about immigrating to Berlin

  • Expats living in Berlin will notice quite a few advantages of living in Berlin, including the quality of infrastructure, particularly when it comes to roads and public transport.
  • Another one of the advantages of living in Berlin is the high quality of products, as Germany has very strict standards for locally produced and imported goods, including food and clothing.
  • One of the disadvantages many expats notice about living in Berlin is the lack of job opportunities, compared to other cities in Germany such as Cologne and Frankfurt.


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How to move to Berlin from USA

Home to a vibrant expat community, including many Americans living in Berlin, a good way to start planning your move is to find out how much shipping is from the USA. You can check the price for moving personal belongings to Germany right now, in just a few clicks. Eurosender’s network of world-renowned international shipping services will match you with the right relocation service to Berlin, at the very best price available. This way, you can start calculating the cost of moving house to Berlin and save on your average moving costs.

How to move to Berlin from UK

Moving from London to Berlin is now much easier, with our van delivery service in Europe. You can now get an instant price for moving personal belongings such as furniture to Germany, without having to wait for an individual quote. Save on your average moving costs to Berlin, while also saving time, with no stop-overs along the way. Simply select your route during the first stage of the booking process, and start your immigration to Berlin in a few easy steps.

Moving to Berlin from Canada

Many expats moving to Berlin from Canada often wonder how long it takes for a parcel to arrive in Germany, and what is the cheapest way to move furniture to Berlin? With Eurosender’s express shipping, your parcel of up to 70kg can arrive within 24-72 hours, worldwide. You can estimate a price for shipping furniture to Berlin from Canada now, on our booking engine and our team of experts will tailor a solution to suit any sided move. You can begin to calculate your cost of moving house to Berlin, on our easy to use booking channel.

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