Moving to Hungary. Get ready to immigrate to Hungary

Immigrate to Hungary. Things you should know before moving to Hungary

Hungary was a communist country once, but it has transformed into a modern and vibrant state that attracts many foreigners. While some people are visiting this country as tourists, others are moving to Hungary from the USA, the UK, and neighbouring states. There are multiple reasons for that as Hungary offers a breathtaking journey with a possibility to visit old historical spots, drink tasty nutmeg wine, enjoy the thermal springs healing power, and explore the heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If you are about to immigrate to Hungary, then you should get a deeper understanding of the country’s lifestyle and its people. This guide provides comprehensive information about this Central European state and details about services for the international removals to Hungary at an extremely affordable cost.

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Relocating from the USA to Hungary or moving from other countries to this Eastern European country could be exhausting. That is why you need to choose the most affordable and reliable option for moving house to Hungary safely. For that reason, we would like to share some background information about this country and introduce reliable services for international removals to Hungary for you.

LocationHungary is located in Eastern Europe and borders on Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Ukraine.
Capital cityBudapest
ClimateThe climate of Hungary is typical for Eastern European countries with warm summers and cold snowy winters.
CurrencyForint (HUF)
PopulationThere are about 10 million people living in Hungary. The largest ethnic minorities are Romanians and Germans.
LanguageHungarian is the official language used in Hungary on a daily basis in every sphere of life. Thus, it is strongly recommended to gain some basic skills by learning Hungarian online or taking lessons with a qualified teacher before moving to Hungary.
TimezoneUTC +1
Surprising factsHungary has the highest number of thermal springs in the world.

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Living in Hungary

To make a decision related to the relocation, it is better to investigate the pros and cost of moving to Hungary first. Thus we have prepared advantages and drawbacks of living in Hungary reported by Hungarian nationals and expats.


  • Low cost of living. Expats and foreigners moving to Hungary will find out that the prices for both products and services are really affordable whether it concerns food in supermarkets or the apartment rental.
  • Superb connection with other European countries. Budapest hosts the head office and the main hub of Wizzair, one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe. Thus, there are many flight destinations to almost any part of Europe.
  • Fantastic sightseeing opportunities. Apart from Budapest, Hungary offers multiple UNESCO protected historical sites and numerous thermal spring resorts all over the country.


  • Language gap. Hungarian is a genuinely unique language, so it is difficult to learn and understand it. Expats who immigrate to Hungary need to consider learning at least an alphabet and basic phrases in Hungarian.
  • Low salary rates. The average pay rate in Hungary is almost twice lower than in developed European countries. While the cost of food and accommodation is not high, imported goods could be really expensive for both local people and legal residents.
  • Crime and poverty. Unfortunately, many people in Hungary live on the verge of poverty, while Budapest hosts an enormous number of homeless people.

Cost of living in Hungary

As it was mentioned above, the cost of living in Hungary is relatively low, especially when compared to some other European countries. Let us have a look at the average prices and regular monthly expenses of expats living in Hungary.

Apartment rental$350-450 (1-bedroom apartment)
Utility bills$150
A meal of the day$5
A cup of cappuccino$1.5
International school (optional)$200-300


Visa regulations for Hungary

The citizens of any country of the European Union do not need any visa to come and work in Hungary. However, those moving to Hungary from outside of the EU or the EEA for at least several months have to apply for a visa before arrival. As a rule, most expats immigrate to Hungary as students, business partners, employers of Hungarian-based firms, or family members of the EU citizens or Hungarian nationals. Depending on the reason of your relocation, you will need to prepare all the necessary documents, fill in the application form, and apply for a visa by contacting your local Hungarian embassy or consulate.

Healthcare in Hungary

Hungary has a universal healthcare system funded by the National Health Insurance Fund and citizen taxes. The latter are automatically deducted from the salary of workers employed in Hungary. Some companies offer a private healthcare insurance policy to expats because it covers a greater range of medical services and drugs.

All foreigners are eligible for free emergency health services. The emergency lines in Hungary usually have English-speaking professionals. Call 112 for a 24-hour English speaker.

Surprisingly, Hungary has a reputation of a recreational destination with high-quality medical services. People from all over Europe come to Hungary for its thermal springs. Foreigners enjoy a variety of thermal water pools and recreational centres all over Hungary.

School and education

The education system of Hungary is similar to that in other Central European countries but with its specific features as well. There is a number of church-funded public schools which implement religious studies in their curricula. Overall, children have to attend schools from the age to 6 till the age of 16.

Expats moving to Hungary with their kids, have to acknowledge that education in public schools is in Magyar (Hungarian language). Those may be appropriate for first-graders or second-graders. Some schools provide extra courses in Magyar for foreigners to catch up with the courses and obtain better communication skills in the local language. Otherwise, immigrants might consider international schools for their children with either national or international curricula. Most international schools are located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, while the cost of studies there usually range between $200 and $1200 per month.

The job market in Hungary

The country does not offer high salary rates both to its nationals and legal residents. The major sector of the Hungarian economy is electronics production, where a considerable part of the population is employed. You can find many job postings online, particularly on specialized websites. However, you need to acquaint with your potential employer in person before moving to Hungary. It is important to note that Hungarian employers prefer hiring either Hungarian nationals or the EU citizens to those coming from outside.

Property information

Expats moving to Hungary prefer renting an apartment instead of buying one. The average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre will be about $450 and $300 on the outskirts. The prices in Budapest will be higher – $550 for flats in the central districts and about $400 in the suburbs of the city. The prices for a family apartment or a house somewhere in the distant region would be around $650, while those in the centre of Budapest will be around $1000.

Driving in Hungary

Things to consider before driving in Hungary:

  • The drink driving limit is zero in Hungary, so it is not allowed to have even a glass of wine before driving on Hungarian roads.
  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • The speed limits are the following: 50 km/h in built-up areas, 130 km/h on motorways.
  • Children that less than 1.5m tall are allowed to sit only in the backseat of the car.

Cost of moving to Hungary

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