Things you should know before you immigrate to Jamaica

Moving to Jamaica: Things you should know before you immigrate to Jamaica

One of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands, Jamaica has long been a tourist hotspot. With its long sandy beaches and tropical climate, many want to wind down and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the country. Nowadays there is also a group of people who are moving to Jamaica, not only for holidays but for settling down. With the number of digital nomads on the rise and large groups of pensioners with money to burn, it’s becoming more and more popular to immigrate to Jamaica. Let’s dive into the world of Bob Marley with our comprehensive guide on moving to astonishing Jamaica.

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Moving to Jamaica from the USA is on the wishlist of many. But before you consider doing this, there are numerous things you need to find out. Things as visa, job opportunities, and medical care are things you want to have sorted out before you take the big plunge. So when you are serious about your move to Jamaica, join us when we explore all the things that are essential for a good expedition.

Jamaica is visited by 4.3 million tourists each year and that number is still going up. Many are fascinated by this small island which has had such a great impact on the world. Reggae, Ska, Dub, Dancehall and even Ragga all hail from Jamaica. And of course Bob Marley, the legendary reggae singer who claimed worldwide fame with hits such as “No Woman, No Cry” and “I shot the sheriff”. But there is so much more to this magical place and among that is Jamaican cuisine. Known for its flavors and spices, it is a melting pot of cuisines from countries such as Spain, England, China, India, and multiple African countries. With Jamaican music and food at hand, there is only one more thing you need: the beach! There is no shortage of beaches in Jamaica and guess what? They are all sandy and sunny. So when you want to live the good life, why not move to Jamaica? Before you do that, let’s take a look at some basic info about Jamaica.

CapitalKingston is the capital of Jamaica and with 660.000 inhabitants also the biggest city on the island.
TimezoneThere is only 1 timezone on Jamaica: UTC-5
Currencythe Jamaican dollar (JMD$) is divided into 100 cents.
PopulationJamaica has 2.9 million inhabitants.
How do you call someone from Jamaica?Jamaican
Official languageThe official language is English. However, the national language is Jamaican Patois.
International dialing code+1
Emergency number110
DrivingOn the left side
Tippingit is standard to tip between 10-15% in a restaurant or cafe.
Unusual factJamaica is one of the happiest nations on the planet.

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Living in Jamaica

Moving to Jamaica is probably a 100% shift from the reality you are in now. The climate, the laidback mentality, and the local cuisine, all of these are unequaled in the world. But it’s not all peaches and cream. Kingston has been the murder capital of the world more than once and in the poorer inner cities, there is a culture of gang violence. As long as you stay out of these areas, you have little to worry about as these things rarely occur in other parts of the country. You will see that Jamaicans are friendly and hospitable people, always in for a party. When you try to learn the local Patois, you will easily make friends and you can start living like a true Jamaican.

Visa Regulations for Jamaica

  • Citizens from most countries can visit Jamaica visa-free. Depending on the country you are from you can stay for 2 weeks to 6 months. When your country doesn’t have a visa-free deal with Jamaica, you can apply for one at the Jamaican embassy. When there is no Jamaican embassy in your country, try in surrounding countries. It might also be possible that the British embassy can help you obtain a visa.
  • When you want to work on Jamaica you need a work permit. In this case, a visa is also required. You can apply at the embassy for this. When you are the spouse of a Jamaican national, this is not needed.
  • After 3 years of continuously residing in Jamaica, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.



Healthcare in Jamaica

In general healthcare in Jamaica is free. However, keep in mind that there is a lack of quantitative and qualitative medical care. Hospitals with high standards are only available in Kingston and Montego Bay. Most Jamaicans lack the funds to pay for private medical care, but whoever can afford it, uses it. For expats, it is recommended to use private insurance, which gives you access to the best hospitals and clinics in the country.

School and education

There are both private and public schools in Jamaica but the basic school system is the same for all children. Keep in mind that for children aged 1-6 there is pre-school. This is not obligatory.

Type of schoolAgeCompulsory
Primary school6-11yes
Secondary school12-17no
Post-secondary school17-19no

When you want to move on to University, take a look at the programs and titles below.

Bachelor3 years
Master2 years
Doctorate (PhD)3 years

The job market in Jamaica

The biggest sector in Jamaica is the service sector, which comes as no surprise with the number of tourists that visit Jamaica each year. When your profession is in the field of education, finance, engineering or medicine, you will have a fair chance to find a job.
As with any other country, it is better to start looking for a job before you move. However, Jamaica is a country where everything is about relationships, rules and regulations come second. That is why you might benefit from visiting Jamaica beforehand to make some valuable contacts. You could also consider doing charity work or an internship to meet more people and increase your chances of finding a job.

Property information

Kingston is by far the most expensive city but also Montego Bay has higher prices. When you move more inland you will be able to find cheaper accommodation. On average the prices compare as following: a furnished apartment in a classy area will cost you a little less than JMD$ 2.000, while the same apartment in a more run-down area will cost you about JMD$ 1.000.

Cost of moving to Jamaica

The cost of moving house to Jamaica is one of the biggest factors that make up your budget for relocation. The average moving costs to Jamaica, of course, depend on factors such as the number of possessions, the distance to Jamaica and the requirements for the speed of delivery. Are you wondering: How much is shipping from the USA to Jamaica? Then we got the answer for you. At Eurosender we help people find the cheapest way to move furniture to Jamaica. And that is not all, you can practically ship everything with Eurosender, be it a tv, bicycle or even a motorcycle. So, don’t wait to make an inquiry today and you will know how to save money shipping your belongings to your new dream life in Jamaica.

Cost of living in Jamaica

On the whole, the cost of living in Jamaica is much lower than in countries as the USA or Canada. However, that doesn’t mean that everything is cheaper. When you go to the supermarket you may experience a feeling of shock. Even though you can find many of your favourite items from the UK and the USA, the prices are way higher. So, when you want to save money on food, buy local (=Jamaican products) and buy in bulk. This way you can easily save money on your food expenses.

Driving in Jamaica

Jamaican drivers are hasty and careless. Besides that, the roads are not always in perfect condition, especially when you go into the mountains. When you don’t want to let those things stop you, take a look at the basic things you need for driving in Jamaica.

  • Driving license: When your license is in English you can use it. If not, get an International Driving permit at your local driving authority and you are good to go.
  • Children younger than 3 have to be seated in special children’s seats.
  • When driving you should also have the following documents with you: passport (or a copy of it), car registration documents and insurance card.



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