Immigrating to Ireland – How to Move to Ireland

Relocate to Ireland: What to know before moving to Ireland

Ireland’s rolling green landscapes, interesting folklore and infamous pub culture attract millions of visitors every year. After visiting the Republic of Ireland, it is no surprise that many often decide to move to Ireland from the USA, Canada, UK, and Germany, but the first thing to consider is ‘what is the easiest way to immigrate to Ireland’? Luckily, Eurosender has you covered. We offer the best low-cost solutions for international removals to Ireland and anywhere else, as well as expert advice on moving, packing and everything else you need to know about living in Ireland.

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Living in Ireland

Guinness, Whiskey, Leprechauns and the Blarney Stone are just some things that come to mind when foreigners think of Ireland. Whether you’re moving to Ireland for work, with children, or to study, you will no doubt discover much more once you are living in Ireland. Here are a few basic facts about the Republic of Ireland to help you start planning your move:
UTC + 1
Euro (€)
Official Language
English, Irish
Dialling code
Emergency number
On the left side


The cost of moving to Ireland – International removals to Ireland

Whether you’re moving a few boxes or a whole household to Ireland, Eurosender has a solution to suit any sized move to Ireland and its urgency. You can find the cheapest and easiest way to immigrate to Ireland, across our network of world-renowned logistics specialists who are experts at international removals to Ireland or any other destination:

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Visa requirements for Ireland

If you are moving to Ireland from the USA, Canada, Australia or many other places outside the European Union, you will not need a visa to visit Ireland for up to 90 days. However, if you plan on living and working in Ireland, citizens of non-EU countries must apply for an Irish work permit, student visa or residency.

If you are moving to Ireland from the UK, Germany or other EU countries, you are free to live, study or work in Ireland, however, you are still required to register yourself with the relevant authorities within your first month of moving.

For more information regarding visas for Ireland, please visit the Ireland immigration website.

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Property in Ireland

Being Ireland’s capital and largest city, most expats living in Ireland choose to settle in Dublin first. However, the cost to rent an apartment in Dublin can be very steep, compared to settling in a village or town in the country-side. For example, a single-bedroom apartment in the heart of Dublin can cost around 1,650 € per month. If you are moving to Ireland with children or a family, you can expect to pay around 3,000 € for a three-bedroom dwelling in the centre of Dublin.

By comparison, prices can range from 1,400 € – 2,400 € outside of city centres, depending on the size of the apartment.

A great way to save on monthly living expenses in Ireland is to share an apartment with fellow expats or locals who can take their share of the rent. Another great idea is to save on the costs of a furnished apartment and bring your own furniture to Ireland.

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Cost of living in Ireland

Many expats living in Ireland have noted that in recent years, Dublin has become more expensive than London in terms of monthly living expenses. As well as the increasing property prices, entertainment and eating out can take a large amount of your budget, so a great way to save on your cost of living in Ireland is to buy locally produced foods, take public transport and even share your living space with others.

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Job market in Ireland

If you’re wondering how to move to Ireland and get a job, you may be in luck. Ireland is home to many branches of multinational corporations such as Apple, Facebook and Google, as well as ample job opportunities for foreigners in Ireland in areas like transport, logistics and I.T. Jobs in Ireland for expats can also be found in hospitality if you fancy working in an Irish pub. If you plan on living and working in Ireland, make sure you obtain an Irish work permit first.

Schools and Education in Ireland

If you are moving to Ireland with children, you will need to find the right school and navigate the Irish school system. While there are plenty of international schools in Ireland, particularly in Dublin where foreigners can continue their education in their own language. English-speakers will be happy to know that schools in Ireland offer both curricula in English and Irish. If you are moving and planning on studying in Ireland, there are also many universities in Ireland offering programs for foreign students. The Irish education system consists of:

Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Primary School
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary School
Age: 13-16
Compulsory: Yes
Tertiary Education (College and University)
Age: 16+
Compulsory: No

Healthcare in Ireland

Access to medical services in Ireland is based on both private and public healthcare. Free public healthcare in Ireland for expats is available after residing there for one year and most basic services are free of charge. Many foreigners still choose to take out private insurance to cover them for additional services, and for their first year living in Ireland.

Driving in Ireland

If you are moving to Ireland from the USA, Canada, Germany or any EU country, you can use your local license for driving in Ireland, however, for all other foreigners, it is required to obtain an international driving permit. Both will need to exchange their licenses after one year of living in Ireland.

When navigating the traffic in Ireland, a few important things to remember are that the Irish drive on the left-hand side, just like in the UK. Be careful when driving in Ireland outside cities, as you will notice animals on the road and agricultural equipment throughout the countryside.

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Moving to Ireland from the USA

Due to their Irish roots, many Americans decide to move to Ireland to explore their heritage and the Irish culture. If you are thinking of moving to Ireland from the USA, Eurosender can help you move your personal belongings and household furniture to Ireland in no time. Regardless of the size of the move, we have the easiest way to immigrate to Ireland with our world-renowned logistics services offering low-cost and reliable removals to Ireland. You can a price for removals to Ireland, right now on our booking channel and start planning your move to Ireland.

Moving to Ireland from the UK

Moving to Ireland from the UK, you won’t need to travel very far and you will find the cost of removals to Ireland very affordable indeed. Why not choose a van delivery to transport a whole household directly to your new home with no stop overs? Eurosender can help you organise removals to Ireland in no time, and our team of experts will prepare a tailored offer for van delivery in the shortest time possible. Request an individual offer for removals to Ireland and start planning your move to Ireland with Eurosender.

Moving to Ireland from Germany

With a shared love of beer and a more relaxed lifestyle, many are choosing to move to Ireland from Germany and wish to save on their moving costs. Luckily, Eurosender has a solution to suit any sized move or urgency. Get an instant price for Van delivery to move an entire household, or standard or express for a few boxes. With our world-renowned removals services to Ireland and expert advice in your language when you need it, you will find yourself relocating to Ireland in no time at all.

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