Moving to Hungary. Get Ready to Immigrate to Hungary

Immigrate to Hungary. Things you should know before moving to Hungary

Are you about to move to Hungary for work or study, alone or with your children and family? Eurosender prepared everything you need to know about visa regulations, the health system or the cost of living in Hungary when you decide to immigrate. Save time on comparing the prices of different providers and let us find the best international removal service for your relocation to Hungary.

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What to know about living in Hungary

Hungary was a communist country once, but it has changed into a modern and vibrant state that attracts many foreigners. While some people visit this country as tourists, others are moving to Hungary from the USA, the UK, and neighbouring states. For those who are about to immigrate to Hungary, this guide provides comprehensive information about this Central European state and details about services for the international removals to Hungary at an extremely affordable cost.
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Visa regulations for Hungary

The citizens from the European Union countries do not need a visa for living and working in Hungary. If you are moving to Hungary from a non-EU country, you must obtain a visa. Most expats immigrating to Hungary apply for a student visa, investor visa or reunion visa. Depending on the reason for your move to Hungary, you will need to prepare all the necessary documents, fill in the application form, and apply for a visa by contacting your local Hungarian embassy or consulate.

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Property information

Expats moving to Hungary prefer renting an apartment instead of buying one. The average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre will be about €250 and €300 per month on the outskirts.
The cost of renting an apartment in Budapest will be higher – €550 for flats in the central districts and about €400 in the suburbs of the city. The costs for a family apartment or a house somewhere in a distant region would be around €650, while those in the centre of Budapest will be about €1000 per month.

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The cost of living in Hungary

The cost of living in Hungary is relatively low, especially when compared to some other European countries. Here are the average prices and regular monthly expenses of expats living in Hungary: Utility bills – €230 per month, Internet €13, a meal of the day – €5.

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The job market in Hungary

The average salary in Hungary is not high for both nationals and legal residents. The dominant sector of the Hungarian job market is electronics production, where a considerable part of the population is employed. If you consider relocating there, you may find work in Hungary online on specialised websites. However, you need to get acquainted with your potential employer in person before moving to Hungary. Note that for the non-EU foreigners, it might be challenging to work in Hungary as local employers prefer hiring either Hungarian nationals or EU citizens.

Healthcare in Hungary

The Hungarian healthcare system is funded by the National Health Insurance Fund and citizen taxes. Some companies offer a private healthcare insurance policy to expats because it covers a wide range of medical services and drugs. All foreigners living in Hungary are eligible for free emergency health services. The emergency lines in Hungary usually have English-speaking professionals. Call 112 for a 24-hour English speaker.

Hungary has the reputation of being a recreational destination with high-quality medical services. People from all over Europe come to Hungary for its thermal springs.

School system and education in Hungary

The education system of Hungary is similar to that in other Central European countries but it has some specific features as well. There are many church-funded public schools which implement religious studies in their curriculum. Overall, children have to attend schools from the age of 6 till the age of 16.

Expats moving to Hungary with their kids should know that education in public schools is in Magyar (Hungarian language). Those may be appropriate for first-graders or second-graders. Otherwise, immigrants might consider international schools for their children with either national or international curriculums. Most international schools are located in Budapest, and the cost of studies there usually range between €200 and €1200 per month.

Driving in Hungary: Should I get and a Hungarian driving licence?

Things to consider before driving in Hungary:

  • If you are an EU or EEA citizen living in Hungary, you can drive with your national driving licence.
  • All non-EU citizen living in Hungary can drive with an international driving permit and certified Hungarian translation of their national driving licence attached to it. After a year, they should apply for a Hungarian licence.
  • If you come from countries like India, Australia, Hong Kong, you have to get naturalised to get a B licence and pass a driving test.
  • The alcohol limit for driving in Hungary is zero, so it is forbidden to drive after even a glass of wine. The speed limits are the following: 50 km/h in built-up areas, 130 km/h on motorways.
  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Children less than 1.5m tall can sit only in the backseat of the car.
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What to expect when living in Hungary

When you decide to immigrate Hungary or any other country, it is better to investigate the pros and cost of living there:

  • Low cost of living in Hungary. Expats and foreigners moving to Hungary say the prices for products and services as well as food and apartment rentals are affordable.
  • Fantastic sightseeing opportunities. Apart from Budapest, Hungary offers multiple UNESCO protected historical sites and numerous thermal spring resorts all over the country.
  • Language gap. Expats who immigrate to Hungary need to consider learning at least an alphabet and basic phrases in Hungarian.
  • Low salary rates. The average salary in Hungary is almost twice lower than in developed European countries.


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The most popular destinations from where people immigrate to Hungary

Moving to Hungary from the USA

Americans moving to Hungary usually search for the fastest, the safest, and the cheapest option to move personal belongings to a new place of residence. When relocating from the USA to Hungary, international removals with Eurosender would be a perfect solution for you.

Moving to Hungary from the UK

Discover the average moving costs to Hungary, find out the cheapest way to move furniture from the UK to Hungary, and get the most affordable price for international removals to Hungary.

Moving to Hungary from Canada

Enjoy the convenience of the global logistics network as Eurosender provides you with the best shipping services for international removals to Hungary. Get the best cost of moving to Hungary from Canada.

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